My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 6


Ada excused herself from baron’s side.

“I need to pick up something from my room” she kissed his chin as he mouthed an ok.

She wanted to catch up with Anita before she left. Anita was checking out as she approached her from behind and tapped her shoulders

“I hope you have learnt your lesson never to take a hot turkey from the oven that is not meant for you?”

She folded her arms, smiling triumphantly. “Here-she held out a 1000 naira note.” “This should cover your transport fare to wherever you came from… she chuckled and continued “I know the pain you feel right now knowing the hot guy and his money just slipped through your fingers and I right into his bed, never ever mess with a girl like me in your next life” she threatened Anita with a closed fist.

She looked her up once more, snorted and smiled as she walked away.

Anita held the retort she was about to fire… because she knew it would only ruin Chuck ‘ s (Mr B) plans and he would never forgive her. She wished she could tell her… tell her she was a pawn in their games and not the other way around but instead she smiled and turned away knowing that Ada’s Down Fall was Close.


“Am checking out” he told her when she came in, he was packing.

“Why?” shocked expression

“This place reminds me of her.’

“But Err. …Baron. Why. What??” She held her head as she hid her anger.

“What happens to me”? She asked. He stopped when he heard that slight wavered pitch in her voice

“Am going back home. I have taken too much time away from my business. I need to go handle some things…big things that need my attention. ”

“What happens to me? We just shared something beautiful and you won’t think about me. So what happens to me? To us?

There was no way she was letting him leave just like that this would alter her plans

Chucks picked out his check book scribbled something on it then handed it to her saying

“Here is 200k, it should cover your hotel bills anything you need. And as us… ‘He trailed off. “It’s embarrassing not remembering your escapades you know…

He saw her wince, then he smiled to himself as she held out the check in an effort to return it;

“I don’t want it! I don’t want your money, when we made love it was amazing… your money was never my intent”. She pushed the check into his palm.

There was no way she was taking this little when she had her eyes set on the big price. He was a goldmine in itself, why settle for less when she could take all of it, besides she knew refusing the money made her look less of a gold-digger

“Am surprised, not many girls will turn this down.

I am Ada, then she caressed his face and pulled him to her gently trying to lure into bed, she whispered “are you running away because you have a Mrs at home”

He withdrew and knelt down before her… “You know am not married, I do need a woman in my life and I thought Anita was different but she left as soon as there was an issue, am disappointed and I know you mean well but I don’t want to expect too much from you.”

‘You don’t know me, why not give me a chance she paused to plant a kiss on his lips “I like you baron, I really do” she lied.

“Okay, we would make it work but I will be very busy with work for the next two weeks. He said to her, returning the kiss to show his interest.

Its fine, we would think of something

she needed to make certain arrangements, she bite her lower lip as she watched him tear up the check but she consoled herself knowing that there were more from where that came from. “Soon all you have will be mine baron…” she smiled at the thought

“Go check out your thing’s Ada, my driver will be here to take us home” He broke her thoughts

She planted one on his cheeks and left to her room where she immediately dialled a number

“I need a favour” she spoke into the receiver “and I need it in a week”

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A double knock on the door, baron opens the door.

“Is everything in place?” He asked.

Henry Smiled and handed him a box then he said

They are out of town, my brother has vacated the house, you have a month, so for now you are a proud owner of four exquisite cars, two Mansions and a chain of shops and oh not forgetting a soon-to-be president of a multibillion fashion company. My parents would be back by next month so I hope you get done before that and please try to leave everything as it is. I made the necessary changes to the place. Drivers at your beck and call. Body guards on standby And everyone in place for plan B.

“And Chucks, I hope you know what you are doing. She doesn’t look like someone who can be outsmarted”

“Relax cousin, as long as everything continues to go according to plan. I will always be one step ahead. ”

“Do you think she would use that…that’s the oldest trick in the book” Henry asked chucks…

“Think is an understatement. I know she will. Have the ring ready, I won’t be surprised she hasn’t already made certain arrangements to that effect.

Henry figured his cousin was losing his mind but he willingly helped him with his plan, he secretly hoped everything would fall into place or else he would be in big trouble.

Aiit bro, good luck he said as he walked out the door.


Her phone buzzed, she smiled as she read the message aloud

“Plan B in play, go ahead and erm…Thanks for today, I owe you”

Lizzy smiled and said to herself “I would definitely collect” then she turned to the sales manager and said

‘I need to hire a Blue dinner gown for a size 12 and a gold necklace, have it delivered to this address in a few hours. A call will come through when it is needed.” She swiped a card through the POS and left the boutique.

Her work was done.

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To be continued