My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 7


Ada loved it.

Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets when they drove into a mansion, a replica of those beauties from Banana Island, she was amazed.

She knew he was rich but she didn’t realise just how much a person could be this rich from owning chains of shops that sold Italian outfits. She knew she had hit the jackpot.

“You don’t mind being here do you… it’s a big and quiet place that’s why I Always prefer being out.”

“Well… As long as it’s ok with you. Besides don’t you get lonely? Why hasn’t a fine man like yourself settled down” she was curious

“Because, every girl I meet is only interested in my money so sometimes I go out in a less obvious disguise to mingle and hope I find the one. It’s a lonely life… Being rich and not knowing who loves you for real”

*with this much wealth …baby I can love you the way you want, as long as I get this. Baby tell me how you want me to love you* she smiled to herself.

“Maybe you feel that’s what am after. I don’t even know you. .or anything about you yet I refused your money “she offered.

He smiled. “You surprise me Ada and am impressed. He held out his hand “let me take you and show you around”


“I have a business meeting, would you accompany me?”

“I can’t believe you want to dive into work, we just got here” she said as she relaxed on the king size bed, her thoughts were far from what Mr B was saying, she could already see herself owning this edifice.

“Yes! Remember I told you I have tons of things to attend to and this is important, its a big step into greater heights and I would love it if you accompany me. I wonder if” he takes her hand and pulls her up, turning her around and placed a finger to her chin…” you deserve something pretty…

An hour later

“Wow baron!!” She twirled around in front of the mirror and caressed the gold necklace around her neck…

“This is beautiful. Thank you! And did you know blue is my favorite color’ she was smiling broadly. * This baron is such a sweet guy she mused*

I know, I did my homework on you Ada he thought to himself and said “really? Lucky guess as he took her hand and brought it to his lips “you look exquisite Ada, Shall we?

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The Man adjusted his glasses “Look Mr Baron. Don’t lose out on this opportunity. The board members are behind you. Besides your money started half of this business and you have been in the background for too long, it’s only logical to assume the president seat. The economy is booming buy enough share’s to own the company, it’s a multi-billion Naira company and it’s a win-win for you. Just sign this papers and it’s all yours. You are the man with the money. It’s your call.”

“I don’t have the strength for such responsibility. I have so much money I don’t know what to do with it. What’s the point in accumulating more? Give someone else am fine” he pushed the files of paper away

“Ok, Fine. Then man paused for a few seconds then continued

“You can put in someone else as a stand in for you, you aren’t married else your wife would be the perfect person, Think about it” he looks to Ada and then said “Talk to him, maybe he would listen to you”.

She had kept quiet during the conversation holding herself not to kick baron in the groin. What the hell was wrong with him? Who would see an opportunity to make more money and walk away? If she could sign it herself she would, she felt like killing him with her fork to his neck. If he dares pass up this opportunity to make her not have a taste of this massive explosion of wealth. She turned to him.

“Baron, I think it’s only logical to assume a position that you are deserving. Don’t think of the wealth, besides apparently no one can do it better than you, your board members think you are the man for it, so be the man and if you think it’s too much of a responsibility you can always put someone there you trust…she pushed the papers slowly back to him and hands him a pen “here.. Sign it”.

*God will punish you na if you don’t sign this baron. No worries. I will assume the position of president in no time. Just sign the Fxxking papers *

Baron looked at Ada, took a deep breath and signed and handed the papers back to the man.

They shook hands

The Man turned to Ada and took her hand in his “Please enjoy your evening and I must say you are a sight for sore eyes and you have a fine head on your shoulders.” he brushed her knuckles with a kiss and turned to Baron “you should keep this one. ” as he walked away

“Thank you” Mr B said as he stared at her lustfully

“For what” she said as she took a sip from her drink

“For being here with me, to make me see why two heads are better than one, You are a blessing Ada. Thank you ‘ he takes both her hands in his and kisses it.

*if you only knew I was one step away from jabbing you with my fork if you missed this opportunity you wouldn’t be thanking me. Whatever it takes you would have signed those papers. I will be queen and not even your indecisiveness would have stopped me from taking that position.* but she smiled instead.

“You are welcome.”

“And I think he is right…about me keeping you…Shall we go home? ” They both walked out of the hotel.

Ada was feeling like she was on top of the world. “Just a few days more baron. You will be begging me to marry you” she chuckled. Baron (chucks) eyes her from the corner of his eyes.

*you may be pretty, but you are stupid. You may be feeling smart, but you have no idea I just robbed you in completely. You want to catch a thief. You have to think like one” He smiled while holding onto her hand and affectionately squeezing tight.

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To be continued