Whatever It Takes-Episode 7


Esenam pressed the doorbell next to the huge gates of the Amegashies several times. Kabu, the gateman, finally opened the small gate to see who it was that had disrupted his sleep. He was startled to see the visitor. He thought she would know about the family picnic at the beach that very afternoon. He informed Esenam rather uncomfortably that the family just left for the beach so the house was empty. Only the maid was inside. Esenam was not surprised Akwasi had not informed her of the picnic. She asked politely if she could leave a note in Akwasi’s room. Kabu let her in.

She walked cautiously to Akwasi’s room and placed a white sealed envelope under his pillow and left. Esenam felt sad but life was like that sometimes. She had to do what needed to be done, even if the whole process was fraught with pain. She was sad her relationship with Akwasi had come to an abrupt end. All those wasted years were what was making her really sad. She would never have believed it if someone had told her things were going to be like this. They had shared some really powerful memories together but she had seen sides of him she never imagined existed and the sooner she put that behind her the better. She knew it was not going to be easy forgetting someone she had been with almost her whole life but it was necessary she moved on. She needed to stay focused and work hard at pleasing her Maker. That was the only thing that would give her ultimate pleasure.

She stopped over at Boat’s house on her way home since she felt so downhearted. She needed to talk to someone who shared her faith and who could offer her good advice and encouragement to do the right thing.

The door flew open before she could knock on it. Boat stood in the doorway bare-chested. Esenam noticed he had a lot of hair on his chest and was well built. They held their gaze for a while until Esenam looked away shyly. Boat looked at his bare chest and tried covering it with his hands awkwardly.

“If I came at a bad time, I can always make it another time.” Esenam broke the silence that had ensued.

“No, please, do come in and forgive my poor manners.” Boat led her inside and offered her a seat. He asked to be excused for a minute and vanished into the bedroom. Esenam looked around, impressed at how organised and tidy the place was. This was the first time she had seen a guy’s place so tidy.

Boat came back a short time later in a T-shirt that suited him perfectly. He put a tray of water, fruit juice, biscuits and a glass down on a small glass-topped coffee table beside Esenam and asked her to feel free to indulge. Esenam felt pampered for some reason.

“So, to what do I owe this pleasant visit?” he asked happily.

“Are you always this formal?” Esenam asked.

“No. I do this when I am intimidated. It’s not every day that you get a special lady stop by your humble abode.”

“Well I just stopped by on my way home to say hi.” Esenam replied.

“Oh, aren’t I blessed. You are most welcome, dear. How is your family and Akwasi, the luckiest guy in the world?” Esenam’s countenance changed at the mention of Akwasi. Her face dropped immediately to show her sadness. She tried to fight back the tears that had formed in her eyes. Boat saw the tears and apologised for his statement which had obviously touched a sore spot in her heart.

“No, you don’t have to apologise. It’s just that my Dad is mad at me and threatened to disown me. Akwasi is the reason for all that.” Esenam explained. “You know, after getting to know the truth, I needed to make some adjustments in my way of life if I were to live by God’s standards. I needed to change somethings where Akwasi was concerned but we never agreed on it so I broke off our engagement and that had infuriated my Dad so much he does not even talk to me anymore. He thinks the church is influencing me negatively and wants me to disassociate myself from it or he would cut me off.”

“Hmm, I don’t even know what to say.” Boat replied, somehow happy to learn that Esenam was free..

“Why? Do you also think I’m making a big mistake?” Esenam asked angrily and got to her feet to leave.

“No! Please don’t go. It’s just that a part of me is happy that you are striving to do what is right in God’s eyes and a part sad that you’re suffering so much. I want you to know that everything will work out well if you persist and trust in the Most High God. The Bible makes us understand that God takes care of His own. Don’t be disheartened, be joyful and continue praying, for God is certainly in control.” Boat assured her. Esenam sat down and looked at him for a while and thanked him for his kind words.

She suddenly did not feel like talking about her problems anymore. She craved to know more about the nice gentleman sitting across from her and trying his very best to ease her pain.

“Enough about me! What do you do when you’re not caring for distressed souls like me?” Esenam asked trying to change the subject.

“I am an Accounts Manager at Smart Kids Publications, the leaders in the publishing industry.” Boat said proudly.

“Yeah, so I’ve heard.”

“And you, what course are you pursuing at the University?” Boat countered. Esenam smiled and told him she was pursuing Accountancy but majoring in Banking and Finance. Boat was happy they had something else in common. There was a deep silence after that as each one was lost in private thoughts. Esenam got a little uncomfortable with the silence and the way he stole glances at her and asked to leave.

“Oh! Must you leave so soon?” Boat asked, disappointed. Esenam insisted she had to go and got to her feet. She headed for the door and dropped her handkerchief in the process. Boat bent over and picked it up whilst drawing her attention to it. Esenam turned just as Boat got to the upright position and came eye to eye with him. Their eyes held. Boat was enchanted by her lovely eyes and her beauty. He felt her warm breath on his face and she smelled so good. He handed her the handkerchief slowly as he still held her gaze and accidentally brushed his hands against her. They both felt butterflies in their tummies as their hands brushed against each other briefly Esenam mastered courage and turned to the door. Boat followed without saying another word. They walked out of the house into the street. Boat walked her all the way to her gate but said nothing. There was some awareness between them and they both knew it.

They stopped at her gate and stood for a while in silence.

“I really enjoyed the brief visit. You are welcome to my humble home anytime.” Boat broke the silence.

“Ok, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for your hospitality. Enjoy the rest of the day.”

“You too, pretty one. Take care of yourself and don’t worry too much. God is definitely in control.” Boat said and turned to leave. Esenam stood still and watched him go up the small path that led to his house from hers. Boat looked back intermittently to wave shyly at her each time.


The reason why Esenam left Akwasi was to cut the intimate relationship with and have that with God, but now it looks like she’s finding that same feeling in the only person she can talk to, Boat, what do you advice she do? Let the discussion flow

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