My Boss Wife~Episode 7


​coming home for lunch today my love.” My husband said the morning of the next day as he and Odin were leaving for school and office respectively. 
“Thanks honey, I love you.”
“I love you too, my love.”
 “Oh, my baby, wait.” I rushed bringing his food flask. “Daddy, I love my mummy though I know something about the bomb blast she doesn’t know.” 
“Wow! I love my baby too.” Smiled smoothed my face as I waved them goodbye. 
My husband always kept his words, whether on personal or official terms. I know him to be a strict and diligent man who loves to work and work himself almost to death but he is proving to me that he can still love me as he goes about his work. He’s keeping his word and I’m happy that I’m with the man of my life. 
Going back inside the house, I picked up my phone only to see twelve missed calls. Busayo had been trying my number. I called her immediately. 
“Hello.” She said as she sobbed.
 “What is it Busayo? Stop crying and speak to me.”
 “This is the worst thing that has happened to me in all my life.”
 “Speak to me Bussy-baby and clean those tears.”
 “You won’t believe what has just happened to me.”
 “Speak to me first dear.” 
“It’s heavy on my mouth, I can’t speak.”
 “I’m coming to your house immediately.” 
I rushed to the bathroom, showering and wearing a kente gown. Driving fast out of the gate, almost hitting the gateman, I sped my way through to Busayo’s house. 
“You are already here.” She said as tears flowed down from her eyes. 
“Stop crying Bussy-baby and speak to me.” 
“You know what? Peter’s wife drove to this house and rained curses on my head.” 
“Was he married?”
 “That b—–d has shattered and battered my life. I trusted him, sharing my life and body with him and the reward I gain is a million naira.” 
“What are you saying? Tell me something.”
 “He told me the wedding can no longer hold. He’s sorry for playing with my life but he can’t marry me. He has a wife and family overseas; he’s going back to them. I should better my life with the money. He would keep in touch.”
 “What rubbish is that?” “I tore the cheque in his presence; he thinks I gave him my life in exchange for money. Men cannot be trusted at all.” 
“Except my Raymond, I can trust him with everything in the world.” 
“I can give my consent to that. Ray is such a rare breed, a man of integrity and industry.” As I was trying to calm Busayo down, my phone beeped. It was my husband. 
“Hello honey.”
 “Yes my love, please I need to take a flight to the Federal Capital Territory.”
 “For what again? I’m not ready to lose you ooo.”
 “Don’t worry; you would not lose me my love.” 
“That’s alright honey.” 
“I love you.” He said.
 “I love you too.” I responded. 
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The intentions of Mr. President are perfect and must prevail.”
 “I beg to contradict Honorable Senator of the Federal Republic.”
 “Contradict the purposes of Mr. President? Are you out of your senses?” Senator Ogundipe bellowed at my husband.
 “I am so sorry if that’s how it would seem Senator.” My husband responded calmly, apologizing. 
“You mean you want to shatter the consensus of the Grand Democratic Party?”
 “As the Chairman of the Nations Electoral Commission, I cannot work according to the President’s directives as far as they contradict the foundational tenets of this commission. I must adhere strictly to the fundamental principles, Honorable Senator. There are no two ways about it.”
 “Do you know that you were put in as the chairman of the commission because the president thought you will comply accordingly so as to be made the Minister of Finance after the elections?”
 “If that’s the dividend of a corrupt electoral process, I prefer not to be part of it Senator.” 
“Do you know your actions bespeak your removal from office?” The senator said to my husband, shaking his head in annoyance..
 “If that’s the price of integrity, I gladly accept it as my fate.” My husband said without much ado. 
“Mr. Raymond, do you know what you are saying?”
 “I mean every one of my word, Honorable Senator.” 
“Get out from my office before I incur the wrath of the president.”
 “I’m really sorry if my words have grossly infuriated you Senator, I’m only trying to work according to laid down principles.” 
“Principles my s–t, get out from my office, you ingrate.” Instead of arguing further, my husband went out before the Senator invited the security to embarrass him out of his office. 
Two weeks after, my husband was the topic of all the headlines in all the National dailies. By the grace of God, he was the only survivor in an assassination attempt. The Vice-Chairman of the Nation’s Electoral Commission who was with him in our house was shot dead in my presence. What saved my husband was that the assassins mistook his deputy for him. I was talking with him and they thought he was my husband. He was the only one shot. The rest of us were threatened but no bullets penetrated our bodies.
 What did Senator Ogundipe did thereafter? He certainly knew that he had done the most dreaded thing just on the week before the nation’s primaries. He quickly notified the president who, with him, tried to placate my husband and the entire electoral commission.
 There were lots of condolence and consolation gifts from the office of the President, the office of Senator Ogundipe and the office of many other high dignitaries of the Grand Democratic Party. My husband wanted to sue Senator Ogundipe but he had no evidence to justify the assassination, so I advised him to keep his fingers crossed.
 During the burial of the vice-chairman of the Nation’s Electoral Commission, many people were in attendance. The President, Senator Ogundipe and many senators and governors of the Federal Republic were present. During his eulogy, Senator Ogundipe said: “Though we erring mortals fail to understand, God works through our death to bring us glory.” He spoke like a saint and I admired his words but I watched him seething in rage because in the Federal Republic, people kill everyday and keep on living like everything is just perfect. 
During the primaries, my husband tried as much as possible and I can say that the elections were free, fair and transparent. But when the main elections came, the surprise that blew my head was the fact that all those working in the electoral commission seemed bought and the elections went just as not planned by my husband. The main elections were completely rigged and Mr. President, Senator Ogundipe and those stamped by the president were elected as governors, senators and chairmen of the local governments.
 Though my husband was not part of the rigging, he was appointed the Minister of Finance. I persuaded him to accept the offer and let bygones be bygones but he refused. Two weeks later, he was shot dead while on his way to the office.