My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 37


Me: please can you be specific. Which Miracle are you talking about?

Ruth: stephanie’s sister.

Me: you mean Miracle!!!!!!
I shouted with surprise.

Ruth: yes. She really love you and she swore to do anything it takes to get you away from stephanie. She is the one that paid me to frame you.

Me: what you are saying is a lie.

Ruth: If what I am saying is a lie. then why did all these things happened the same day that stephanie came back to Nigeria.

Me: hmm, so Miracle can be this wicked. But but if she is behind this then she must have an assistant who is solemnly behind her.

Ruth: yes you are right. The person is the one that gave her the information that Stephanie is coming to Nigeria.

Me: yes, that’s true.

Ruth: can I go now.

Me: no, I still need your help.

Ruth: how?

Me: I want you to get closer to Miracle. I want her to confide all her secret to you and you shall tell me all about it.

Ruth: that is going to be hard you know?

Me: How much do you want?

Ruth: hmm fifty thou…

Me: I am giving you one hundred thousand naira if you can help me get closer to her and expose all her dirty secrets.

Ruth: no problem.

Me: for now, we stay cool and do nothing else. You just do your part and leave our path to us.

Ruth: *standing up* no problem. Here is my card, give me a call later.

She said as I collected the card from her and she walked out of the building. Samuel and his three bouncers all came in.

Samuel: this world is really a wicked place. So Miracle is behind all these?

Me: you heard her?

Samuel: why not. We dey eavesdrop on you guys na.

Guy 1: chaii, this world enh.

Guy 3: see how sister dey betray sister.

Guy 2: our work don end now.

Me: ah, thank you very much. Una try pass. How much I go take settle una na?

They all laughed at my statement.

Guy 2: guy, Samuel na our paddy. We dey run things together.

Guy 1: you no need to pay us na.

Guy 3: no be today Samuel dey help us dats why we too dey help am too.

Me: no prob. Make I give una transport money and small money for beer.

I said as I brought out my wallet and gave them some money. We all greeted each other and they left.

Me and Samuel were alone walking to our house since we didn’t see any cab to take.

Samuel: chaii, ashawo na ashawo. See how she just strike deal now now.

Me: abi?

Samuel: where you go get money to settle her?

Me: that one no be problem if I go fit get back my steph.

Samuel: speaking of steph. How we go take go about her?

Me: all I need is to see her and explain things to her.

Samuel: but she no go ever believe you over her sister.

Me: even if I replay the conversation for her to hear?

Samuel: you mean you record everything for your phone?

Me: yes na, why not.

Samuel: nice move. Very nice.

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I couldn’t sleep all night because of the useless wedding coming up between James and I. I just lay on the bed thinking about my life till the next morning.

I stood up from my bed and entered inside the bathroom where I brushed my teeth and took my bath.

I came back to the sitting room and sat down. There I took a nap and some hours later, the ringtone of my phone woke me up.

Me: hope its not James calling me again.

I said as I took up my phone and was taken aback when I saw that Idris was actually the one calling me.

Me: why is he calling me. I thought his mother told me he is getting married soon. Why won’t he let me be.

I said as I flung my phone away.
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  1. this story is very nice piece. it full of suspense always increasing the curiosity of readers to know how it going to end in the next episode. keep it up, I really love it

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