My Celebrity Girlfriend Episode 11



Felix: Aboy i don do am. My money sharp sharp.

Boy 1: but why did you do that to her when she told you she was a virgin.

Boy 2: yea man, its extremely harsh.

Felix: anyway she is not planning on keeping the virginity till she meets God. Someone is going to enter sooner or later and let her thank her God it is me..

Boy 3: Abegee take ur money.

He collected the money and entered inside.

Stephanie was still lying down when Felix came inside and started watching a movie.

She stood up and looked at the bed, it was covered with blood. She cried as she make her way to the parlor.

She saw the idiot sitting down watching a movie. He didn’t even look at her or apologized.

Her heart began hardened. She reached for a coke bottle lying carelessly on the ground and


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Felix lay on the ground fighting for his life. The whole place was empty and there was no one to save him. slowly he started loosing his life while she ran away.

She left the place crying, she couldn’t even walk. The whole place was dark and she could not take a bike because her purse was still inside Felix’s room.

As she got to a lonely path, the three boys gathered her. They have lost their money but will get it in another way.

She looked at them with a pleading eye but they were blinded by lust. They took her to an uncomplited building and had their way with her with one by one.

The next morning, a good samiratan saw her laying helplessly on the ground and took her to the hospital. The doctor gave her many drugs she took for almost a month.

She lied to her dad and mum that she was beaten by hoodlumps but one thing was sure, she made a vow that day and that night that never will she in her life be as nice and generous to the male species. They are wicked and heartless and so, she will make them suffer as much as she can.

she covered herself with a pillow crying so hard as the memories were coming back.
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