My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 8


It’s being Two weeks, ample time for her plan to be believable.

One thing worried her, Baron hasn’t tried to touch her Other than treat her like a princess. She had to admit, he was quite the gentleman but she wouldn’t mind if he did since she liked him although her feelings didn’t cloud her purpose, her next plan was all that was important, this plan would seal it totally and she was going to tell him when he got home today.


She burst out in tears as they entered the room.

“Ada what is it? Why are you crying” a worried look crossed his face as he held her in his arms. ‘Talk to me he cajoled.

She handed an already open envelop to him whilst sobbing.

He took out the document and read it… in one quick motion turned her to face him, touching her tummy he said “am going to be a father?”

She nodded and then he lifted her up in the air and twirled her around, once her feet touched the ground, he hugged and kissed her.

“You are not upset?” She asked through her tears, shocked that her plan was doing better than expected.

“Nonsense! I am the happiest person on earth right now, am going to be a father, do you know how amazing that sounds! You have given Me joy he said while wiping away her tears “don’t cry, this is good news”

“But…But I can’t keep it am a single woman and society frowns upon that. No, am getting an abortion, we can’t keep this child.” She pulled away from his embrace.

“We are keeping this child! I won’t allow it, you have given me happiness at least allow me Do right by you” he rushed to his wardrobe and rushed back to her…Holding something in his hands…

“Ada You have made me the happiest man on earth today.” he fell down on one knee

“Marry me and make my joy complete and let’s welcome our baby to a loving home” he held the ring to her, his eyes filled with tears.

“But…but…I don’t know what to say ” she stammered.

“Say yes! We can do it today, tomorrow, whenever and however you want. Just say yes and complete this goodness for me”! He begged..

“y…y.yess!! she whispered. “Yes I will marry you baron.”

He slipped the ring into her finger, kissing her as he muttered the words “I love you Ada, I didn’t know it until today.

*He breathed into her hair, smiling behind her ears * predictable Ada, too predictable *

Ada smiled behind his head *gullible man* she thought as she said “I love you too”.


Later that day

“I have to give it to you Ada. In less than two weeks you found yourself a money bag, a fake pregnancy and a wedding planned for Saturday. He must have been Too big a fish to pass up” her friend and confidant/crime partner said.

“You know it all. You accept to be my chief bride’s maid? Besides how is your Alhaji ..Still trying to woo him??

“Of course Ada I won’t miss it for the world, I am curious to see the fish and the Alhaji, he expires in a few hours, money in my account. He is as dried as a dry fish, but he doesn’t know that. Isn’t that where the fun is at, when we take them unawares..?” The both laughed.

“How does this wedding gown look? He asked me to pick the best. And this is just a beauty” she twirled.

“Indeed. You look like a princess”

“Baby” Ada spoke into the receiver “Am done, you can come pick me up.” She cuts the call.

“Have you drawn up the necessary papers?” her friend asks as she picked out her own dress.

“Yes, I will have it delivered on my wedding eve.”

“How would you get him to sign them? If he reads it he would know it has been changed.”

“You talk as if you don’t know me dear” ‘Ada shook her shoulders for emphasis”. You know how I did it with Bruce… it’s just like taking candy from a baby”

They both laughed as Ada discuss her next plan to take over baron’s name and wealth


Baron (chucks) was inside the car when Ada called, then another call came through..

“speak!” he said.

“I have drawn up the papers you requested. When should I have them delivered???”

‘Wedding Eve, the other one would be with me’ he cuts the call and alights from the vehicle.

He looked around the neighbourhood, it was filled with uncompleted or broken down building and the place smelt of pee and faeces.

“I have a preposition. I wonder if you would be interested.” He spoke to a man who didn’t look like he had showered for days. His teeth were black and his breath smelt like shit. Chucks didn’t bother to shake him.

“e depend on the matter, wetin you want?”

“It’s a simple matter but I will need proof”

The man was grinning from ear to ear as chucks left him a few minutes later with a folded parcel.

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Ada sat across her friend drinking red wine..

“Careful Ada…you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol ” a glint in her friend’s eyes

Ada smiled “Don’t worry… My baby can take a little alcohol”. They both laughed as they walked to the car park…

“Where is your personal security detail??”

“I sent them home. I didn’t want them around, besides baron should be here soon. He told me to come out” She checked her time.

The underground park was deserted.

“Let’s just go back to the lobby and wait—”

Ada screamed as a shadow hits her friend behind her head, causing her to hit the gravel. She didn’t think. She ran, but he was faster, catching her by her hair he threw her back and slammed her back against the car.

He toweled over her, picking her up.

“Give me your money, everything and your car key. All this rich people think they can be rich and happy. I want all of it” he slapped her across the face…his breath made bile rise in her throat.

