My Boss Wife~Episode 2


In the evening when he returned from work, my husband was happy as he shared with me his new position as the Chairman of the Nation’s Electoral Commission. I was vibrating with joy as I hugged him tightly. This meant more money for us and I hoped that would finally make him stay home.
 “Where is Odin?” My husband asked. 
“Odin is upstairs doing his assignment.”
 “I see.”
 “Honey, you know what? I prepared your special this evening.” I said excitedly. 
“Before that, I need to check on an old file that Senator Ogundipe gave me before my appointment.”
 “You must be tired. You need to shower, eat your food and relax. You can check that in the morning before you leave for the office.” 
“What? You’re thinking too far. I need that now in order to prepare for my meeting with the senator tomorrow. We were classmates in the university and he trusts my integrity. I don’t want anything to go wrong dear.” There he goes again, putting his work before me…
 Was he the only one in that company? Didn’t the senator also have a family at home? 
“Do as it pleases you honey.” I said, with hurt written all over my face. Now, if he would just look up at me once maybe he would see it.
 “Thanks, my love.” He quickly kissed me and went into his study to go about his search.
 I wanted something more but his work and ambitions will not let him treat me like a woman. All he was concerned about was his work and work and work. He rarely touched me and I’ve been aching for him. I wanted us to go back to the wedding night where he promised me more years of endless pleasure. I wanted us to be closer than we are now. I wanted us to be best friends and lifetime lovers not just one bossy husband and rich man who hardly spends time with his family. 
Entering Odin’s room to check in on him, I saw him already sleeping, his notebook on the table beside the bed. I looked into the notebook and saw his homework already done. Seeing that his additions and subtractions were correct, I switched off the light as I went out of his room. 
My husband was still in his study looking for the file. Usually, my husband would go in and check on Odin like I just did but he has left the role of mother and father all up to me.
 “Honey, I’m tired and need to go to bed now.”
 “That’s fine.” He said, “I will join you when I’m done with my preparations for tomorrow.” 
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On bed, I pondered as I wondered why and how I allowed someone else touched me, besides, my husband’s employee. It was the last thing I had ever dreamt of but it happened. Though I enjoyed it, I just discovered that it was unfaithful of me to give in to another man when Raymond provides me with nearly everything I’ve ever wanted in life. The problem is that he doesn’t have time for me and my desires keep seeking for fulfillment. Will I continue to m——–e because my husband hardly touches me?
 “Tonia, I’ve found the file. I can now shower and take something before I join you.” He called out, interrupting my thoughts. 
“Glad to hear that.” 
He was so excited about his new appointment that I thought he would touch me tonight. It’s been quite some time and I’ve been wondering whether our marriage will go on like that. I was touching my body, hoping to arouse him when he comes to bed. To my surprise, after he showered and ate his food, he entered the room and sat, his hands on the table as he disturbed my eardrum flipping through the pages of some files. I kept shaking on the bed, distracting him and inviting him to join me but he sat there like one serious-minded business tycoon. It was at that time that I thought of inviting Mr. Kayode again. But everything was just fine, the fanning systems were intact, the Dstv and Tv sets were just in good order. What would I do then? I can’t continue to live like that naah. 
In the morning of the next day, my husband was dressed and ready to go to the office. He and Odin were having breakfast as I was putting some indomie in the flask for Odin. He normally takes Odin to school in the morning while I go to pick him up after school hours because he would be so engrossed with work at that time. He was the owner of the company but he worked himself to death as if the company would crumble when he stops working. ..
As the two of them were leaving, I kissed my husband as I watched his handsome face and luscious lips. He had all it takes to lure a woman of his choice but his commitment to duty makes him a lover of work than anything else in the world. As his car pulled out from the drive way, I became lonely again, not that his presence filled up the house in the first place anyways.
To be continued