Broken Seal ~Episode 34


*in the car* 
Me: sam, where are you taking me to? I’ve never been here before. 
Samuel: hahahahaha i wanna sell you off. 
Me: that would be nice, atleast i’d forget about my sorrows. 
Samuel: (killing the engine) here we go!! We’ar meeting an old time buddy, you’d be surprised to see him. We alighted and started walking towards a wheat colored duplex which had a black gate. The electric gate opened automatically. The house looked fabulous, whoever owns this must be rich.
 A familair looking dude stood at the corridor. Are my eyes decieving me? Is this Mark….Mark stonebridge? I was lost in thoughts until samuel jolted me. 
Mark: and who do we have here? Guidotti jnr! You’ve really changed, Isaiah. 
Me: are you kidding me? mark is that you? 
Mark: of course! Don’t tell me you didn’t recognize me! .
Me: why would i? Bald hair have finally caught up with you! Hahahahaha your beautiful hair look chopped off . 
Mark: always crazy!! Come in guys. 
We went in, the interior setting of the house look perfect and luxurious. Mark, Samuel and I were a perfect clique back then in college. He’s an americano, sorry i meant Asian-American. His dad is American and his mum a philippian. 
Mark: qué puedo ofrecerle? 
Samuel: hey hey, you aint in Spain, whats that shìt about? 
Me: hahahaha samuel, you’ve forgotten what you learnt in spanish class? He meant, ” what can i offer you”
 Samuel: i see….spanish is damñ awkward……Mark do you have cookies
 Mark: yeah, need some? 
Me: yes please. He served us cookies and fruit juice. We ate and continued talking about different stuffs, actually, nothing in particular, just catching up on old times. Mark had been in USA for the past few years, doing what he didn’t disclose. We spent over three hours with him before saying goodbye.
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 ? ? ? ?
 Tomas: Ma’am, do you think Nenita would ever return?
 Naomi: i really can’t tell, but her relatives said they’d pay us a visit….dunno how soon.
 Tomas: i wonder what kinda mum would dump her daughter for five good years. Good mums don’t act that way. 
Naomi: it also puzzles me, i strongly believe there is more to what we heard. They were discussing until one of the orphanage kids interrupted. 
Kid: excuse me, eh Nenita is back!!!! (smiling). She’s with a lady, and i was asked to inform you. 
Tomas: huh? Nenita? Naomi led Tomas to the waiting room where Nikky was seated with Nenita.
 Nenita: daddddyyy she ran and hugged him tightly, almost pushing him to the floor, luckily the wall was there to break his fall. With the aid of his staff, he found a seat, which he sat on, with Nenita on his lap. Nenita started gisting him about Nikky……… 
Naomi: nice seeing you again, mrs….? 
Nikky: Nikky.
 Naomi: i almost forgot your name. (smiling) you didn’t mention you’d be visiting this soon….. 
Nikky: Nenita was missing her uhm… (false smile)
 Naomi: don’t mind her, shes just too close to Tomas.
 Nikky: hmmmm. They continued talking about different stuffs, Nenita was having fun with her ‘daddy’ Nikky was deep in the conversation to the extent that she lost track of time, Naomi is a friendly old woman, she never get tired of talking. An hour later, Nikky was ready to take her leave but Nenita wasn’t yielding. This got Nikky furious! She had her plans but this lil daughter of hers was getting in the way, she was greatly angered but managed to mask her feelings. On a second thought, she can take Tomas with her, she would execute her plans while he would be receiving treatments. Yes perfect!!! 
Nikky: ma’am, is it possible to take Tomas with me to Manila for his eye treatment?
 Naomi: it would be great if you do that. We had been praying for this for a while now. Tomas on the other hand was engrossed in his chat with Nenita, until Naomi told him about Nikky’r plan. He was ecstatic, he’d finally get to see again he can’t wait!!!! 
? ? To be continued ? ?