My Boss Wife~Episode 6


​While we were discussing who to invite and who not to invite to the wedding, what food to prepare and what not to prepare, my phone beeped. It was my husband. 
“Hello honey.”
 “Hello Madame.” A feminine voice said from the other end. 
“Who are you? What are you doing with my husband? Tell him I’m leaving his house for him.” I cut off the call. 
“Who was that?” Busayo asked. 
“It was the woman my husband is messing with?”
 “Messing? No, I trust your husband would not be doing such a thing.” 
“See, the fact is that no man can be trusted. I’ve trusted my husband far too much and he has not reciprocated that.” 
“Don’t think about that now, what is most important now is to know whether your husband is fine or not.” Before Busayo finished speaking, my phone beeped again. This time around, it was an unknown number. 
“Hello, this is Dr. Ijeoma from the Federal Teaching Hospital.” 
“Yes, what is it?” 
“It’s your husband.” 
“What? My husband, is he alive, is he…”
 “No Madame, he is alive and recovering quite well.” 
“Thank God.” 
“Your husband was the luckiest of all the victims of the bomb blast. He didn’t sustain many injuries and would be discharged tomorrow or next.” 
“Oh Jesus!” I exclaimed, breathing in and out in a fast tempo.
 “What’s the news now?” 
“She’s even a doctor.”
 “I said it, your husband can’t be involved with any other woman.”
 “I know joor…you just can’t be so sure.”
 “That’s true but you can trust your husband.” 
“I trust him of course. Oh, who are we inviting next?” I brought us back to the subject matter of our earlier discussion. 
“Oh, I’m thinking of specially inviting my colleagues.” 
“See you, you can’t forget that naah.” As we talked on, my phone beeped again.
 “Who will this be now?”
 “Pick it first naah.” 
“Ok, it’s another unknown number?” 
“Hello.” I said. 
“Hello.” The voice on the phone sounded familiar but it was difficult deciphering who’s voice was that.
“It’s Kayode, your husband’s company’s engineer.”
 “Oh, the one that repaired our fanning systems!”
 “Yes, your fanning systems.” He said as we both laughed. 
“I’m calling with particular reference to your husband.”
 “What about my husband?” I said as if I’m totally ignorant about his condition
. “We’ve just been informed by the Federal Teaching Hospital that your husband is one of the victims of the bomb blast but he was the luckiest of all the victims. He was minimally injured by the blast.” 
“Thank you for the information.”
 “You need not to mention.” 
“There’s something else.” 
“What’s that?”
 “It’s about the other day. Since that day, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” 
“Thanks but you need not go there. I don’t have time for such rubbish.” I hissed as I cut off the call. 
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My husband returned the next day in the evening with his head plastered. 
“Honey, what happened to you?”
 “It’s a long story my love.”
 “Don’t worry my dear, go and shower first, we would talk about it later.” I was helping him remove his tie from his neck. 
“Daddy, daddy, welcome.”
 “That’s my boy. How are you my brain box?”
 “I’m fine daddy, our Aunty told us that there was a bomb blast and I’ve been waiting to ask you because mummy does not know anything?” 
“Close your mouth there.” I said. 
“Odin, mummy knows something ehn?” Odin shook his head in acquiescence. 
“And the bomb blast, some lives were saved.” 
“Thank God Daddy.” 
“That’s my boy.” 
My husband carried him on his shoulder playing with him before he took him to his room before he went to shower. As he was taking his bath, Odin ran to me. 
“Mummy, mummy, daddy bought me chocolate.” 
“Oh, and he bought me nothing.” 
“It’s because I know something more than you, like the bomb blast.” 
“My boy is intelligent. He knows about the bomb blast.” 
“Yea! I know about the bomb blast.” 
“Have you done your assignment for tomorrow?”
 “No mummy but I have started it.” 
“Now go and finish it before lunch is ready.” 
“Yea! I love my mummy.” 
“I love you too baby.” I pinched him as he goes to his room, laughing. When my husband finished showering, he came to the kitchen where I was. 
“So what happened honey?”
 “I need to cook for my family first. It’s been long I did that.” 
“What can you cook? Do you think we want to drink tea for lunch?” I was laughing out loud. 
“Ok, I want to surprise you.” 
 “Yes my love, so you go and rest in the room, I’ll invite you when it’s time.” 
Going to the room, I met Odin coming out from our bedroom. 
“And what is my baby doing in our room?” 
“I was looking for my mummy. I love my mummy even though I know something she doesn’t know.”
 “I love you too my baby.” 
“So have you finished your assignment?”
 “I’ve finished it mummy.” 
“Can we go to your room, let me check it out?” 
 “Wow, this is great. I love it.” 
“Yea! I love my mummy.” 
“I love my baby too.” As I was jollying with my baby, my husband called. 
“My love, call Odin and you two should come and have something delicious.” As we were eating, Odin spoke up. 
“Mummy, the food is yummy yummy.” 
“That’s true my baby.”
 “Thanks honey for this. You’re everyday bringing joy into my life.” As soon as he finished eating, he rushed to the sitting room, putting on the tv. As soon as we finished eating, my husband carried me like a baby. 
“What are you doing honey? Stop it.”
 “I want to tell you what happened to me in the bedroom.”