Whatever It Takes-Episode 26


The trip to Elder Asare’s residence was hassle-free. Once seated and the initial pleasantries were exchanged, Boat briefed Elder Asare about what transpired in his absence.

“I had to accommodate her at my place because Naana was also out of town and considering the fact that she is new, I couldn’t leave her with anybody she wouldn’t be comfortable with.” Boat added.

“You did well, Boat. Esenam, don’t be disheartened. Such things happen. This is just the beginning of life in Christ. Worshipers of God face one form of trial or persecution at one time or the other and when it happens we don’t have to lose faith. The Bible tells us that it is only those who endure to the end that will be saved.

Jesus Christ himself was persecuted and hated for no just reason and I know your Dad doesn’t hate you. There is also a saying in the Bible that in case our fathers or mothers did leave us, God himself would take us up. The same book tells us that if God is for us no one can be against us. We should not allow anything to separate us from the love of God– neither tribulation, nor distress, nor persecution, nor hunger, nor nakedness, nor danger. We need to be strong and stand up for the truth.

Jesus also told us that we would be hated and persecuted for His name’s sake. Trials like these are to be expected. However, when we are faced with trials we should never compromise. Hebrews ten, the verse thirty-eight, make us understand that compromising for the sake of peace brings God’s disfavour. We shouldn’t allow anything to separate us from God’s love. We need to put up a strong fight in order to gain God’s favour. We shouldn’t allow anything to kill our zeal to do God’s Will.

My dear child, be strong and persevere in prayer and the faithful and loving God we serve would sustain you. We would help you in any way we can. We know we can’t substitute your family but we’ll do our best to make you happy. Don’t worry about a thing; we would take good care of you. In God’s own time, your Dad would come around,” Elder Asare advised. Esenam thanked Elder Asare and his wife for the encouragement.

Elder Asare promised Esenam he would have a word with her Dad later in the day and see if he could convince him to let her back in the house. Otherwise she would have to stay with Naana in the meantime since they were well acquainted. He mentioned that he would talk to Naana about it and get back to her on it. Boat was happy Esenam was spending one more night in his house.

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Later, as promised, the Asares went to see Esenam’s father. Elder Asare and his wife knocked on the gates of the Fiagbes for a while before the gateman ushered them in and directed them to go up to the main house. Elder Asare pressed the doorbell gently and waited. Mr. Fiagbe was already in the living-room and answered the door hoping to see a repentant Esenam. He had not slept well ever since he asked her to leave. She was his favourite child, there was no question about it, and the present situation was beginning to really pain his heart.

Mr. and Mrs. Asare greeted politely and informed him that they wanted to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Fiagbe. Mr. Fiagbe hesitated for a while before letting them in. He asked who they were and what their mission was.

Elder Asare introduced himself and his wife and mentioned that they were there in connection with Esenam.

Mrs. Fiagbe who heard the doorbell also came into the living-room just in time to hear Esenam’s name. She feared the worst and asked if something bad had happened to her daughter.

Mr. Fiagbe asked her to sit down first so they could ask the strangers to elaborate further.

“May we know what brings you here this time of day?” Mr. Fiagbe asked, a little agitated.

“First of all, let me apologize for the intrusion this evening. We come in peace. We are acquainted with your daughter Esenam. We were out of town for a couple of days and when we returned your daughter came to us with a problem so we decided to come and check it out and see how best we could all salvage the situation peacefully,” Elder Asare explained.

“How are you acquainted with Esenam.?” Mr. Fiagbe asked in a bid to confirm his suspicion that they were from the Church. Mrs. Asare mentioned that they knew her from the Church and Mr. Fiagbe lost it immediately.

“Oh! So you have turned my daughter against me. You are the people who have brainwashed her and made her insolent and ungrateful. Thanks to you she is now a liar and does not heed to simple instructions. You should be very proud of yourselves. You have succeeded in getting Esenam to defy me. There is nothing much to say or do; Esenam made a choice and she’s all yours now. And for your information, she is no longer my daughter so just leave so that we can attend to very important things.” Mr. Fiagbe said and got to his feet.

“Alfred, please. Let us try and set things straight. Please don’t be like this.” Mrs. Fiagbe pleaded.

“Woman, I have made myself clear. That ungrateful fool is not setting foot into this house and that is final. Get used to that. Now if you would excuse me, I have better things to do.” Mr. Fiagbe said and stormed out of the living- room into the garden.

“I’m sorry but I think you should come another time. Please take care of my angel for me. I’m breaking up inside thinking that I am here and my child is out there struggling to live. I have only one regret, and that is keeping a joint account with my husband. I can’t withdraw money without his signature. Please take care of my baby and I’ll repay you someday. Right now, my hands are tied but I’ll definitely find a solution to this soon.” Mrs. Fiagbe said tearfully.

Mrs. Asare assured her they would do their best for Esenam. She asked Mrs. Fiagbe not to despair or worry unnecessarily because God was surely in control.

“Yes, Mrs. Fiagbe. We would ensure that your daughter lacks nothing although we know we can never fill the void in her heart so far as her family is concerned. Thank you for your time and may the good Lord strengthen you to face this challenge.” Mrs. Asare added. Mrs. Fiagbe thanked them for seeking Esenam’s welfare. Mr. Fiagbe came back into the living-room with a message for Esenam.

“I presume you know Esenam’s whereabouts. Tell her I’d like to see her alone tomorrow at noon.” Mr. and Mrs. Asare gave their word that they would make sure Esenam got the message and asked to be excused. They decided to give Esenam the message the next day so she wouldn’t worry about it the whole night.

What could it be, what does he want to tell Esenam? Let the discussion flow

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