My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 10


I hadn’t been to his house since school vacated and so, I decided to not tell him I was going to his end. I walked towards his house and when I got to his street, I saw a car that looked exactly like Miley’s drive past me. I didn’t take note of the plate number and though it was a lady driving, I told myself there was no way Miley would be in my neighborhood if it wasn’t to see me. And even if she was, for some other reason, she would at least call me and maybe pass by. 
I got to Jide’s house to meet him outside with his brother. He was surprised to see me and I told him that was my aim. I told him about my decision to close our relationship and he asked why so I told him I didn’t think it was healthy for us. He didn’t seem okay with my decision so I asked, ‘Jide, are you sure you are not seeing some other girl? Or do you like someone else and just want to use that as an excuse to pursue her?’ 
He shook his head and said, ‘no, I just thought it would be fun. But don’t worry; if you don’t want it, I’m cool.’ I left his house some hours after and when I went back at home, I continued packing.

Two days after, the girls visited me at home and that’s when we talked about the way Myra spoke to me when I asked about her relationship with Brian and her reaction that day was indifferent. Myra didn’t really care and when I complained the other girls told me that was just how she was, so I shouldn’t mind her. Like really? I didn’t know what to do, and I wished I didn’t have to remain friends with her, but I couldn’t just stop being friends with the girls because of what Myra had done so I just let it go. 

I decided to keep a distance from her and even if we went out together, I would avoid talking to her because I was still mad at her and she didn’t see anything wrong with what she had done. That day, while they were still at my house, Brian called that he was in the neighborhood. He had gone to visit Jide so he wanted to pass by and when he did, he was mad that I didn’t tell him the girls were around. I met him outside and told him that was the perfect  chance for him to end things with Myra and then he nodded. So, I went back to the living room with him, and then he told Myra they had to talk. They went to my room and thirty minutes after, Brian walked out looking so pissed. 
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He told me he was going home and would talk to me later and I wondered what exactly had gone on between them. ‘That girl!’ I said to myself. She walked into the living room looking as though nothing had happened between them. She was such a pretender and she could even pass for a good actress. I wished I could just sack her out of my house and tell her not to come back again. I wished I could tell her to stay away from me and stop being friends with her forever. 

She joined us in the room and didn’t mention anything about what had happened and no one dared to ask her. Like me, they knew the response they would have gotten and none of them was going to be okay with that. So as we were there, watching music videos on the television, Tia said to Miley, ‘Miley, why did you have to do that to Brad? He told you he liked you and you didn’t even care about what he did. And you sacked him out of your house the next day. Why would you do that?’

That was the first time I was seeing Tia that angry. She loved her brother that much and there was no way she was going to be cool with anyone if they ever treated him bad. Miley looked at her and said, 
‘what did you expect me to do Tia? Your brother knew that I was just in for fun, and yet, he chose to catch feelings. I did nothing wrong please.’

Tia shook her head and asked, ‘you knew that he had caught feelings again and yet you chose to sleep with him when he came to your house to talk, knowing perfectly well that he would think that you were also into him. You just led him on and when after everything you did, he told you he loved you, you got mad and asked him to leave your house. Who does that?’

‘Oh Miley! That was too bad.’ I said. I was really surprised at what she did. Why would she do that to him after what happened at Prince’s party? I thought she was even going to avoid him and make it clear to him that what he felt wasn’t mutual but she didn’t, she did otherwise. 

Miley said nothing, and Tia added, ‘I don’t know what’s going on with you and what’s with you and sex? You seem to be having sex with guys like every day of the week. What is that? I hope it’s not addiction and if it is, you need help please. I hope my brother gets over you and I wonder what you do to the guys that make them keep coming back to you. You need help and I hope when you go back home you get the help you need.’

“Addiction?” I asked. Was that it? Miley loved sex and we all knew that but instead of addiction, what if she was doing all that because of what was going on with Perry. I didn’t mention that but Thelma did. 

‘Miley can’t be addicted to sex. That will be too much and what if she’s just doing that because of Perry. Miley! We know you are hurt and all, but please take time. Don’t go sleeping around like that because of him.’

Miley said nothing; she just got up and told us she had to leave. Then, she left and all that while Myra also said nothing. There was no way she could have said anything because her contribution wasn’t needed. She also left afterwards and Tia and Thelma followed suit.