My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 2


It was mid-day when Bruce walked into his office, he immediately slumped on his chair, Chucks had followed him in on seeing the state in which he came though dragged in from the gutter by refugees.

By that time the news had spread like wide fire but everyone was in hush-hush when Bruce came in. A few managed to come sympathize with him while some others wondered what the next step would be. The most loyal ones had spoken of throwing the towel in and leaving immediately his wife..recently ex-wife took over because they knew things would have to change around there and no one could do anything about it.

Chucks closed the door behind him and came to Bruce. .

Bruce had been his boss for 10 years but for 15 years he had been his friend, his confidant, his brother. Bruce had picked him up from where he had nothing and gave him a home, a life and a reason to live and for that he owed him everything hence he knew he would do anything for him.

Bruce slouched his shoulders and hid his face in his hands, when his shoulders began to heave. Chucks knew that for a man like Bruce, tears meant all hope was lost.

No amount of words he knew could make him feel better. What he worked for all his life, his father’s legacy..all the blink of an eye..and chuck’s heart became heavy.

“She took it all chucks. Ada.!! Ada took it all. ” he cried bitterly.

“all of it…she stole it from me, wooed me..into my bed…My heart and my wealth and she took it all… leaving me with nothing other than the designers on my back and my feet.

chucks. .am finished. .all this”…He spread his hands…” gone. Ada took it all..and my heart with it”..

“I know brother ” Chucks only called him brother when they were alone.”I know. ”

“you saw the papers..its legal. Its genuine and there’s nothing I can do about it, how do I start again? where do I begin? where..oh Lord. .” His nose had begun to drool. Bruce was broken, he looked like he was about to give up the ghost.

“How can loving a woman ruin you he continued, did I not love her, treat her good, care for her? he asked, what sin did I commit that such heartless woman could make me a victim in her game plan..did you her fourth husband. her first was a 76 year old man, yes, a man closer to his grave, who kicked out his wife and kid for her?

Bruce took a deep breath;

“Now I believe his death was foul play as he uttered those words he shivered

“Did you know she had two others” he continued, “and they never lasted a year, she left them without their money and kicked them to the gutters just like she has done me”

“How did I not see this chucks? How could I not see that Ada would ruin me. May God punish her for ruining a good man..ah baa father !!…Bruce cried like a baby.

Chucks Knelt in front to him.

“be a man brother, you couldn’t have known all that. You loved her. and you were a good man but be rest assured, karma will catch up with her but right now going to the police is useless. Like you said…and your lawyer confirmed Its legal bro, she had you and had you good so be a man brother..The world hasn’t come to an end yet.

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Chucks listened to Bruce lament. He knew Bruce wouldn’t listen to anything he said. He wished he knew how to ease his pain..even for a little while. No one would have figured Ada for who she was. He looked around the office one last time knowing that he was going to throw in the towel too… For now.

As chucks stood there He remembered the first day he met Ada, she had been rude and off. But that was ok, he knew girls like that.. he never liked girls like that but he was willing to condone Ada for chucks. Now he was glad that she didn’t acknowledge him.

He had made it a point to avoid Ada all the while she was with Bruce, he was conveniently always unavailable. . .which makes what he is about to do even easier.

“Bruce. you need to leave before the security guards chase you out. The order was for 1 pm today. and it’s already 12:30. ..come let’s go.”.. He managed to pull him up. .

“No I won’t! No I won’t! He paused for breath before continuing

“chucks this is my life, this Is me and it would be Over my dead Body before Ada ruins my company! his voice had increased to a higher tempo but the tears didn’t Stop. His eyes were bloodshot. “slutty thief, Gold digger, WITCH!!!

He crumpled to the floor and banged it with his fist. Chucks watched him rumpled and his heart broke. He bent down and said

“listen to me Bruce all is not lost. nothing is . I promise you that you will get All you own back, give it time, we would fight this anyway we can. You will get all that you own back. I promise you” the assertiveness he used made Bruce look up, his eyes bloodshot..

“How chucks how? I have nothing. I am just a walking corpse. I have nothing. “… He held on to chucks by the collar. “I HAVE NOTHING LEFT!!

Chucks realized that he was slowly acting like a mad man. He grabbed him and shook him hard.

“Bruce you have me and that’s enough”..He lifted him to his feet.

Let me care for you now as you have cared for me when I was just a man without direction, my house is yours, my money is yours. You gave me hope let me at least do for you what you have done for me. you have me Bruce.

While he pulled and dragged Bruce out of the office, with staffs and colleagues as the onlookers ..He vowed..without words..

“Ada just picked the wrong man to ruin. and by God I will make you pay . I will be your karma, your worst nightmare and you won’t see me coming”..

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To be continued


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