Wedding Of My Ex Prologue


This story has the same characters of 45 days but different story line so don’t be confused, click here to read all episodes of 45 days if you haven’t read it yet

CHRIS BAWA is a young talented fashion designer. The fashion company he works for is sending him to South Africa as their CEO. A top businessman in South Africa is impressed with Chris’ designs and has decided to partner the Company.

The businessman is getting married in Takoradi, and Chris is given an invitation card to represent his Company at the Wedding.
But then, he sees that the girl who’s going to marry the businessman is EFFE KEDEM, a girl who had been Chris’ fiancé, a girl Chris had loved with all his heart, a girl who had broken his heart, a girl who had ignited fierce passions in the heart of Chris!
Chris can’t say no!

He has to be there!

Suddenly, his happy life takes a stunned shock, and his heart kick-starts out of its comfort zone and spirals into a massive cycle as old passions of volcanic proportions scream back into life!

Thrills. Passion. Betrayal. Enjoy the first CHRISEFFE ROMANCE series in all its explosive twists and turns…
EPISODE 1 start tomorrow

Story By Aaron Ansah Agyeman



  1. Can’t wait but what Chris and Effe shared in the 45 Days Story was pure love, care, understanding and the will to fight for what one wants and believes.

    Using their names in this new story is not so cool please.

  2. I’m really looking forward to this story. i’m sure it will be more intriguing than the 45 days

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