My Boss Wife~Episode 5


Three days later, it was broadcast that there was a bomb blast in the Federal Capital Territory. The bomb was said to be detonated at the early hours of the morning rush, claiming not less than twenty-seven lives. The names of certain senators and political juggernauts were mentioned among the victims and that made me worried. I was not ready to miss my husband yet. We’ve just re-ignited the romantic lights of our life and I’m not willing to let him go at such a time. 
On my way back from Odin’s school, I tried calling my husband but none of his numbers were going through. What is happening? Tears began dropping from my eyes, creating a tributary on my face, moving down my neck and body. 
We used to talk together, laugh together as I’ve always known he loved me, if not for his ambitions that made him the person he has fast become already. 
Reaching the gate of our house, I shouted at the gateman to bring me today’s papers. On the 
“Truth Seekers”, the headline reads: “7 Senators pronounced Death.” It shocked me and made me almost bashed my car on the wall. Getting inside the house, I went straight to our room and carried the picture that stood on the table. 
“Oh honey, please don’t go please; don’t leave me yet. When it’s time, we’ll go together.” I was soliloquizing. All of a sudden, my phone beeped, it was Busayo. Though we shared the same English name, Anthonia, I preferred calling her Busayo just as she often called me Tony-baby. 
“Tony-baby, what’s up?”
 “I’m good and you?” 
“I’m happy to tell you that our wedding date has finally been fixed.” 
“Wow! I’m elated to know that?”
 “You know what? It’s on June 12.” 
“Really, that’s a historic date and your wedding is going to be a memorable one too.”
 “Let’s sing Amen to that Tonia.” 
“That’s perfect.”
 “I lead and you respond accordingly.” 
“Great Busayo.” 
“Let’s shout Amen six times after the name JEHOVAH-RAPHA.” 
“Je-ho-vah-Ra-pha, A-men, A-men, A-men, A- men, A-men and the great A-men.” “A-mennnnnnnn.” I deliberately dragged the last one. 
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“You’ve made my day.” Busayo said laughing out loud. 
“Busayo, I should be thanking you for stealing away my worry.”
 “What’s the matter?” 
“You’ve not heard? My husband went to the Federal Capital Territory to see one senator and the papers are saying about seven senators were victims of the last bomb blast. The worst of it all, I’ve been trying my husband’s number and none of his numbers is going through. I just don’t know what to do?” 
“What’s our country turning to?” 
“Our country is becoming so unsecured as we now sleep with eyes wide open because the next bomb blast may be right on our heads.” 
“My dear, you have to calm down. I know this would be a trying time for you but you have to relax and think through it. We can no longer talk with heads held high about our country, no, not anymore.”
 “Ours is a country where the abnormal now becomes normal. In fact, bombing has become the “modus operandi.” I’m just scared jare.” 
“Hey, before I forget, I’m coming over to discuss our wedding ceremony with you. Many things are on my head, who to invite, what food to prepare, clothes to wear and change and what have you.”
 “That’s fine, that will also make me think less about the bomb blast naah.”
To be continued