Woara Season 2 – Episode 3 – “Clearing Cobwebs”


Out of nowhere, Afra, showed up with Fred with his intention of marrying and settling down with me.  I was just shocked and didn’t know what to do or even say. The worse thing was that, I stood right in the presence of Fred and the guy I was ready to do anything for, just to win his heart, Humphrey.
I could tell from the look on his face that he was really disappointed in me. I kept wondering what would be going through his mind as at that moment. With Fred , perhaps I just needed some time to deal with him and solve everything before things get out of hand.
And so I went away for awhile, I wanted to work out things with Fred and to do that, I just wanted Humphrey to stay calm but its was harder for me than I thought. The more I tried to reach him on phone, the more I feared. I feared that, he may be so upset and shout at me or even do anything worse. To be on the safer side, I thought It was quite good to get Fred off my back and then I can later talk to Humphrey and explain everything to him.
It wasn’t as easy as it seems. I arranged a meeting with Fred at a public place yet he just wouldn’t show up until I meet him at a hotel as he had already suggested. That didn’t go down well with me, however, we finally agreed to meet him at my sister’s place.
Afra excused us when it was time for me to talk to Fred. Noticing that we were all alone, Fred didn’t even allow me to talk, He just got up from where he stood, aggressively, he pushed me towards the wall and holding my neck and looking straight into my eyes, he warned me making me feel less human.
I had never seen such anger in him before neither did I understood what he was even doing. I chocked as he still held onto my neck. I remembered his exact words “You think we have nothing in common now, you are mine and not anyone else, when I say I want to marry you, you agree with no questions, when I say we should meet at a hotel, you agree with no questions, I own you and you belong to me. Consider this as a tip of an iceberg”! 
Having said that he left hold of my neck. I almost passed out. His actions was enough to make me cry yet I was determine to make my way and say what I had to say. I wondered where Afra was after all this while, she should have even come to my rescue when this was happening to me. Perhaps she was out of the house anyway, I thought.
“I can’t do this anymore, Fred, I don’t care about what you think of me or what you are going to do but i know I can’t be with you anymore. I’m sorry” I told him. All he did was just to laugh as if there was something funny about what I I said. I didn’t stop there, I went on. It was my intention to run out right after I’m done with him but that was to no avail.
“To tell you the truth, I never loved you so I guess this was all my fault but we can’t go on like this, everything we had has to end now, besides I’m really happy where I am now, I’m in love and I’m happy about it” I said. I didn’t know what came over me. Usually, I would have gotten frightened after all he just did  to me but I had this thing in me that was just pushing me to keep fighting for my happiness, my love and future and for that, I never regretted doing that.
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“Wow, you’re in love, I see, I guess its the guy I met you when I came over to your campus right” He asked.
“His name is Humphrey and I love…..” I couldn’t finish speaking, He was quick with his hands and just gave me a slap. I felt really dizzy that instant. My head began aching that very moment. No man has ever stretched his hand on me ever since I was gifted with life, not even my father and for that reason alone, there was no turning back for me. He can go to hell for I care. As at this point I knew he had just crossed limit.
I just rushed out of the house without saying a word, though he tried to stop me, I was really quick about it. I must say that with everything that had happened I felt really sick and needed medical attention.
But I thought it was about time, I told Humphrey everything. All this while, I had not been to school, I mean, you would understand me if you were in my shoes anyway.
All what I wanted now was to talk to Humphrey and the only place I would see him was on campus. I didn’t think twice about it, I just went there though I was not really healthy as at that moment.
That’s where I met Ishvi and Efua. Its been awhile since I met Ishvi and I must say, I really miss him but I still remained focused. I was able to drive Humphrey to our usual spot where we always hangout on campus.
He didn’t even let me speak, he just wouldn’t. He was so angry and made me feel bad. He shouted at me and the worse thing was that he felt I was taking advantage of him. My heart just sunk into me and there was nothing that I could say or do except to cry.
He was interrupted with a phone call, I must say I felt really jealous, from the way he was talking I knew the call came from a lady. The call was so important that he left me to attend to the person without saying anything. This is where I am now, I just didn’t know what to do anymore.
This is my story.
To be Continued.
© 2017