My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 5



Ada strolled back into her hotel room and took out a tiny nylon from her bag and placed it on the table. She collects a small bottle, a cup and spoon from her drawer and then dropped 5 tablets of Rohypnol into the cup of water and mixed flunitrazepam with it. She shook it and smiled..

“just a little sleep and a little slumber and I will have you in my bed and out goes Anita.” She laughed.

She picked up her phone and dialed an old girlfriends number…

“Hey babes, do me a favor???” She spoke into the receiver…

“You know you owe me big??”

she smiled and told her what she needed her to do.


Ada strolled out to the pool area, with the tiny bottle hidden between her breast. Mr B and Anita approached her and urged her to join them.

As Mr B ordered for drinks, Ada excused herself to go to the ladies, instead she head out to the bar where she proceeded to distract the bartender while he arranged for the drinks ordered by Mr B for the three of them.

While he looked away for a second..Ada took out the bottle, tips it over and poured a few drops into the beer then replaced the bottle in her breast.

“Oh let me help with that, am heading there’ she offered.

“No ma’am. I will send someone with it. You are our quest afterwards” he replied and watched her leave. but she didn’t see him smile.


While the three of them sat and talked A call came in for Anita (Lizzy).

“A call for you miss, you would have to take it at the reception.”..the waiter dropped two glasses of juice and a glass of beer on the table and straightened up.

From who? ” Anita (lizzy) asked him. She stares at Mr B (chucks). He gave her a questioning look then she shrugged.

“She said she lost your number but she had the hotel number of where you were staying in so she called. she said to tell you ..” old friend whom you ran into …..?” the waiter trailed off. “… she did say it was urgent, a matter of emergency I supposed ” he added.

As Mr B sipped his beer, Ada eyed him, she seemed to be oblivious of what was happening.

“If you don’t know who it is then I suggest you ignore the call” Mr B said with as he caressed Anita’s shoulders

“Well you never can know who is calling, you can always drop the call if its a prank” Ada offered.

“I will take the call”…Anita dismissed the waiter..and turned to Mr B . ” am super curious to find out who it is, I’ll be back don’t miss me. ” she placed a kiss on his forehead and walked off.

Four pairs of eyes watched her leave. Two pairs of eyes rested on him as he took another drink from his glass of beer.


“Oh dear” …she holds on to him as he staggered when He got to his feet. “Mr B…are you sure you are okay??” …”here let me help you to your room. I think you should have had some thing heavy before you had strong drink in your tummy this early in the afternoon”… She sighted the waiters coming towards her and waved them Off.

“he is fine. The drink was a bit heavy for him. tell his lady friend he needed to lie down so I took him up to his room. You okay Mr B??”… He nods and she waved them away,he gave his directions as she led him to his room

“abit woozy huh. I know drinking on an empty stomach doesn’t sit well, a cold glass of water is what you need” She swiped his card to the door of his hotel room and lay him on the bed.

“a glass of water and just relax, I will go get Anita for you.” …she grabs a glass and gets water from the dispenser and comes back to meet him snoring., She lays down the cup of water. .strips him ..strips herself and climbs in after him . placing a kiss on his forehead..and his chest.. smearing him with her red lipstick. Then she waited.


“lady Ada asked me to tell you that Mr B seemed to be having a bit of booze-whoozy and she helped him to his room??”..The waiter told her.

oh…I told him to eat something before the booze, ok thanks with that she head out to her hotel room ……

“Baby…I should have listened to you…it was a wrong-…..” She left her voice trail off as she stood mid-room and gazed upon two naked bodies entangled in an embrace.

Ada sat up covering her beautiful bosom as Anita walked towards the bed in a daze

“Anita …its not what you think. ..” She starts.

“Baron…you Fxxking bastard I thought you said you loved me.” She lunched for Mr B and hits him awake.. cutting Ada off in the process and then she continued to speak in annoyance

“I leave for one minute and you Screw her.?? and you” she charged at Ada… “You slut. what kind of a person are You? ?” …

Ada rolled her eyes and said “well.. your fault you left your man unattended to so he went for something better, but really sorry. It just happened.” She smirked.

“Baby. ..Anita. its not what you think. I ..I. ..I don’t remember what happened. I was having a headache and she helped me here and and… He trailed off

the slap was heard down the hall..

“save it asshole. You men..all of you are the same!! you both deserve each other..” She stormed out of the room..

Baron grabed a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around his nakedness as he chased after her calling out …”Anita. . Anita please wait..Anita! !!

Ada smiled to herself as she dressed up, she had just achieved the first phase of her plan.

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Mr B finally caught up with Anita, he grabbed her again and pulled her to him.. away from sight and earshot..

“am sorry I slapped you hard!! she said as she felt his jaw

“Erg!! that’s fine, I could take it, are you okay. you are avoiding my eyes?? ”

“Don’t be silly am fine. For a second there I thought you Were really drugged. did you guys….” She trailed Off.

“No. Henry switched the drinks. I pay him enough to be on a look out. I just had to play the part, drugging people happens to be one of her specialties so I had to take no chances, and no..we didn’t. Let her believe she tricked Me. We are playing her at her game after all aren’t we??” He smiled and pulled her chin.. she couldn’t look him in the eyes

“liz?? ” He called her name..

“am fine chucks, go back. You need to keep her The way She thinks she is. I guess my chapter has ends here “..

“for now, Thanks liz. I owe you one, big time! ..He pulls her into a hug and kissed her cheeks.

“Yes you do. and I will come collect “… *you dont know how much you owe me…maybe your heart* she thought to herself as she retreated. “Go on. Ada is waiting.


Ada sat by the edge of the bed waiting with folded arms..Pulling her most innocent face..

“Anita is gone. ” Mr B said as he walked in to the room, shoulders slouched, he looked really upset as he stared at Ada and then he continued

“am so sorry I took advantage of you when all you did was help me to the room, I really am so sorry. “..

*Ok this was going way better than she hoped. she thought she would have been asked to explain instead he was taking the fall and offering an apology. The gods must be on her side*

She smiled and said “that’s okay, you didn’t intend to. It’s her loss for leaving when she should have stayed and listened for an explanation, and it’s mine for not stopping you but that’s over now.

She smiled as she stood up to touch his shoulders “But am here and I won’t leave you like Anita, you know I will treat you better. What we shared just now was beautiful even if you don’t remember it, I do and I know, I can do better. Forget about Anita. you have me…Ada! let me take care of you” she kissed his forehead..

“you won’t leave? They always leave me? ” He looked at her like a lost puppy

Ada couldn’t believe her luck, Mr high and mighty was just a front, the Baron was almost child like, she imagined he must have been through a lot and it was just her luck to have set her eyes on him.

“I won’t, I promise. just you and I now, just How I want it” she said underneath her breath as she held him in a close hug

Chucks(Mr B) smiled into her hair.. “—-everything Is going according to plan..Just how I want it he thought as he smiled to himself .

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To be continued