My Boss’ Ex-Wife Final Episode


“I do”! Ada replied before the priest amidst the small crowd of people joined them together. They kissed. Cheers and whistles filled the small chapel.

It was a small wedding, and Ada handpicked her guests, she didn’t want the whole world to be there. Especially when she wants to make a break out, and she intends to make it clean and quick, less questions asked, no answers given.

“Way to go girl. That’s some fish” Ada’s friend whispered into her ears. “I feel quite envious. When you are done. Please pass him to me. I wouldn’t mind his services in my bed… at all”

Ada smiled. “Not after Am done with him.” a twinkle in her eyes.

They waved the small crowd after a brief reception and headed to their hotel. She didn’t want a honeymoon out of the country, by Monday he would be on the streets anyways and she would become king. Why delay. But she was looking forward to tonight…There was nothing wrong if she at least enjoyed his touch tonight. Just before she sends him packing.


She stood in front of him naked… waiting *Yes baron, have a little taste, because this would be your first and last, she chuckled just because I like you…so you wouldn’t say I Never gave you anything * she mused as she walked seductively towards him.

“You are really beautiful Ada, mother to my unborn child, my wife

“Let’s make a toast to us together now and always, to happiness and to love and to our son or daughter.” he handed her a glass of champagne as he sipped another. He watched her gulp its contents down her throat setting her glass away and taking his.

He kisses her shoulders while undressing, he pulled her and kissed her hard, caressing her, pushing her to the bed and climbing in after her. She moaned then a knock came.

“Don’t, leave it, it’s our honeymoon who dares to disturb us” she held him, urging him to continue.

“Maybe it’s important, one moment baby, and hold on to that thought” he kissed her again and wore his cloths as he walked towards the door.

She felt drowsy and extremely horny but her vision felt blurred, her head woozy she was about to go look for him when she heard him come back in she sighed relieved.

“Where did you go baby?” Her speech was slurred, why was she seeing him in dark shadows she wondered “come back in here let’s finished what we started” she pulled him back to the bed. He didn’t say a word instead he pushed her off…bent her over and took her from behind with her on all fours…

She felt sore and bruised but still she was horny, he must have had her like 7 times already. And for some strange reason she felt like he lost weight, gained weight, felt tall and short and, smelt different and seemed like an animal. But she brushed it aside maybe her mind was playing tricks on her. She couldn’t understand anything. .she felt tired. He finally allowed her to sleep by 4am in the morning…

By the next morning he gave her some liquid to drink and he continued. She couldn’t remember leaving the bed at all on Sunday. By Monday morning she finally woke up, cleared eyed and hungry, she winced from the pain within thighs..”Wtf! !” She mouthed, baron was nowhere to be seen. She checked her time and realised she had been knocked out from Saturday night till Monday morning, she picked up the note next to her bed.

“You look beautiful while you slept. I didn’t want to wake you, see you tonight. I organised a party on your behalf, something blue awaits you. Look pretty your husband..Baron. ”

She smiled “stupid fool, you have no idea this is your last message to me”. She winced from the pain, rushing to have her bath as she prepared for the night…dialling a number she said into the receiver

“Be at the venue by 6, come with the documents.”


She could hear music “a party in her honour” She scoffed at least she should enjoy herself before she slaps him in the face with the documents of deeds of properties transferred to her.

“Ada!!” Her friend greeted her at the door, you look amazing and the party is just divine. Your baron has nice taste, thanks for inviting me” she hugged her.

Ada seemed shocked. “I didn’t, maybe baron wanted to surprise me, isn’t he a dear and I will be giving him a surprise of my own” she said and they both smiled knowingly.

As they entered, her lawyer arrived shortly after and headed straight to her handing her the documents.

“Let me Introduce you to everyone my queen” Baron escorted her to the middle of the small crowd of people, not more than 6.

“Watch me own this baby” she whispered to her friend as she got up and followed him.

“I hereby present to you the wife of the richest man in the city, not just in wealth, but in family because she is carrying my first child and she will be the owner of my heart….Mrs Baron Amachree.” The cheers and claps erupted the room

“Actually…Ex-Mrs Baron Amachree, you should get your facts Right darling she chuckled and continued “As of this morning I seized to be your wife but all that you have, has been transferred to my name everything that you won even the shirt you have on is mine, which automatically means am the president of your new company… CEO of your chained Italian shops and deeds owner of your car’s, your mansion and even your name. Am sure your lawyer must have gotten a copy.” She laughed and snapped her fingers for a drink, which her friend was too happy to obliged

“You lie Ada” Baron said through clenched teeth.

“You don’t believe me. Here “she picked the documents and handed it to him then she paused and took it back saying…”No, I would enjoy reading this. When am done you and your scallywags should leave my premises or I will have you thrown out. “She declared as she cleared her throat and began…

This documents hereby states that after the conclusion and signing of the marriage certificate all properties previously owned by the signed party will be transferred to the new party, and on Monday the **/**/ 2014, there would seize to be any legal bindings connecting the two parties named in this document. This was mutually agreed and signed by the two parties involved and a legal seal has been stamped to show it’s in accordance to law of the state.’

