My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 4


Ada stared Into the mirror and noticed she had bags under her eyes, she didn’t get much sleep last night, on remembering the episode yesterday the anger returned. She sighed and undressed.

She took a quick shower and went down to the hotel bar, having a drink was the last thing on her mind. She had a different agenda As she approached the bartender of yesterday.

“a word please??” She asked him. He nodded and came over.

“Good Morning ma’am, how may I help you? a drink?…He asked, though his expression was one who obviously didn’t appreciate an early morning drinker. He needed to rest his eyes even for five minutes. He didnt get much sleep last night either. he felt sore and bruised. he never gets tired.

He sighed and concentrated on the lady before him. He remembered her from last night and he hide a smile as he also remembered her embarrassing event.

“the gentleman of last night, the one I sent a drink over, do you happen to have any detail about him ? Basic bio and all that, and the woman maybe??”

Ada knew that he would, bartenders and hairstylist tend to have information about their customers. you would be surprised to know how much they know.

He pretended not to have heard her. Then he looks up and notices she was staring at him with that piercing look.. He folded his arms and replies…

“it depends..I may or may not know. “.

“on?” She was curious.

“on how much you really want to know”

She sighed, fortunately for him she came down with her wallet. She opens it up and slips him a thousand Naira and waited. He didn’t budge. Another note and he unfolds his arms, takes a napkin and begins to wipe the table ignoring her. She adds 500 bucks.

He sighed..”Erm am really kinda busy, if you need a drink let me know if not I have to get back to work.”.

“but you have no customers here” she looked around.

“I do. They are ghost and seemingly more important than you and your change. do you mind taking them and leaving??” He made to leave.

“wait” she stopped him. She counts 5k and drops it, daring him to walk away…”I think that’s more than enough change for your gossip BARTENDER!

He smiles, takes the money and tucks it into his back pocket, leans in and beckons her into a conspirators position to whisper..

“I hear he is an importer of Italian wears, owns chains of shops in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt. He had been out of The country for close to a year but he is fully back now. I hear he’s to settle down and stuff like that. He’s frequents here every once in awhile. Every girl seem to have the hots for him. Apparently even you”..He looks her over.

“I didn’t ask for your analysis, go on”.

“They call him Mr B. I think it’s baron, you already know he is a big boy and a fine one at that and No, I don’t have his phone number and Yes he is still in the hotel with his lady friend and I heard him call her Anita, that’s all I know” He dusts his hands and backs away from her.

She was lost in her thoughts.”So the bi**h was still hanging around him? not for long, not for long!! She gets up and heads to the hotel restaurant. she needed to plan with food in her stomach.

As soon as Ada was away from earshot, he picks up his phone and dials. The line was picked on the second ring.

“I told her as you asked, she took the bait. and she bite it”..He could sense a smile from the other end.

“good.! ” was all the person said.

“How did you know she was going to come ask??” He was curious.

“you are in all-you-need-to-know-basis. you don’t need to know. Thank you. carry on with your daily routine. ” the line goes dead. The bartender laughed And mouthed “Bad guys” and continued wiping the table

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Chuks watches Ada as she walks towards the pool area, wearing a bikini that showed off her curves. He also noticed the eyes following her, he felt disgust instead of admiration but he had to also admit she was a beauty ..The more reason he felt irritated by it all.

He turns to lizzy.. “sure you ready??” He asked her. She nodded her head.

He takes her by her hand and they walk towards Ada. He teased her and whispered something into her ears and she leaned into him, holding him and laughing.

A few inches close to Ada, Lizzy stops and squeals..

“Hey Ada darlyn…!!!” She pulled her into a hug and smiles into her face.

Ada stiffened and pulls away..

“remember me? Anita from last night?? Sorry to leave you all by yourself last night but Mr B here was in such a mood. ” she nudges him slightly ..

“Hello Anita! ! yes I do” she ignored the man beside her and pretended as though she wasn’t affected by his presence. She had on a fixed smiled and decided to stay calm, when all she wanted to do was smash a hole in her head with her fist.

“Its fine. It didn’t bother me one bit.” she lied.

“want to join us for a breakfast treat? Mr B , you wouldn’t mind Will you? Ada is such a dear…I told you about her Ankara print fabric? Just lovely.. And you promised to get me some..didn’t you..didn’t you..?” She played with his chin.

“Of course I did and I will baby. anything for you ” ..he pulls her into a warm hug and captures her lips with his in a deep kiss. releasing her to come up for air. Ada looked away to hide her envy.

“shall we??..He tells Anita

“and Ada is it??.” he looks at Ada now, fully into her eyes. “please join us. And you can blow me away with your awesome collection. ” Ada thought for a second, yesterday he was being an obnoxious cocky eccentric Ass, today he was acting all nice and gentlemanly, she was confused but if this was a way to get to him and come In between them and have him to herself, she would jump at it. She smiled genuinely…

“if you insist, am sure I can clear my schedule for an hour” she replied.

“marvelous!!” Lizzy squealed then linked her hand with Mr B, who just smiled and kissed her shoulders .

For a strange second. Ada wished she had a man..not One of her fools she victimized.. but a man who would devote his time and attention to truly loving her and she truly loving Him. As soon as that thought came in she kicked It away.

“love is overrated !!” ..

As she sat opposite them and watched them get mushy, she deviced a plan to ruin Anita completely, then she would step in and swim into his heart . “Mrs Baron”. She tasted the name and then She smiled into her glass of juice.

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To be continued