My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 8


Brad: ‘Miley, what was that?’
Miley: ‘What was what?’
She laughed after she said that. 

Miley: ‘Or do I sense jealousy?’

Brad: ‘I’m not jealous; and how do you even expect me to react to that?’

Miley: ‘Mister, you and I are not dating. We are just friends with benefits; don’t forget that. So I’m allowed to do anything I want.’

Brad: ‘What if I don’t like you talking to other guys?’

Miley: ‘Then I will say, you have feelings for me’

Brad: ‘Yeah, what about that?’

Miley: ‘You can’t fall for me, Brad. I have a boyfriend and you know that. And you and I are just supposed to have fun. Please get over whatever you think you feel for me.’

Brad: ‘I’m sorry I can’t. I like you and I’ve always liked you.’

Miley: ‘I can’t do this. I’m leaving.’

Miley tried walking away but Brad held her hands and begged her to stay but she refused and she went away. She walked past me and didn’t even realize I was there. She was angry and I understood why. Brad couldn’t just get up and say he liked her. He was just making things complicated for Miley after all that were going on with Perry, she didn’t need that. Brad on the other hand, stood there and just watched as Miley left. When he saw me, he just looked down and walked away. Miley called my phone afterwards and said she was leaving and asked that I come so she drops me off at home; so I did. 

The drive back home was a quiet one as Miley was still angry and didn’t seem like she was in the mood to talk so since she said nothing, I also did same. When I got there, I was lucky enough that the gate wasn’t locked. ‘How?’ I wondered. I had forgotten that my mom always locked the gate before sleeping so meaning, she wasn’t asleep yet. 

I took off my shoes and entered the house quietly. I went through the back door, but when I got to my room, the room wasn’t locked. That was weird, so I hesitated before opening the door and when I did, I was met with the shock of my life. My mom was sitting on my bed, and she said nothing when she saw me. She just watched as I stood there confused looking at her. I didn’t know what to do; I knew she was mad but at least she had to say something. ‘How did she even know I was out? Why did she open my door with her spare key? Did she get a hunch that I was lying when I said I was sick?’ I wondered. 

Realizing she wasn’t going to talk unless I said something, I put my shoes and bag down on my study table and walked towards her. Then I went down on my knees and said, ‘mommy, I’m sorry I lied.’ 

I looked so sorry and that got her, she asked, ‘where did you go to?’

‘I went for a party with Jide and I thought if I had told you, you would have asked me to stay at home.’ I responded

‘Of course, which responsible parent will allow her daughter go for a party and come back after midnight. Bola you are still in your teens. Don’t ever do this again! You never did anything like this when you were with Stanley.’

I said, ‘okay mommy. I’m so sorry.’

‘And were you drinking? You smell of alcohol. Bola, I didn’t raise you to be an alcoholic. Be careful! Else, I will have to ask you to break up with that boy. He was never a good influence in the beginning, so don’t give me a good reason to do that.’

‘Okay mommy. I’m sorry.’

‘Fine! Make sure you shower and brush your teeth before going to bed. Goodnight.’

‘Goodnight mom. Thank you!’
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She left my room right after and when she did, I realized I didn’t ask how she got to know I wasn’t at home. How could I have asked her? She was way too angry and disappointed in me for that and I couldn’t even tell her I went with the girls. I didn’t want someone else telling me that they weren’t good friends and were a bad influence on me. I was tired of hearing all the people that meant a lot to me say that about them, so I told her it was Jide I went out with. 

I went to shower right after, brushed my teeth and when I got back to the room, I heard my phone ringing. I picked up and it was Brian. 

He responded, ‘Bola, where did you girls go to?’

‘A house party! Didn’t your girlfriend tell you?’ I answered

Brian: ‘No, she told me you girls were going out and that was when your mom was here. I’m sorry I blew your cover; she said you told her you weren’t feeling so well so you were sleeping. I didn’t know that so when Myra told me, I said aloud, “so Bola, is going out tonight” and she heard it.’

Me: ‘Oh! So it was you. I will kill you Brian and I kept wondering how she got to know I lied. Why would you do that?’

Brian: ‘Sorry, I thought you told your mom everything; looking at how close you seem all the time. I’m really sorry.’

Me: ‘Fine! Apology accepted, but you owe me one. The next time there is a party like this, you would have to go out with your friends and I will use you for cover up. Understand?’

Brian: ‘Fine! How about me come with you rather? Or Myra wouldn’t want that?’

Me: ‘Yeah, come to think of it; what’s going on between you two. And how come she didn’t tell you we were going for a party?’

Brian: ‘I have no idea; she’s been M.I.A for some time and it got me wondering whether she is seeing someone else. She doesn’t call or text me first these days and anytime I do, she sounds uninterested. I’m losing interest too so she shouldn’t worry; I can be serious about a girl when I’m not a priority to her.’

Me: ‘Oh! I will talk to her; so don’t worry. You both looked so good together.’

Brian: ‘No! Forget about that and she is always lying to me. Bola, I don’t trust her and I know she’s been sleeping around too. Don’t be surprised if we broke up anytime soon. And if you speak to her, you can let her know that I know it all. So she can feel free and ask for a break up.’

Me: ‘Is it that serious? Oh God! What’s going on? Fine! I will talk to her.’

Brian: ‘I hope the others are not like that. I wish you won’t have to remain friends to her even. I don’t think she is a good influence and if you’ll remain friends, please be smart and don’t learn her bad habits. I love you.’

Me: ‘Okay. I love you too bro. Goodnight.’

I ended the call right after and then, I called Jide and told him how I had to lie to my mom that I went partying with him. He wasn’t so surprised and he told me he also went out and had fun. While talking to him, my battery died so my phone went off. I put it on charge and then I went to bed.