My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 9


The next morning, my mom checked on me before going to work. She told me to go to Brian’s house if I wanted to go anywhere and not lie to her again.I called Myra that day and asked about her relationship with Brian. She told me point blank that she had lost interest in the relationship and added, 
‘Bola, I’m not going to lie to you because he is your brother. Remember when we first met, I told you I was seeing someone and we were just having fun? Yeah, I didn’t end things with him and I like him more. Sorry if I hurt him.’

‘Wow!’ I said. 

‘So you couldn’t tell me that and you had him believing in a lie. Myra, you agreed to be in relationship with him when you knew so well he loved you. You hurt him and you kept leading him on. I’m really disappointed in you. You could have at least considered the fact that you and I were friends.’

Myra sounded like she didn’t care about what I had said, ‘I’m sorry but I’m not ready to talk about what I have with your brother. Whatever we had or have is between the two of us.’

‘Really? Is that what you are saying? Wow! Interesting! He is my brother and whatever he has with you matters to me because you and I are supposed to be best friends.’

‘Bola, I have to go. We can talk about it some other time.’ She said and ended the call. That was the last thing I expected from Myra and when I thought it through, I realized that apart from our fun lives in school, I knew absolutely nothing about her. I was so disappointed in her and realized she didn’t even care about our friendship, unlike me. ‘I cared so much about our friendship enough to have lied to my mom and that’s what I get for doing that. Interesting!’ I said to myself. 

I called Brian and asked if he was home. He said, ‘yes’ so I decided to go see him and talk to him about Myra. I got there at noon, and when I did, he was with friends; the ones I had met earlier in his room weeks back and they were playing games. We spoke about Myra and it appeared they knew about her and said they weren’t surprised and added that, that was what people said about the girls. I said nothing to that and told Brian to just break up with her and that, she was never serious about him in the first place. 
Brian was hurt when I said that and he asked, ‘so those are the kind of girls you call best friends.’

And I said, ‘the others are not like that. I will have to talk to them about what she did and I know they will not be okay with it.’

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I spent the rest of the day with him and went back in the evening after dinner. When I got home, my mom asked me to start packing and said we were going to move into Jeff’s house right after the wedding so I should get ready. That was exactly what I was expecting and so, the next day, I brought out all the things I had in the store room and as I went through my books, pictures and clothes, I remembered my childhood days. 

Growing up, I spent so much time with Stanley and so, all my childhood memories revolved around him. The memories made me smile and I realized I missed what we had. Stanley was so protective of me; he cared that much and loved to spend all his time with him. He wasn’t like Jide. Jide let me do anything I wanted and though he said he loved me, he wasn’t like Stanley. Stanley and Jide was too different and Stanley made sure I did things right all the time. Though I hated what he did after he spoke to Rabby, as I thought it through, I realized he wasn’t wrong. 

He had my best interests at heart and didn’t want any bad thing to happen to me. He loved to know everything going on in my life and he was so jealous too. That was something I found so cute and anytime he acted that way, I used to smile and tease him. There was no denying that what I had with Jide was nothing compared with what I had with Stanley. On a scale of ten, I would give Jide five and Stanley ten.

I was completely lost in thought and when I finally came back to myself, I realized I had to shake the thoughts off. I had let Stanley go and there was no way he was ever going to come back chasing after me. I had to focus on what I had with Jide and I had to make it work. Then I remembered what Thelma and Tia said about my open relationship with Jide. I had to end it; I didn’t want what was going on with Miley and Perry happen to us and I wasn’t going to see any other guy again. 

I had already slept with Chuck and the previous night too, I made out with him. That wasn’t right and as I thought about it all, I realized I was letting Miley get to me too much and I had to check it. I realized I was doing things that I had never thought I would be able to do. I had to do things right and I wasn’t going to let people blame the girls for anything I did wrong. I was grown enough to know the right and wrong so I had to make sure I opted for the right all the time. So, I decided to go to Jide’s house and not leave until I managed to talk him out of the open relationship.