Thus everything said here is legal and cannot be countered. And bla.. bla.. bla.. bla .” She paused and looked at baron…

“What nonsense is that, I ordered for a prenuptial agreement not this…let me see he tried to drag the documents off her hands but she held it away from him “what madness are you spewing Ada”

“Wait, let me tell you what is mine. Legally!’ she read again…

‘All that you own now and prior to the marriage would go to your legally married spouse after the wedding procession. As agreed by both parties, all properties would be awarded to the new parties’

“You signed this to me on our wedding eve baron and you asked me to sign am only doing what you asked and am grateful for your generosity darling, don’t you remember? I mean I too was surprised!!”

“I don’t believe you” He spoke his voice Rose in anger. The room was silent safe for Ada’s chuckle.

“Oh don’t be a child, let me read out the names of the parties involved…

“The said parties, Miss Ada Adekunle has agreed on marrying Mr Baron Amachree she hands over all her previous properties and present to him and Monday **/**/2014 after the….” She trailed off as the glass fell from her hand…

“Go on” …Baron was smiling..

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“What is the meaning of this?” She fliped through the files, going through every single detail…she suddenly became pale…

“No!!! This is wrong. This is wrong… it is supposed to be the other way around. “She attacked her lawyer shaking him…

“I did what you asked…I don’t know what you are talking about…” he pleaded as she continued to hit him, he didn’t understand what just happened.

‘Fix it!! Fix it! You bastard, what did you do? Why did you do this…fix it!!” She bashes his head continually

“Ada!! Please, please wait…leave the poor guy alone. “He ordered

Ada stopped and turned, she looks around as the small crowd suddenly thinned out.

“Baron…I was only kidding…it’s, it’s not what …you thi. .think’ she stammered, making a nervous chuckle.

“It was a prank.” She picks the documents and tears it…”Yay! Puff gone!! Stupid prank. “She laughed as she walks up to him…trying to pull him into a hug. He pushed her away immediately.

Baron sat down. ..”You think you can trick me Ada, you must think am stupid. ”

“Baron… No!! It was a prank. .’ she laughed nervously while scanning the room for an exit.

“Ada Adekunle aka chief skank” he laughed “you should see your face Right now”.

She stared at him, disbelieving.

“Apparently…all you own is now mine, thank you.” He took a bow still sitting on the chair

“Why would you refer to me as such, what’s the meaning of this baron. I was trying to be funny. Can’t I joke with you, the party is over, everyone leave!! She ordered.

‘The only one leaving here is you…!” He drawled “Because every day for the thief and one day for the owner”

“I still don’t understand what you mean” she shifted her weight from one feet to the other, avoiding his eyes.

“You aren’t stupid Ada so don’t act it, your ploy, your game…Is all in your face, you got played by your Very own tactics, how does it feel? He asked as reality dawned on her.

“H-how did..did you know?” Her voice, caught in her cheat

“How. ..?? Well. ..What can I say? I just had to play your game…

“Baron pleas listen…am sorry, It was the devils handwork, I didn’t intend to take your properties…I was just trying to make sure I secure an insurance for our baby, what if something happens to you…what will happen to me…to the baby, please I know I am wrong. Forgive me baby. I won’t do it again, think of the baby…” She held her stomach, she knew she was ruined. but her fake pregnancy would be the only leverage to save her from this mess, she bite her lip But baron was laughing. He was laughing hard.

“Oh Ada, you really are a stupid girl. I swear and a funny one as well baby? What baby? How can you get pregnant? .Are you the second Virgin Mary? I never even touched you much less have sex with you. All I feel is disgust my stomach churned every time I had to kiss you. You are purely a scum to this earth”

She staggered…

“We had sex…in the hotel room and I got pregnant baron, you saw the doctor’s report. You just don’t remember, surely you can’t deny it”. Her hands shakily flew to her chest.

“Oh you mean the day you drugged me no sorry…the days you thought you drugged me?”

A drink please… any one” Ada looked around suddenly the small crowd of people seemed all too familiar.

“And how about the wedding night too….Surely you can’t forget” Ada continued as a lady cat-walked to Baron, handing him a drink and planting a kiss to his cheek.. Ada froze

“Anita!!’ she whispered in shock.

“Sorry darling… its Lizzy, that was just an alias” the lady spoke

“You did this, you planned this to repay me for taking baron away from you… oh you bitch ” Ada lunched for her.

“Be careful Ada, don’t test me’ Lizzy warned.

Ada backed away in shock.

“Seriously Ada…can’t you see the big picture. .?”

What was he saying… she didn’t understand until a man stood beside him, she recognised him immediately…

Baron turned…”Have you ever wondered why he had information ready to pour into your ears? Say hello to Henry the bartender, my cousin aka the drink changer…I was lucid, completely. But you Ada for a smart girl you were too stupid enough to see the signs.”

Ada grew pale…

“Everyone you have met, talked to being with from that night at the hotel to this very moment were placed specifically by me “This” he spread his hands wide and turned around…”staged”

“The police men, the dress, the fake life, the luxury… Everything!!!”

“So you knew…knew my plans? That means…the house…the cars…the company. ..” She began to fan herself.

