My Boss Wife~Episode 4


“Darling, I will be travelling this week-end.” My husband told me as soon as he returned from work
. “To where now? I’ve been waiting to tell you about the party Tonia invited us to.” 
“Oh, Tonia. I would love to be there but I can’t miss the flight first thing tomorrow. There’s an important meeting I can’t but attend.” He will be meeting with Senator Ogundipe, he told me. 
“That’s ok, you’ve always wanted it your way. Keep building your company and achieving your dreams while I live here lonely and always in need of you.” 
“It’s not like that Tonia, you know that I love you and would do anything for you.”
 “I know but you hardly touch me nowadays. I’m a woman in need of a man. Most nights while you lie down snoring away, I stay awake masturbating instead of you penetrating in between my thighs.” 
“I understand baby, I will make everything up to you.” I knew though that our romantic life has ended and I have to become accustomed to the fact. Sincerely, I try seducing my husband most times but he has been as strong-minded like a zebra. I felt that the hot banging that Mr. Kayode gave me would be greater if it was my husband. I never wanted to cheat on him but the way things are going and the way I feel, I just don’t know what to do now. I wasn’t going to say yes to a life of promiscuity but Mr. Kayode has since the day I met him occupied the front page of my mind. He is the kind of man any sexy and romantic woman would love; he is an epitome of sensuous passions. 
After supper that evening I changed to my most transparent nightgown, wearing nothing inside. I was just praying that my husband feels hot tonight. I’ve been longing for him. He has everything desirable in a man except his somehow busy schedules that made him forget he has a wife. Before I could focus on my thoughts, he came in without his pajamas. He was just on his boxers. I was hyped and wet and all I wanted was hot s-x. I didn’t like the idea of another man touching me, no, not anymore. Climbing the bed and pulling me close to himself, he wrapped his arms around my waist, stripping me of my nightgown as I said in a whisper:
” I love you baby. ”
“I know it’s been long baby. I love you but my commitment to duty is taking me away from you. I promise never to leave you but to spend more time with you.” I saw sincerity in his eyes as he bend downwards, giving it to me. 
The following day, I accompanied him to the airport after dropping Odin in school. I was saturated with joy seeing our love life rekindled.
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I was at Peter’s residence to grace their party. There were many people there, friends, relatives and well-wishers. I came with Odin, wearing something decent so as not to attract some remarks from Tonia.
 While Odin was playing with some of the kids that were at the party, I was speaking with Busayo even as the guests were dancing to the sound of the music. 
“Tony-baby, you know where I met Peter?” 
“No, I’ve never thought of it.”
 “It was at Jacinta’s wedding ceremony ooo. I met him while I was leaving the ceremony; he was asking me about life here in the country having just returned from overseas when our discussions turned into toasting.”
 “And you just gave in?”
 “Of course naah, I’m not growing any younger.” 
“But you know about I and Peter already now?”
 “No, you’ve never told me about that. I’ve been meaning to ask you but I have been waiting for the right time.”
 “This is the right time abi? Let me tell you something.” 
“Carry on dear.”
 “Raymond and I met while we were serving. After being to the same camp, we were posted to the same secondary school to work. Raymond was just a perfect guy. To tell you the truth, I had a crush on him and I toasted him.”
 “And he also gave in abi?” 
“He had no other option.” I said and we both laughed out loud.
 “Raymond is just a rare breed; a perfect guy. He’s always about his family; about his job; about his appointment; about…”
 “…about his wife.” Busayo completed my statement. The party went well, right into the night. I was enjoying the party when Odin came, calling me. 
“Mummy, mummy, I want to go home.” His eyes were sleepy.