My Boss Wife~Episode 8


​My late husband wrote his son as the heir to all his properties but everything should be under my control until he reached the age of twenty-one. I was the happiest woman in the world even though his younger brother had been coming arguing that I killed his brother because I wanted to inherit everything. He had been coming around the house disturbing until our family lawyer read the will in the presence of all family members. 
Busayo had been depressed and I wanted to be closer to her so as to encourage her that she can still find love again. I employed her as the Accountant-in-Chief of Ray and Sons Ltd. I’ve been seeing Mr. Kayode only on official matters now. Moreover, he was a married man and I wouldn’t want to put two hearts asunder. But surprisingly, I received a parcel from my gateman on reaching home one afternoon. After coming down from the car, I opened the parcel as I was walking inside our home. It was a letter and a flower. The cover had the title: 
“A Letter to My Boss’ Wife.”
 Dear Tonia, I’m sorry for writing you but read this letter with “hakuri” because like the Latins say, “non sum dingus”, I’m just not worthy. Deep inside the bottomless part of my innermost heart is a sweet madness which pushes me so hard to write you this letter. My one and only experience with you stole my heart away from me. First accept my sincerest condolences to you for the lost of your husband, my boss and faithful mentor. 
To tell you the truth, since I encountered you, I’ve longed for something more. You brought sunshine into my life’s pathway no matter the misery and melancholy that characterize our unsecured condition in the country. Since you took over the position of your late husband, you’ve been the loving object of my eyes. How stupid am I but I can’t spend a day without the thought of you. My days are filled with sadness without you. Where have you been? Where, oh where have you been leaving my heart so sour? I’m trying to reach your heart with my true words, whispering that I love you. I cannot live another day, no, not another day without you. 
Listen to me, take my heart and soul even though I’m a married man and you, a widow. I love you. Kisses From Kayode. 
What is this? “Listen to me, take my heart and soul even though I’m a married man and you, a widow.” This man must be unfaithful to his wife. Why would he be asking me of such a thing? I went to the kitchen and quickly burned the letter and the flower inclusive. I can’t take this rubbish. I decided to discuss with Busayo who stopped by my house on her way from the market the next day. 
“Bussy-baby, there’s something I’ve been meaning to share with you since yesterday.” 
“What’s that?” 
“You know Kayode in the office?” 
“Yes, the one whom we met when we went shopping for my sham marriage naah.” 
“Perfect, he wrote me a letter asking me to be his girl friend. He has the guts to say since he’s married and I’m a widow.”
 “What the hell! And what did you say to him in reply?”
 “I’ve not replied him yet. I want to cease his employment and make him jobless.” 
“No, don’t go that far; he’s one of the most diligent of all the workers in your company.” 
“Then I would give him the warning of his life.” “That will be fine for you’re his boss’ wife, his new boss.” 
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Although I burnt his parcel and warned him embarrassingly in the office, I couldn’t stop thinking of him. I remembered the way Kayode kissed me; his luscious lips tasted like mint explosion. It was a perfect meeting and mating I had since longed for more. 
Switching off the lights in Odin’s room at night, my son exclaimed. “Mummy, I love you!”
 “I love you too honey.”
 “But I know something about the bomb blast that mummy does not know.” 
“That’s my baby.” I said as we both laughed.
 I went to my room that night thinking of Kayode. Sunk was I in thoughts, imagining myself in his arms. As I was touching myself, my phone rang. It was a text message so I didn’t bother to check it. 
Since the death of his father, I’ve been calling Odin the names I used to call his dad. Odin loves me and I don’t want any Kayode to come in between our happy lives but the truth is that I have not been able to stop thinking of him. What has been happening to me is what I do not know right now. 
Leaving my room, I went peeping to see whether Odin has slept off. Yes, he had slept off. Going back to my room, I picked up my phone to read through the message; it was Kayode.
 “Please don’t say no to me for my life is in your hands. I’ve been sick because my heart leaves me daily in search of you. Make me well again by saying yes. I love you.” 
What will I do now? I can’t deny the fact that thoughts of him have been the predominant thing on my mind. Should I say yes and keep the affair hidden from Busayo and my son? Yes, that’s what I will do. Kayode is such a handsome and romantic man. I pressed the reply button and send a reply to him. “I love you too Kayode-baby and let’s meet tomorrow at 10am to begin our love peregrination.” Before I knew it, he called me immediately.
 “I’m so happy you accepted.”
 “I couldn’t run away from my feelings. It was the best thing I could do.”
 “But won’t your son be home by 10am tomorrow?” 
“Are you not a dad, tomorrow is a school day man…c’mon go to bed.” 
“I love you.” He said with a singing voice. 
“I love you too hon…good night.” I stopped immediately. I shouldn’t call him what I used to call my late husband; his son deserves that more than any man in the world. 
My husband has just been buried and I’m about to begin a relationship with another man. 
When I drove Odin to school the next day, he reminded me of his father. He was such a good child, doing things far above his age.
 “I love mummy.” He said to the gateman. 
“I love you too honey.” I shouted, smiling.
 While on my way home, I put a call to my secretary, intimating her that I will not be in the office today because of an important appointment. Appointment ke? I smiled as I increased my speed, overtaking cars imagining that Kayode was already waiting for me. I reached home and changed to something simple. I wore a jean shorts and a T-shirt. I moved to the sitting room and put on the tv, quickly channeling to telemundo. Before I finished watching a scene, a car horned. It was Kayode horning to get into my house. 
“Ooh, I’m so glad you made it.” I said. 
“I excused myself from office today.” He said. 
“We have all the time for us. The whole world can wait.”
 “Yes dear, we can catch some fun here.”