Whatever It Takes-Episode 6


It was a beautiful Saturday. Esenam would usually be all over the house moving from the kitchen to the garden and doing her laundry but this particular Saturday, Esenam was still in her room. She was aware it was Elorm’s turn to prepare breakfast but most times in the past she was always in the kitchen with him but she felt the less her father saw of her the better. Arguments with her Dad really unsettled her. Her Dad was her world and it hurt so much when he was angry over something she had done.

She looked at the clock and came out to the dining area for the simple reason that she wouldn’t want to be cited for disregarding the family tradition. Everyone was seated and eating when she entered. Esenam greeted politely and took her seat. Her father did not respond to her greeting. Breakfast went okay without any incident. There was absolute silence at the table that morning. Esenam picked at her food since she did not really have appetite to eat. Mrs. Fiagbe noticed that Esenam had lost some weight in just a few days and reckoned she was indeed troubled.

The whole family retired to the living room to watch TV after breakfast. There was so much tension in the air. Esenam and Elorm left for their rooms after a while. Yayra followed Esenam to her room. Esenam threw herself on the bed and picked a brochure to read. Yayra climbed the bed and sat beside her big sister looking a little sad.

“Sister Esenam, are you going to leave this house?” Esenam was alarmed instantly. She did not think Yayra could understand what was going on.

“No! What makes you think that?”

“I heard what Dad said the other day and from that day I’ve not seen him talking to you. He didn’t even respond when you greeted this morning. When you are leaving, will you take me with you?”

“I’m not going anywhere so don’t worry your beautiful head over nothing. Now, talking of heads, your hair needs a touch up. Come here, sit down and let me make you the nicest braids you’ve ever seen.” Esenam replied. She brought her foot stool from under her bed and made Yayra sit on it. She needed to distract Yayra. She knew if she were to leave the house, it would affect the poor girl greatly. They did almost everything together. Esenam dotes on her little sister as if she was her favourite pet.

The thought of leaving the house and facing the world alone unsettled her. She undid Yayra’s braids and combed her soft hair nicely. She parted her hair into four and twisted each part beautifully in a tentacle and adorned them with colourful hairbands and beads.

“Now, go look at yourself in the mirror and tell me what you think.” Esenam said when she was finished. Yayra dashed like a whirlwind to the mirror and examined her hair with joy.

“It’s very beautiful, Sister Esenam. Thank you very much . You are the best sister ever and I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Princess. Now it’s time for your kip. Let me take you to your room before Mom comes and spank you.” Esenam took Yayra to her room and made her lie down. She read

“My Big Sister’s Clothes”, Yayra’s favourite story, to her till she fell asleep. Esenam went back to her room and got dressed for town. She needed to get out for some fresh air and there was one thing she had to do in Akwasi’s house.

She walked into the living room to see her parents sitting miles apart. The TV was on but none of them was really watching it. Mr. Fiagbe had a stack of documents on the coffee table he was perusing whilst his wife was reading a woman’s magazine.

Esenam was a bit uneasy when it came to talking to her Dad lately. She had avoided him as much as she could because their arguments depress her.

“Dad, I’m going out.” Esenam stated nervously. Her Dad did not respond. Esenam repeated herself three times but Mr. Fiagbe pretended not to have heard her.

“Well, I just wanted you to know that I’m going to see Akwasi.”

“Ok, send my regards to his parents and don’t stay out too long.” Mr. Fiagbe uttered without looking up at Esenam. Mrs. Fiagbe urged Esenam to return early since there was something she needed her to do. Mr. Fiagbe made sure Esenam was out of the house and turned to his wife in frustration.

“Sylvia, you better talk to that daughter of yours. I think she lied about where she was going. She’s making me angrier each day. I expected her to have reconciled with Akwasi by now. I meant what I said. I won’t have her disobeying me. That will not happen in my lifetime.”

“Alfred, I think you are not being fair to our daughter. You’ve heard only one side of the story and you’ve drawn your conclusions. Why don’t you hear her side of the story too? She has never been irresponsible or disrespectful and you know that. For all you know, there would be a very good reason for her actions. Just talk to her. She is your daughter after all and she is closer to you than me.” Mrs. Fiagbe verbalized and went back to reading. She was losing her patience with her husband.

“There’s no good reason to make a man cry like I saw Akwasi do. Men don’t shed crocodile tears, you know. He was really hurt. Why should she hurt the innocent boy like that when all he’s done his whole life was to love and respect her? Her only problem is the bunch of hypocrites she’s associating with and I know they are pushing her to do that. She has to cut ties with those imbeciles.” Mr. Fiagbe retorted.

“I don’t think Esenam is that gullible. There would certainly be a good reason for her actions and it’s about time we allowed her to explain herself.” Mrs. Fiagbe countered.

“I don’t have time for such nonsense but I won’t tolerate any disobedience and arrogance in my house. All these problems started when she joined that church. She should stop attending their meetings with immediate effect or I’ll throw her out. She would cease to be my daughter if she continues her association with those bunch of lunatics. You better talk to her. She shouldn’t push me to the wall or she would be sorry.” Mr. Fiagbe replied and went back to his documents. Mrs. Fiagbe muted the TV and left the living room.

Ok now Mr Fiagbe is over reacting, now he’s gonna throw her out because of what? Let the discussion flow

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