“Yes! Yes! Now you are catching on… all staged, made up. You are the pawn in your game…just a different king” he laughed.

“Then the wedding was a sham, the documents were fake” colour began to return to her face and confidence to her voice. Nothing is lost, she breathed a sigh of relieve, this was just a joke. A game.

“No darling, we were legally married and all you own is mine now, that fact was real. We did sign documents…well after I switched them to what I needed and gave you your drugged drink on our wedding night… how does it feel to be re-paid with each dose of your medicine..??”

She had begun to shake. .”Then I can file for rape, I don’t remember what you did to me to Make me loss a whole day and feel worse for wear you are an animal’.

“You can go ahead…but you might want to watch something first and that is my last surprise and gift to you baby…” he snickered.

“Why”? Why did you do this? What did I ever do to you?’”

“Why? Why? I will tell you why!! Baron got up, his eyes red with anger in his veins and his fist clenched. “You rotten filth of the earth go around ruining good men for the love of money. Ruining families and wrecking homes. Taking away the sweats and labour of a man by wooing him and then marry him today and flinging him to the curb tomorrow. Causing death to one and ruins to others…you Ada prowled the earth like a seductive lion looking for who to devour until you brought your filth to my doorstep and ruined a friend, a brother, even a father to me. You Ada crossed a line and I swore to repay you tit for tat.”

“Who …what are you talking about?” She was shaking now, she looked beaten and vulnerable and for the first time in her life she was afraid.

“Bruce! Bruce Adams! He watched as she went deathly pale…

“Who are you? I suddenly, feel as though I know you…seen you… like scales have fallen out of my eyes…”

“Yes darling you do. Baron is my middle name. I am chucks Baron Amachree, PA to Bruce Adams. Founder and owner of the Adams empire… legacy of his father… the same Man You left with only his cloths on his back… the same man for whom I stand here on his behalf. .the same Man who wanted to end his life… the same man you Ada didn’t bat an eyelid for when You took his sweat and blood, for him today, I will bring you tears..

“And today I have the pleasure to inform you that all that you took and stole from him will be returned and the rest be given back to the families you ruined. The same way you made him sign was the same way you signed it back to me and as the owner I will give it back to its original owners. The company is in ruins but at least I will help him build it back up…and rerun it back to its glory and give a man back his pride but you will be left with nothing…just filth, which is more than you deserve he spat.

Ada watched from the corner of her eyes as her friend and lawyer snuck out of the room, they left her alone. Ada began to cry and plead, she knew she was alone, she was done. Fxxked!

“Baron, chucks, please”

“Save your tears, you will need it for what’s coming next, don’t bother trying to access. your accounts or anything you own.. It’s all mine. Now get up and get out, your filth is smearing the whole place.”

Ada knew he had lost, she knew it was over, they had her. They had been toying her…She walked towards the door with her face to the ground.

“Oh by the way, that lobby attack was planned, I watched you get beaten and humiliated naked. It was a thrill, did you enjoy his hands on you? Well you must have, if the wedding night was anything to go by. As a filth you should consummate your wedding night with filth…a different man for your sins “he laughed.

“What do you mean?” She stopped and turned around, tears running down her face…

Lizzy tapped her ‘Hey Ada..!! Here! “She handed her a 1000 naira and then a camera” that should take you to wherever you came from and you can watch that in your free time… So you don’t say I never gave you anything.” Lizzy laughed in her face and nudged her out the door, shutting her out.

She Had tears in her eyes, Karma had caught up with her. She walked like a living corpse till she found a chemist and asked for water to drink. .while she sat she remembered the camera, she pressed play and she was shocked by what she saw, there was indeed more than one man On her wedding night but no baron and each of them had taken turns to thrust into her, unprotected and spilled their essence into her, while she willing gave herself as someone intoxicated. .And each of them looked like someone from the gutters, sick and worse for wear.. And the last man was the one who attacked her from the car park as bile rose in her throat and in no second she was retching her insides out… The video had gone viral

“Ada AdeKunle, Lagos high-class prostitute in a gang sex tape” it read.

Suddenly she couldn’t breathe, she began gasping for air, she was choking on her own vomit.

The chemist rushed to hold her but by the time he reached her she had hit the floor, blood was everywhere.

Ada Adekunle was dead.


“How did you get it back…how did she…chucks…who…oh Lord… Thank you!! Bruce hugged him with tears in his eyes…He sobbed like a child. Chucks had put everything back in Bruce’s name.

“Don’t ask too much questions. I promised you and I always keep to my words’

Bruce looked through the documents, he was overjoyed.

“How can I ever repay you?”

“You have already, for being you.” Chucks watched him clutch the papers to his chest as he began to laugh and shed tears of joy.

Lizzy came up behind him and said “would you ever tell him?”

“No, he doesn’t need to know the details other than he got back his empire and that’s enough.

“you are truly a good friend Chucks!!”

“And you are one hell of a woman. Forgive me if it has taken me this long to see, permit me to tell you a secret’

“See what? Tell me what??”

“Let me show you instead” he pulled her close, and closed the distance with his lips capturing hers..

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Story By Stephanie Egberike

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