My Boss’ Ex-Wife Episode 1


Story By Stephanie Egberike

Bruce walked into the apartment. He ignored the barking dog and ventured into the living room.

He came face to face with his wife. His recently ex-wife..

“What’s the meaning of this Ada?”.

He flung the file to her ..

She picked up the file and flipped through it ..

“I believe you can read Bruce. .

So why are you asking me stupid questions?”

“I have agreed to sign off half of my properties to you. Giving you half of everything I own even if you had not one hand in helping me build what I have over the years and still that’s not enough for you…Now you went behind my back and decided to include my father’s company into it, claiming ownership and having the deeds of ownership forged and I signed it unknowingly.

How much did you pay him to skillfully hide that into the agreement? What did you promise him? Or you gave him your body as well??” He was disgusted and then he was angry.I remember I vividly went through the documents and I didn’t see this there, now I am getting a notification telling me to vacate the company premises and hand the keys over. This will not stand Ada!! Am calling my lawyer.

You are not touching my father’s company. .. Not even a dime then I will have you arrested. you cheap skank! ”

He was fuming with anger.

She just sat there ..with a drink in her hand and her legs crossed. .

Looking at him..A smiled played at the corners of her lips..

“I didn’t have to do anything honey. You signed those papers to me. It wasn’t forged, It’s your handwriting. Its not my fault you were stupid to drink something I gave you and have you sign a paper twice just because you were too drunk to realize you have already signed one. All I had to do was distract you and gave you the one to your father’s company to sign…It’s just like taking candy from a baby”. She laughed wickedly..

“Please I implore you. Go right ahead, call your lawyer, have it go over by the professionals. It wasn’t forged.

You just gave me all that you have. “Everything that you own is mine in fact you are the one who is trespassing and I will have you arrested ”

He looked at her as though she was a strange creature… and all that she spewed Was alien, alien and jargon. she must be mad he thought.

She gets up and walked slowly towards him.. Bruce eyed her .

“Yes Bruce. ..not half…everything, You didn’t notice the last page did you, I believe you are still slightly hypnotized from last night. You signed everything to me..” she smiled wickedly.

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“Now get out before I throw you out of my house..”you are lucky I am in a good mood . else I will have you dragged and beaten by the same house keepers you employed . you see I am a queen now and they answer to me. Afterall I am their daily means of survival now.” She laughed after blowing him a kiss.

“You can’t be serious. ..” He dragged the file from her hand and flipped to the last page…

He suddenly staggered seeing she was telling the truth, he had signed not half but all of his properties …to her. The company, The houses…his father’s empire he had inherited, and all in one night, when he thought it was his divorce papers to this witch…

He had given the devil all that he had worked for all his life ..

Suddenly he felt he couldn’t breath.. He slowly fell to the ground. .looking for any form of support.

‘this is not real . Ada please tell me this is a joke. Please. this is my life. my father’s legacy. Ada I beg you..Please don’t do this to me. “?

She stared down at him …

Trying to undo his tie . chocking. out of breath or was he having a heart attack. He was lucky she didn’t want to kill him. She was in a happy mood this days . she didn’t want him dying in the house . The house keeps were about in the compound . She needed him to get out .

“Bruce! Get up and get out! I have no more use for you..or I will call the security and have you thrown out..” She spat

She went back to the chair, Crossed her legs…Took a Sip of her wine and focused on the TV. .dismissing him without sparing him a last glance .

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To be continued