“I–I don’t have money. I don’t have a car. Please… “Help!! Help me!! “She screamed which got her another slap.

“No one can hear you”. He didn’t wear a mask. “Another sound and I will rip your throat out” he brought out a pocket knife and placed it on her throat. “Give me your bag”

He emptied the contents, taking cash, credit cards and anything valuable, he did the same to her friend’s purse.

“You have all I have. Please let me go. Please! She sobbed, blood trekking through the corner of her mouth.

“Well, I will, after I see what’s underneath that pretty little dress”.. He pulls her to him and slices her dress, holding her down as she struggles..

“Am am – am pregnant please!!

“small protein would help the baby” he snarled as her eyes popped open.

He turned her forcefully, face down and ripped her panties, slapping her bare butt..

“Oh am going to enjoy this…I hope you do too” her struggling and screams fell on deaf ears as he slapped her again.

That minute before contact and penetration …she felt a force as he was flung away from her body, hitting the ground with a thud. She turned around half naked and saw baron flying after him, fisted and exchanging blows and in another minute it was over. Two Police men in uniform picked the man, handcuffing him, taking him away while baron held her in his arms and consoled her, her friend was taken for fist aid.

“h-he tried to, he took all of my- he baron he–” she was shaking.

“Ssssh am sorry baby. It’s my fault, I should have being here earlier, thank God I got here right on time. You are in shock. Let’s cancel the wedding, I need you to go for check up.. The baby” he touched her tummy ” he will rot in jail. I promise you Ada”” his jaw clenched on anger

“No!! Am fine. The baby is okay. “She didn’t want to go to the hospital else the doctor would figure she isn’t pregnant.

“We are fine. A little rest and makeup will cover the bruises but that man should be killed…how dare he touch me!!! ”

He eyes her “men like him won’t see the light of day. But I promise you he would get what he deserves. Let’s go home’”.


Somewhere miles away, the police car pulls over at the neighborhood and the man gets down. Un-cuffed, he touches his wrists.

“Cops in with dirty plans like that now?” He eyed them

“Who says we are real cops??” The two men laughed.

‘Here” one of them hand him a key card “you know where to be and when to use that? Good!! You can invite a few buddies…It would be fun’“ they drove off leaving him smiling to himself.


She mixed the exact dosage to his glass of juice as she set it beside the delicious dinner she had prepared for him. Her bruised face was no longer visible with rest and sleep, makeup took care of the rest.

“You must be tired Baby, come eat?” She led him to the dining table as he entered the house placing a kiss on his chin.

“Erm.. Baby your lawyer dropped this off for you, saying it’s important, something you have to sign but he couldn’t get to you during the day and he needs it faxed to him so he can make necessary arrangements after the wedding tomorrow”

“Oh yeah” he yawned. “Let me look them over after I eat.”

“You must be patched, have a glass of juice first.” She urged, delaying him. If he read them now, she would be unmasked.

“Fine I will” he took the glass to his lips, her eyes followed him…then he pauses

“What’s wrong?” She panicked.

“My head aches, I think I have some aspirin in the room, can you get it for me Babes, or let me go get them myself” he made to get up.

“No!!!” Her voice was too high pitched, he raised an eyebrow.

“No…” She said calmly, “Let me get you aspirin drink, relax, eat and then you can sign your documents. Lawyers can wait till after you’ve had a decent meal. ”

She got up and left for the room, she rushed back in 2 minutes. The glass and food Was empty and he was signing the papers. Now she knew she had him. There was no way he would know she had switched the documents of his properties and he just signed everything to her, tearing up the original documents. The drug was effective as he was too dazed to notice anything. By tomorrow after the wedding it would be official; everything he owned would be hers. She Had won…yet again.

“I think my headache is making everything blurry. I hope you read the documents, my eyes hurts so I signed it. I think this one’s are for you” he pushed the papers to her holding his head in his hands. “Sign your part and please fax it to my lawyers. I hope you aren’t uncomfortable I asked my lawyers to draw up a prenup agreement.” his speech slurred, he waved his hand touching the air.

“No baby, I understand. “She flipped through and signed, not bothering to read it, her last plan was complete.

She took both documents to his study where she faxed the copies to his lawyers knowing come Monday when they check their mails. It would be too late everything would be hers… life just got $3xier, she hid a smile.

By the time she got to the dining room, Baron was on he floor, he had slumped, she allowed her laughter to envelop her “poor baron, but I must admit you are just a child with too much luxury”

He watched her through his squinted eyelid.

*You should have read those files Ada* he thought. The bag where he tugged an envelope and bottle of juice lay by the side, hidden from view, while she went up he switched the documents and emptied the glass for future use. He continued to act drugged and pretended sleep.

“Tomorrow Ada, tomorrow you will get a little taste of what’s coming to you. He smiled and muttered to himself.

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To be continued