My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7


STEPHANIE’s POV continues

I promised my Idris to be back in the evening time after i must have been through with the supervision.

I never knew that many people came for the video shoot and so, we stayed there longer than expected.

When we were through, i went to a nearby eatery where i bought some food for myself and for Idris.
I came back to the hospital and was surprised,

Me: what is my sister’s car doing here? I asked no one in particular as i entered inside the hospital.

MIRACLE’s POV continues.

Me and idris were having a nice time together. At first, i thought he would resist me when i touched his head or when i rubbed his back but truth is, he let me.

My rude sister doesn’t deserve somebody as pure and innocent as this. I must make sure he is mine. I am not doing this out of jealousy or hatred for my sister but if there is anybody that knows Stephanie very well then its me..

I was giving him the energy drink and i felt this urge to kiss him. To give him a deep kiss. Before i could come closer enough, i heard the sound of my sister’s car. D–n, she is here.


I was still drinking the energy drink when she spoke out.

Stephanie: it seems someone is hungry.

Me: *choked immediately and started to cough uncontrollable*

Stephanie: sorry, dear.

She said as she came closer to me, sat down and started to rub my back but for where? The fear inside me didn’t make the cough to stop for one bit.

After some minutes, i was able to regain myself. I looked around me and saw Miracle sitting down on a chair at the other side of the ward.

It dawned on me that she heard the sound of her sister’s car and shifted immediately.

Me: good morning ma..

I greeted out of fear.

Stephanie: come, shey now is morning in your village.

Me: yes, no sir.. I mean ma.

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Stephanie looked me suspiciously, it was obvious that i was scared of something but she didn’t see anything when she came in. she looked at her sister and the items on the table.

An angelic smiled lighted her face as she stood up and hugged her sister.

Stephanie: thank you so much for bringing this to him. It shows you really cared.

I was shocked, Miracle too was shocked. Could it be that she has really changed.

Miracle: erm, its nothing na. I just thought he is hungry and decided to bring something for him to eat.

Stephanie: ok thank you. I will have to take the one i bought to my house.

Me: *shouted* huh? Abeg bring it over here o. Miracle came with energy drinks and other things which can be preserved till tomorrow. Bring that food here now. I said and they both laughed.

she brought out the take away and opened it, FRIED RICE AND CHICKEN. I don die with enjoyment today.

I stood up to eat but she pushed me down and started feeding me with this pattern 2 spoons- 1 kiss-2spoons- drink juice.

I stole a glance at Miracle and she was busy operating her phone pretending we were not there.

When she was through feeding me, we spent some time together before she stood.

Stephanie: time to go. Miracle you came with your car?

Miracle: yes i did.

Stephanie: ok you will drive yours while a drive mine.

She said and they both said good bye before going out. Then almost immediately, Miracle came back.

She ran to me, held my head and gave me a deep kiss. I used my right hand to support her head as i s—-d on her lips hungrily.

Could it be i am falling for her?
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