My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 6


Days after the proposal, we startef planning for the wedding which was scheduled to take place in two weeks. That was on Christmas eve; so we sent out invitations. I invited the girls and that Sunday, it was announced in church. Stanley was in church that day and his mom congratulated my mom. I tried avoiding contact with her, but this time I couldn’t hide. She smiled at me and asked if I was good and I said, ‘yes.’ She said nothing to me after and Stanley said nothing too and they left together. 
I was glad she didn’t ask about our break up and I didn’t care whether he spoke to me or not so he saying nothing was exactly what I wanted. The next day, after my mom had left for work, Jide came over to my house and as we watched a series together, ‘devious maids,’ he asked what I thought about us having an open relationship. I smiled when he did because I recalled asking Stanley and he not been cool with it. So I told him, it was something I was so curious about and he asked if we should give it a try and that, we can both go out with other guys once awhile but he would be my main boyfriend and I would still be his main girlfriend. 
I wasn’t really thinking straight, and when he said that, all I could think of was Miley and I remembered everything she said about her and Perry’s relationship and though they loved each other so much, they were both allowed to see other people. Then I said to Jide, ‘do you know Miley is in one?’ He nodded and said, ‘of course I know; she told me some time ago.’ Then I smiled and said, ‘so we are now in an open relationship. I hope no one gets jealous and if that happens, we need to end it okay.’ He nodded and we spent the rest of the day together till evening. He left before my mom returned from work and when she did; we met Jeff, Brian and Kobe for dinner. 

Thereafter, we went back home and I spoke to the girls on phone and we agreed to meet at Miley’s apartment the next day. She was supposed to leave the country the next week so we decided to spend the rest of the days together till she finally left. Before my mom left for work, she woke me up and I showered and left to Miley’s apartment right after she left. When I got there, all the girls were already there. They were eating and had music playing so loud. They all seemed so happy so I joined in and then, they lowered the volume of the speakers and asked how I was doing. I told them I was good and said, ‘Miley, guess what?’ I didn’t expect her to get it right and she didn’t, she said, ‘you still like Stanley.’ I screamed ‘no!’ She tried guessing again but arrived at nothing so I gave up and said, ‘I’m in an open relationship.’ 

‘Really?’ Tia asked. And I screamed, ‘yes!’ Then, Miley started jumping around and laughing. She said, ‘wow. Who suggested it and how does it feel?’ 
‘It’s not in any way different from what we already had. After all I hooked up with Chuck some time ago and that could have counted as cheating. So the open relationship is perfect for me’ I said. Myra laughed and said, ‘that’s interesting and anyway, if you and Jide are going to end up together, then it isn’t so bad. Besides you are young; you need to have all the fun you can have now.’

I nodded and smiled and then Tia asked, ‘are you sure he isn’t using that as an excuse to cheat on you? Or maybe he has eyes for some other girl and by accepting to be in an open relationship, you’ve given him the permission to date the other girl and even when you find out, you won’t have the right to get angry.’That made perfect sense and as I thought it through, Miley said, ‘madam, men cheat all the time. You should be lucky he was upfront about it. Don’t mind Tia; at least you won’t get disappointed and have your heart broken. And you also get to see others and when you two meet, you can talk about it all.’
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‘Okay. Then how about we go out with Brad and his friends tomorrow? It’s Prince’s birthday tomorrow so they want to have a get-together. So you girls should make us go,’ Tia said. Thelma added, ‘yeah, Tom told me about it and I’m going. Tia is also going and Miley will definitely go because of Brad. So Bola, will you go with us?’

With my mom at home, I wouldn’t be allowed to go out that late for a party so I shook my head and said, ‘I’m not sure I can make it. But I will let you know if anything comes up.’ Miley asked, ‘Aren’t you grown enough? You should cook up an excuse and have your mom let you leave the house?’

‘My mom is too smart for that. She will know I’m lying, so unless Jeff asks us to meet him for dinner, there will be no way I will be allowed to come for the party. If Brad were to be going, I would have just gone with him; but me alone, I doubt. So let’s hope that happens, then I can tell my mom I’m not so well so she will let me stay at home and then I can come.’

They all said, ‘great!’

‘I pray that happens because it will be great to have you there and Chuck says he has missed you,’ Tia said. 

As Tia spoke, Miley’s phone rang and she left the room to answer and when she returned, she didn’t look happy. She was angry and when we asked what happened, she said, ‘that was Perry. He’s been acting up lately and anytime I ask for a video call, he gives me an excuse and tells me he can’t. I told him I know something was up and asked him to tell me.’

‘Did he say it?’ Thelma asked
‘I had to force it out of him. As we spoke, I heard a girl’s talking in the background and I asked whether she was the reason why he was behaving that way and he said yes. Can you imagine?’

‘Oh God,’ Tia said. 

‘After all these years of us being together; and even with an open relationship, Perry could tell me that he is liking some other girl and when I asked what he wanted us to do, he told me he doesn’t know. I was so angry and I’m still angry. How could he do that to me?’

‘So what are you going to do now?’ I asked

‘I have no idea; but before the call ended, I asked him to let me speak to the girl. He asked why and I told him, if he doesn’t let me speak to her, I will get on the plane next week and go to his apartment and he will see what I will do to him when I get there. So, he said he will call me back later.’

It was so obvious Miley was hurt and she was trying so hard to hide it. She didn’t want to seem weak and is the type that always wants to be in control of anything going on in her life. I felt so sad for her and we all sat there, thinking about what Perry had done.