My Celebrity Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 38



Me: she no dey pick o.

Samuel: enh?

Me: she no gree pick.

Samuel: continue dey try am. They born her well not to pick a whole Idris call?

Me: na my love you dey refer to like that?

Samuel: just continue dey call her.

Me: ok no wahala.


Me: oo, why can’t this guy just leave me alone let me rest and think about what is going on in my life. Does he want my battery to get low.

I said as I angrily picked up the endless ringing phone.

Me: *silent*

Idris: hello

Me: *silent*

Idris: steph are you there?

Me: yes, what is it? are you inviting me to take the VIP seat on your wedding day?

Idris: not that Steph. We need to talk urgently.

Me: well I am not chanced. I have something busy to do and I can’t afford spending a second with you.

Idris: common Steph. This is about our relationship. I have found the reason behind our problems and without you, I can’t solve them alone.

Me: are you through with your c–k and bull story.

Idris: stephanie, I really love you. You are my one and only love. Please let’s see each other and sort things through.

Me: never, go and marry your wife.

Idris: no prob. I can see that you are not making any move to amend and reunite our relationship. Go and marry James for all I care.

Stephanie: wait!!!!!!

Me: what!

Stephanie: am at home. Please come let’s set things through. I also truly love you and my parents are planning on getting me wedded to James.

Me: that won’t happen. I am on my way to your house.

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Me: she don gree o.

Samuel: very good. Na una relationship, make I dey go house while you go her own house make una set things through.

Me: no problem oga. I don hear you, thank you very much.

Samuel: you are always welcome.

I knocked at the gate and the gateman opened the door for me as I walked inside her house. When I reached the door, I pressed the door bell and she came out and gave me a passionate hug. To be sincere, I really missed that hug.

She ushered me into her house as I made my way to a nearby couch.

Stephanie: what shall I offer you?

Me: anything you have at home.

Stephanie: let me get you a cup of juice.

Me: ok, thanks.

She came back minutes later and gave me the juice to drink while she sat down close to me.

Stephanie: so what is it you want to tell me?

Me: somebody has been framing us all these while. The incident that happened in my apartment, the nude videos you saw about me and many other things were all a set up.

Stephanie: hahahaha, greatest lie of the century. How and who will be framing you?

Me: your kid sister Miracle.

Stephanie: that’s it! Stand up and get out of my house. I have have enough for one day.

Me: if you think it’s a lie then listen to this.

I said as I played the phone record for her to listen.


Stephanie: who said all these?

Me: Ruth, the same girl that framed me.

I said as I explained everything to her including how we caught her and got the truth from her.

Stephanie: I will believe you only on one condition.

Me: which is?

Stephanie: bring the Ruth over to my house.
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