Whatever It Takes- Episode 58


Preparations for the wedding started in earnest after that weekend. Esenam prayed for a miracle as far as her Dad was concerned. She focused all her energy on the wedding preparations. She was happy she was marrying the love of her life but every time thoughts of her Dad crossed her mind, she became sad. There was another hurdle she needed to cross. She had to tell Akwasi and his family.

She wanted them to hear it from her. She went to see them after church one Sunday unannounced. They were at the table having lunch when she arrived. They were thrilled to see her. Akwasi had a lady guest and that made him a little uncomfortable around Esenam. Mr. and Mrs. Amegashie insisted Esenam joined them for lunch, and she reluctantly obliged. They all retired to the balcony after lunch.

Akwasi wanted to leave for town immediately after lunch but Esenam asked him to spare her a few minutes because she had something to tell them. She gave them her news. Akwasi got angry instantly. He pulled Esenam aside and told her he would never accept that she had left him, and threatened to do everything in his power to ruin her. He then stormed out in a jealous fit, leaving his guest behind.

Enyonam and the rest of the family congratulated her afterwards. She made the Amegashies understand that she was marrying another person because she did not love their son enough to settle down with him. She assured them she held no grudges. She thanked them for understanding and left.


Boat picked her up that evening to Naana’s. After a month of asking, they finally made the time to dine with her and Eddy. Naana was out of town for almost a month and they thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with her. Esenam, Boat, Naana and Eddy had a lovely time together, although Esenam’s mood dampened whenever she thought of Akwasi’s reaction to her news but she brushed it aside. She was not going to waste any time trying to convince him to understand her. All she wanted to do was to let him know and once that was done, nothing mattered anymore, not even his blatant threats.

Naana set down her cutlery and cleared her throat with a broad smile on her face.

“I invited you two here because Eddy and I have something to tell you.”

“We are all ears, let’s hear it!” Boat said with food in his mouth.

“Well, Eddy and I are…” Naana began and then drew her left hand from her lap and displayed her ring.

“What Naana is trying to say is that we are engaged. I intend to make her my wife because I love her very much.”

“Hmmm, how sweet. That’s a beauty you have there, Naana. You are blessed!” Esenam reacted, pointing at Naana’s ring.

“Congratulations. Have you set a date yet?”

“Yes, we need to know so that we prepare towards it. I wouldn’t miss that day for anything. I really am happy for you. Congratulations!” Boat added.

“We’ve not set a date yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.” They continued to eat in rapturous camaraderie.

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Boat and Esenam stole glances at each other from time to time. After dinner they retired to the living-room to listen to some music. Naana and Eddy got on the floor to dance. Esenam and Boat sat and watched them.

“Do you think it would be a good idea to let them know?” Esenam asked.

“No, not yet. Look at her; she is having the time of her life. Let her enjoy the moment a bit longer. We would let them know when we are leaving.” Boat explained. Boat got to his feet and pulled Esenam to the dance floor and held her tenderly as they danced. Eddy kissed Naana as they danced. He told her a million times he was totally in love with her.

“I’m so happy, Eddy! I love you more.” Naana replied.

“You are a precious jewel. Stay with me for eternity.” Eddy said wearing his feelings in his eyes.

Boat and Esenam left the floor unnoticed. They took a seat and watched Naana and Eddy for a while. It was only when the music stopped that they remembered they had company.

“Welcome back, Romeo and Juliet. Esenam, I think we’ve overstayed our welcome. These two lovebirds need some time to be alone. Let’s get out of here!” Boat stated with a smile.

“Don’t be silly Boat. You know it’s not like that. We just got carried away. We promise it won’t happen again.”

“It’s cool, Naana, I see it as an opportunity to leave with my Pretty Face. I want to spend some time alone with my love; I hope that’s not too much to ask, is it?”

“I guess not. I understand you perfectly. To tell you the truth I also need some time alone with Naana,” Eddy said with a chuckle.

“Eddy! Please…” Naana begged.

“Let’s get going my love,” Esenam said with a happy smile. Boat and Esenam headed for the door. Naana and Eddy followed them.

“Whatever you do, make sure you keep the thirteenth of February free because you’ll have a wedding to attend.” Boat stated looking happily at Esenam.

“A wedding? Whose wedding?” Naana enquired in a rush.

“Yaw Boateng and Esenam Fiagbe.” Boat replied.

“What? Why didn’t you say that earlier?”

“We wanted today to be your day but since we’ve already told others, we didn’t want the situation where you’ll hear it from someone else. Goodnight, Romeo and Juliet, we’ll see you tomorrow.” Esenam explained.

“I am looking forward to a party where we can all celebrate our life and love. It should happen soon. You guys owe me that.” Eddy said and shook hands with Boat.

“Yes, that will be lovely. I’ll call you later Eddy. Right now, I want to spend some time with my Pretty Face.” Naana and Eddy congratulated them and wished them the very best.

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