My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 3


For three months, Bruce had walked around the house like a zombie. keeping to himself. Barely eating and had lost a considerable amount of weight . His usual smile and jovial nature gone. All that was left was a ghost of a man. I felt a pang of pain every time I looked at him.

“all hope isn’t lost brother ” I slip in when I See him staring at nothing in particular . But he would stare on, barely touching his food. Barely even listening, barely even him.

Bruce was an orphan so he had no one. No one but his father’s legacy to hold on to and pass on to his children..The ones he hoped to have with Ada. “the slutful-gold-digger witch”.. but that was just a dream crumpled into nothing. He had nothing left. All was gone.

But he had me. He has me. and that was more than enough. And my plan has been brewing for over three months. I was ready to meet the devil..and hope she comes after me.

Bruce doesn’t know about this… Let this be our tiny secret.

“a man doesn’t need to tell what a man is about to do” . I watched Bruce from the stairway. ..and backed away into the darkness.

It was time.


Chucks had used this time to have Ada secretly followed. To know her daily routine, who she hangs out with, where she hangs and the sort of crowds she followed. And one thing stood out…”Ada liked the high side of life and the people in it.” and thus he made sure to strategically place himself where she would be… Right in front of her eyes where she would clearly see..and come after him . The advantage of working for a rich man, is that it tends to rub off you. spending a little to look the part he was too play didn’t hurt him.

He stood in front of the mirror, admiring his new look. “this would do. This would do just fine. Even the devil can’t resist such finesse’


Ada Sat crossed legged at the bar, sipping champagne . She hated to mingle with the other ladies. she considered herself too high classed and polished to haven conversations with “lowly skank’s” as she often referred to them. It’s been over three months since she divorced Bruce. She wasn’t interested in the company except draining it and letting it rot..with his father’s legacy as well..and she was doing a damn good job.

She was here , looking for another prey to pounce On. she was dressed in one of her finest, her makeup, perfect, she was indeed a beauty and eyes turned and tongues wagged from looking at her. But she was searching… for that gullible rich man that would fall… And the hotel was full of rich gullible she began to fish.

Mingling and talking, touching and flirting , laughing and putting herself out there, waiting for one to bite. . about to pick from her lot of fools..

Until. . until she saw him stroll in.. with his security detail, clean and fine AF and everyone in the room disappeared, all she saw was him…tall , dark and handsome, oozing money in all his fineness. .and her eyes shone like dollar signs in saucers but her heart gave a somersault. ..

She waited ..until he had seated and his legs crossed and he was checking out all the girls in the room… And relaxing .

She waited and counted to 10, took her drink in her hands and catwalks to Where he sat, barricaded by his little circle of security detail.. She gave her most $3xy smile, holding his eyes, swaying her curvy hips side to side, …

“Yes baby..look at me..and droll” she snickered underneath her breath.

She kept moving until she was a few feet’s from him.

“Where to ma’am” ?

One of the security guards stopped her.

“just to have a word with the fine gentleman” she answered ,

He tells her to wait and walks to his boss, whispering into his ears a few words exchanged and he returns. .

“your name and purpose??”

She raised her eyebrow and then smiled..

“Just the pleasure of his company…I think that’s only fair. ”

“sorry ma’am, boss is here for business. You might want to book an appointment .”

She was a bit disappointed, she had only a second ago held his eyes. She looks at the boss. He had suddenly bent his head over a newspaper and didn’t look up, all crossed legs and what not.

“very well then!!..”

She walks away, going to take a seat directly opposite him at the far end of the bar and waited.

“It was only a matter of time before he notices that she was way better pick than all the girls here” ..

She beckoned to the bartender and whispers in his ears. Handing him a piece of paper.

A nod and he leaves.

A minute later, she watched as a waitress carries a class of champagne to his table and points to her. He looks up and acknowledged her briefly with a nod as he raises the glass a tip higher than his head, then back to his lips as he takes a Sip. She also noticed the piece of paper she sent along with it, he had looked it over and placed it on his table, she smiled. He smiled back.

” a beautiful man that one “…a voice said beside her.

She turned. The lady didn’t look familiar. One of those new faces , maybe.

“I know right”? . Ada sipped her champagne and turns away from the man for a minute . she needed to powder her nose. She was Sure she would be Called any second now.

“by the way am Anita. ” the lady stretches out her hand . Ada takes her soft hand and shakes it briefly..

“Am Adana. ”

“What do you do Adana? ?”.. the beautiful fair skinned lady asked.

Ada thought for a second before answering.

