My Boss Wife~Episode 3


My friend, Busayo, stopped by on her way to get her wedding dress and accessories. The joy she radiated as she tells me about her fiancé made me jealous. We were classmates in the university; she was busy pursuing a career when I married Raymond. I’m happy that she has found her right hand man now. 
“Tonia, Peter is the man I’ve been waiting for all my life.” She spoke so gloriously in her British tainted accent. 
“Oh, I’m so happy for you. I’ve been waiting all the while for this to happen.”
 “Thank you Tony-baby, I was wondering if you could accompany me to purchase my wedding accessories.” 
“That’s no problem. Raymond and Odin have gone to school and work, what will I be doing in this house all alone? Let’s go get some amazing things in the market my dear.”
 “Hey, I’ve got news for you. My husband is organizing a small party for just close friends this Saturday; I would love for you and Raymond to be there.”
 “I hope Ray will not be in the office this weekend like he does nearly every week in the name of supervising his accountants and auditors ooo?” 
“I pray so dear because I would not be happy at all if the both of you can’t make it; who else I know again?.”
 “So how is peter?” I asked. 
“Trust me, my Peter is the best man that have come into my life. He’s handsome, hardworking, caring and really romantic.” 
“You are highly lucky my dear.”
 “Why are you saying that? What about Ray, I used to have a crush on him ooh until I met Peter.” 
“I hope you were not playing with my husband?”
 “Nope, how can I do such a thing; that’s the last thing I would do, no, not to my best friend.”
 “Give me a minute dear; let me quickly change so that we can go shopping. 
This reminds me of the day I and Raymond were going shopping for our own wedding ceremony.” 
“I’m also happy for you two.” As I turned, going to my room and channeling the Dstv to Telemundo, I rushed to my room to dress up. It’s been long I wore any of my innumerable jean trousers. I decided to go so youngish by wearing a jean trouser with a white top. When I came to the sitting room, Busayo blurted: 
“What is this, are you going on a date?”
 “Date ke, I need to relax in something simple once in a while since I’m not with a stranger.”
 “That’s okay but I’m jealous ooh. Are you the one getting married or I am?” 
“Better mellow your mind and let’s go shopping.” I burst with excitement, laughing out loud as I switched off the Dstv and telly respectively. 
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After shopping, I sighted Mr. Kayode entering his car as we just got out of the shopping mall. “Kayode.” I called but he didn’t hear me. “Kayode, Kayode, Kayode.” I shouted and he turned, facing me. 
“Hi Mrs. Raymond.” He was polite but not like the other day when he was calling me ‘ma’am’ like I was an elderly woman.
 “Hi Kayode.” I responded gently and gingerly as Busayo pinched me, asking who he was. “He’s my husband’s employee.” I told her. 
“I can see your hands are full, that’s evidence of extravagant shopping.” He said, smiling.
 “My friend is about to wed and we came buying her wedding accessories.” 
“I can see.” He said, saying hi to Busayo as she responded simply. 
“What brought you here?” I was prying into his affairs. 
“I actually stopped by to see my wife before I leave for the office. I’ll be working long hours today, so I came to let her know.” It’s not as if I expected a man of his age to still be single but I had to admit, I was envious and disappointed in finding out that some lucky woman out there was getting all of him. 
“That’s good. You are a good husband.”
 “Ok, I have to be on my way now.” 
“That’s alright, bye!” I said as I turned, walking to Busayo’s car, shaking my butt as his eyes were all on me.
 “What did you just do? You know you’re a married woman?” she said, making a fuss.
 “Don’t worry, he’s just one of those diligent employees of my husband.” 
“I you saw how you shook your behind and he was staring at you like his girl friend.” 
“Oh, he was staring at me, don’t mind that man joor. Let’s get going.” I turned around to see if he was still there with a huge smile on my face.