My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 7


As we sat there, Thelma said to me, ‘Bola, this should make you rethink your decision to be in an open relationship with Jide.’
Tia interrupted, ‘she is already in it.’
‘Okay fine. But you should think about it; if you really love Jide and you don’t want to lose him, tell him you changed your mind. I wouldn’t want what’s going on with Perry and Miley happen with you two. Miley and Perry had something that I thought would last forever and I hope this doesn’t cause them to break up.’

Miley screamed, ‘break up? Are you serious? We are not breaking up; that’s why I’m going to speak to the girl, so don’t worry about us breaking up.’

I didn’t know what to do and what to say in response to what Thelma had said, so I just sat there and stared at the wall in silence. I wanted to give it a try and upon second thoughts, I decided to wait till after a month and if it didn’t work out, I will suggest we end it. We all agreed to stay till Miley spoke to the girl before leaving to our various homes and luckily, two hours later, Perry called. It was a video call; so we left her alone in the room and listened from outside the room. 
Perry: ‘Miley, this is Lisa.’

Miley: ‘Hi Lisa, I’m his girlfriend and we’ve been together for three good years. And from what I’m hearing, you both are sleeping together and he thinks he likes you.’

Perry: ‘Miley!’

Miley: ‘Excuse me, you are not allowed to say anything. I asked to speak to her, not you. Okay so Lisa, he thinks he likes you and it’s understandable. I really don’t have a problem with you two sleeping together but know that he has a girlfriend.’

Perry: ‘She already knows.’

Miley: ‘Interesting! So she knows our relationship is open; so why do you let her come between us? Lisa, you and him can do whatever you want, but you are not coming between us. He calls me every day, and now that I’ve spoken to you, I hope he doesn’t give me any excuse as to why he can’t call.’ I’m guessing you are his course mate and a Ghanaian as well.’

Perry: ‘Yeah she is.’

Miley: ‘Nice! Just know that, I’m not going to allow you come between us. I’m not there with him so do whatever you want with him but always remember that there is no way I will leave him for you. And sweetheart, I will come there in two weeks so I hope you let me meet her. We could spend some time together.’

Perry: ‘Okay.’

Miley: ‘I’m glad I spoke to you Lisa. You are a nice person, unlike what I expected; so I hope you understand.’

Lisa: ‘Yeah I do.’

Miley: ‘I love you and will always do. Bye Perry. Let’s talk later.’

Perry: ‘Okay, bye.’

We went back into the room to meet Miley smiling. She said, ‘You girls heard everything right? There is no way Perry will leave me for that thing.’

‘What does she look like?’ I asked
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‘She isn’t bad-looking. She is dark-skinned with braids and she has very beautiful eyes. No wonder Perry likes her. But it’s obvious he is confused. I know Perry too well and he will get over her soon. I can’t wait for that.’ I felt so happy for her and after chatting for some time, I decided to leave as I didn’t want my mom getting home and not finding me there. As expected, I got home before my mom did and when she did, we talked about her wedding that was just a week away. 

The next day, I stayed at home the whole day, watching movies and browsing the internet, looking for a dress to wear to my mom’s wedding. I wanted a very simple and pretty dress but I didn’t find what I liked. That evening, my mom called and asked me to meet her at Jeff’s house for dinner. That was exactly what I was hoping for and like I planned to do, I faked a sick voice and told her I had a bad headache and wanted to sleep. She asked if I had taken a pain killer and I said ‘yes’ and added that I ate before taking it so I would see her the next morning.
She believed me and right after the call ended, I called the girls and told them I was going for the party. I told them I couldn’t go with my car because I lied that I was going to be indoors sleeping; so, Miley decided to come for me so we go together. 

The party was supposed to start at 10:00pm but Miley got to my house at 11 and when we got to Prince’s house, the house was full. We found the other girls and as usual, Brad was with Miley and Tom was with Thelma. And there was Chuck; he was excited to see me so he ran to me and hugged me. 
The party was fun and some hours after, I was with Miley when we spotted a very tall good-looking guy. Miley kept staring at him and talked about how handsome he was and decided to go talk to him. She asked how she was looking and I said she was good to go so she walked to him, looking all flirty. When she got to him, I saw her take his phone and then I knew she was giving him her number. Right then, Brad came there and he stood by me. He saw her give the guy her number and I could tell he was jealous so I said, ‘Brad, I hope you are not jealous.’
He shook his head and I knew he was lying. I watched how Miley laughed at something the guy said and they danced together. It was obvious she liked him and as usual, the guy also seemed to like her. I turned to look at Brad and I said, ‘Brad, do you by any chance, have feelings for Miley?’

He said nothing, and then I said, ‘if you do, please tell her.’

He said nothing; but got up and walked towards Miley and the guy. He spoke to them both and then, left with Miley. I wanted to know what exactly was going to happen so I chased after them and stood a distance away from them and listened to them.