Broken Seal ~Episode 33


Nenita managed to open her eyes slightly, she felt weak and lazy. She tried getting off the bed but felt sharp pains in the process. A drip was fixed to her right hand, it then dawned on her shes in a hospital. Her sight caught someone she’ve never seen before. Who is this lady? Where is dad and ma’am Naomi? She asked silently then let out a loud groan. 
Nikky: baby, you’ar awake!
 Nenita: (in a weak voice) where is dad? Why am i here with you? 
Nikky: calm down baby….i’d answer all your questions but not now okay? You need to rest for now. 
Nenita: hmmmm. 
? ? ? ? 
Ella unfolded the pink piece of paper, it reads: “I love you very very much Ella. I’d never leave you or stop loving you. I’d always be there for you. I admit i wronged you in the past, please give me a second chance? I’m willing and ready to change, just for you, Ella. Can we meet somehow? I’d pick you up after work. Love you….. ……RODELIO” yuck! Ella spat after reading the note. Yes Isaiah made a føøl out of her, yes he was a cheat, a liar. But Rodelio is in no way better, she won’t meet up with him…never! She won’t. Pooh!!! He’s already her past, he’s out of her life for good!!! 
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? ? ? ? 
Nenita got discharged today and was taken home by Nikky. She (nenita) wasn’t for a moment happy or comfortable, she kept asking questions but wasn’t getting direct answers, the strange lady (Nikky) was only beating round the bush. She need vivid explanations!
 Nenita: when i’m I seeing my dad? 
Nikky: who told you about him? Smart girl (smiling). 
Nenita: i don’t need anyone to tell me about my daddy Tomaz coz i see him everyday, its just so sad he can’t see me physically. Nikky rolled her eyes, who is Tomas? Mtcheeew. 
Nenita: aint you saying anything? 
Nikky: (pissed off) you know what? Just shut up and eat!!! 
Nenita: no way, i’m not eating until i see my daddy. 
Nikky: you’ar such a stubborn brat huh? 
Nenita: (at the top of her voice) get me out of here, i don’t wanna be here, let me go. 
Nikky: sshhh stop screaming, its late already. Tomorrow, we shall visit your daddy….Tomas okay? 
Nenita: no its not okay, i want to leave this moment!! She replied and walked out of the dinning room, crying.
 Nikky: Nenita? 
Nenita: don’t call me!!! She ran towards the exit door. 
? ? To be continued ? ?