Whatever It Takes-Episode 28


The doorbell to the Fiagbe’s rang. Mr. and Mrs. Fiagbe had just returned from Church. Mr. Fiagbe hurriedly opened the door. Lawyer Brandon was at the door. Mr. Fiagbe thanked him for heeding his call at such short notice.

“What’s going on Alfred? Why in God’s name have you dragged me here and why must I bring your Will?” Lawyer Brandon asked, confused.

“Just come in and stop asking too many questions. You’ll know why you are here in due time.” Mr. Fiagbe walked in with his Lawyer and best friend. Mrs. Fiagbe was surprised to see Lawyer Brandon. She could not hide her shock at seeing him in their house especially on a Sunday. She enquired jokingly about what he was doing in their home with his briefcase as if he were going to court. Mr. Fiagbe cut in and told her he summoned the Lawyer to come and at the right time every one would know why he was there.

“Why? Is something wrong? Are you in some kind of trouble Alfred?” Mrs. Fiagbe asked because she was not satisfied with her husband’s brusque answer.

“Everything is wrong! And yes, I am in deep trouble.” Mr. Fiagbe shot back. The doorbell rang again and Esenam, who had skipped Officers’ Meeting after Church, was at the door. She was ushered in by her father. Her mother was at her sixes now. She looked at her husband for explanations but got none. She went over and hugged Esenam and told her she had missed her. She asked her if she knew what the meeting was about. Esenam shook her head to indicate she knew nothing.

The Lawyer remarked on how beautiful Esenam had become and joked about her Dad receiving drinks for her hand in marriage very soon. Mr. Fiagbe called out for Elorm to join them. He asked the Lawyer to spread out his Will on the centre table and open to the part where Esenam is mentioned. He then gave Esenam a pen.

“Esenam, are you still saying you’ll not leave that Church?” he asked and waited for an answer. Esenam said nothing. She could not comprehend what was going on. “Now, Esenam, since you have deliberately disregarded my directives, I want you to use that pen and strike out your name from my Will before all these witnesses. From today, you cease to be my daughter and gets nothing from me going forward,” he stated and told the rest present to take that as a lesson. Esenam’s legs wobbled. She felt faint and sat in the chair closest to her.

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“But Alfred, how could you ask…” Mrs. Fiagbe tried to find answers to her husband’s unruly behaviour.

“Sylvia, this is my Will and I will do whatever I want with it. She is no longer my daughter and so she inherits nothing from me. You can give her your properties, I don’t mind but this is mine and I decide who inherit what. My properties go to my children, and not to an ungrateful being like her who has decided to team up with some lunatics to mock me.”

“Alfred, don’t you think you’re taking this a bit too far? Whatever Esenam has done, I don’t think she …” the Lawyer began, and it is evident he was very shocked. Mr. Fiagbe asked him to keep his opinion to himself. He told him he got paid to do what he wanted and not for his opinion. He asked Esenam to stop wasting his time and do as he asked if she was still going to defy him.

Esenam got to her feet and walked slowly to the document. She bent over with tears in her yes. She adjusted the pen in her hand and tried to do what her Dad asked but her tears blinded her.

“Come off this psychological torture of this poor girl, Alfred,” Lawyer Brandon said, still shocked.

“You know the Will is a legal document and any cancellation renders it void. If you want to carry out alterations, there are ways – legal ways – of doing it.” Elorm got to his feet and protested.

“But Dad, you can’t do this. How could you disinherit your own flesh and blood? And what is her crime? What has she…”

“Shut up, or you’ll be the next. If you value your trip abroad for your Masters, you’ll keep quiet and open your eyes wide.” Mr. Fiagbe cut in.

“Now, get on with it young lady. Strike your name out of my Will and sign against it if you wouldn’t stop attending that Church. It’s your inheritance or the Church. The choice is yours.” Esenam bent over again. She was weeping now. She brought the pen very close to the Will and laid the pen on the table slowly.

“I can’t do this. I won’t do this. If you hate me that much and you want me out of your life and your Will, do it yourself. I won’t be a party to it. Let your Lawyer draw up a new one for you if that’s what you want but I choose to serve God. I love you very much Dad, but I can’t do it. I want you to know that I will always love you.” Esenam said and stormed out of the room and out of the house. She let herself into Boat’s house and went straight to the guest room. She threw herself on the bed and sobbed uncontrollably.

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