“Am a business woman. I own a business or two in Ankara prints, just like the one am wearing. ain’t it a beauty? ?”… She lied. For all the money she was making off this men. she hadn’t thought to deal in a reasonable business .

“Yes indeed. that was one of the reasons I came over. I was tempted to ask. ” She laughed.

“Here is my number . ” She scribbled her number on a piece of cloth and hands it to Ada. ” call me sometime. I would love to have a piece or two. Plus I may refer a couple of people to you. I love it, just marvelous “..Ada smiles picking up the piece of cloth.

“sure thing.”.

She turns just in time to notice the boss get up and walk towards them..his security detail a step or two behind him.

“that was quicker than she thought ” she mused.

She gets up..

“excuse me erm..Anita but..I believe my date is about to whisk me away” She smiled broadly.

“Oh by all means. don’t let me keep you. He is a fine man indeed.”..Anita replied, sipping from her class. seemingly unperturbed.

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Ada adjusted herself. pulling her top down even lower to expose beautiful bosom. She was a beauty and she knew she could make any man sway and pasted a beautiful smile on her face and waited.

“hello beautiful?”.. his voice was soft, calm and calculated. perfect match to his perfect features.

“Hi handsome…I was wondering when you would finally come say hel–

“Am sorry, I wasn’t referring to you.

I was referring to her””…He cuts Ada as he takes the lady beside her by her hand and puts it to his lips as he brushes her knuckles with a feather light kiss.

“Oh my!! ”

“aren’t you a gentleman “? She blushed slightly.

“am sorry but your beauty was radiant from across the room and I couldn’t stop myself from coming over. I hope you don’t mind giving me the pleasure of your company. I promise to be an interesting sport.”

She laughed..

“well, It so seems am free for the rest of the evening. am sure it won’t harm to delight myself with the company of such a sweet gentleman.

Oh dear..I forget my manners. Please let me introduce you to my friend..

“Ada..she is-:

He raises his hand to cut her off..

“her presence is of no economic importance to me darling.. and her identity would mean Much less, you on the other hand are a sight for sore eyes, shall we??”

He gives her his hand, waiting for her to hold on. Ada’s mouth dropped open. she was speechless

“How dare he!!!?” she fumed.

Anita mouthed an apology to Ada, grabs her bag and clasps onto his hand..

He places her in front of him as he lays his hand at the small of her back. urging her forward. He pauses a second before moving..

“close your mouth darling. . .you are drooling all over the place”. He whispered As he slightly leans into Ada.

“and I believe this belongs to you. ” he hands her the paper with her number

“I pick my women. They don’t pick me. enjoy the champagne. its on me”.. He nods to the bartender and smiles.

“enjoy your evening. “..He walks away with the beauty of a woman holding onto his hand, while his security detail followed behind him disappearing into the small crowd of elite people and headed to the VIP section.

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The wave of his intoxicating perfume confused Ada for a resounding minute. or was it the fact that this man..beautiful, beautiful man just humiliated her in front of everyone * a few laughter was heard at the background. ladies got no chill* …or the fact that some other loose skank out of the blue just stole her fish out of her pond right in front of her eyes.

Ada folded her hands , her fingers digging into her palm. bruising it.

She turned red. un-moving as she stared on. She watched from a small distance as the lady leaned in and whispered into his ears. chucks smiles. A briefcase materialised out of nowhere. He opens the briefcase and turns it to her. She gasped and squealed in delight clapping her hands.

“Well played bitch, well and nicely played. you messed with the wrong chick. believe you will get yours, no one steals from Ada and goes Scot-free ” She gulped down the glass of champagne paid for by the boss and wiped her lips with The cloth with her number written, flinging it away.

“And I will make you pay for this…Mr. I will make you pay for daring to humiliate Adana Adekunle. ” She swore. ” all in due time. For now…I will leave to own another day. “

She picks up her bag and heads to her room letting the elevator hide the embarrassment she just faced.

Chucks looks to the beautiful lady beside him smiling…As he watched Ada leave from the corner of his eyes. He brings her hands to his lips and kisses it again..

“You are indeed a beautiful actress Lizzy…Thank you ”

“anything for you chucks. .I hope you know what you are doing. she is a feisty one.”

She leaned into him..looking into his eyes. she had loved him from the first day she saw him when she was 15 years old. but that was her secret.

“I do. don’t worry about me. I can handle myself” He smiled back.

He looked Again and saw her rescinding back..

“this is only the tip of the iceberg don’t know what’s coming to you..wait for it.

It’s going to be LEGENDARY! !”… He wasn’t smiling now.

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To be continued