My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 11


 didn’t like what was going on and I feared it would cause for our friendship to end. If that ever happened, Stanley would win and Rabby would also win and I didn’t want that to happen. After they left, I called Brian but he didn’t answer. So, I dressed up and drove to his house to see him. I wanted to know exactly what happened between him and Myra. I got there to meet him washing his car and he was surprised to see me. He asked whether the girls had left and I nodded. Then, I said, ‘B. you know why I’m here. Did you finally break up with her?’
‘Bola, I regret ever knowing her. She had the guts to tell me that, she wouldn’t have approached me if not for the dare, and that, she wasn’t the type to even date school guys. All she said didn’t make sense to me and she told me, she agreed to date me because of you. And that, it was because she knew I liked her and the fact that you are my sister made her do it just for your friendship’s sake.’
‘God! That girl! I hate her already’ I said.

‘That was after I told her our relationship was over and added that she could delete my number and pretend nothing ever happened between us. How do you even manage to be friends with her? How? And I have something to tell you.’ He said. 

‘We’re still friends because of the other girls and they all know that’s how she is. You have something to tell me? I’m curious’ I responded

‘I don’t trust any of your friends and Myra isn’t the only reason why.’ He said

‘What is it?’ I asked

‘Is Jide acting strangely lately?’ Brian asked

‘Not at all!’ I responded

‘Do you think he is seeing someone else or he is cheating on you?’ He asked 

‘No! Brian, Jide will never do that.’ I said

‘Fine, let’s say I’m just making things up. I will give you time to find things out yourself. There is something fishy going on with that guy. But I won’t tell you. Let me know when you suspect anything okay.’ He said

Then I said, ‘okay.’ 

I left Brian’s house before evening and when I went home, I spoke to Jide and asked him to be honest with me. I told him, I felt something was going on with him and he should let me know. I promised to not get mad and he told me there was nothing and asked me not to worry.

That evening, Rabby called me and we spoke for some time. She had missed me and she was bored at home. So, she asked to visit me anytime I was free and had nothing doing. Rabby still considered me a friend and still cared that much about me, unlike me. I had taken her off my friend list but because of what was going on with the girls, I decided to just give up and be nice to her. 

My mom liked her and getting back what we had wouldn’t be bad at all; so, I told her about my mom’s upcoming wedding and she was so surprised. She asked why I didn’t tell her and I told her it was because we were no longer that close. So, I told her she could come around anytime as I was always home alone doing nothing. 
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The next day, Rabby came over to my house and when she did, she helped me get rid of old clothes, books and other things I no longer needed. We packed aside some, and she suggested we donate them to the orphanage. That wasn’t a bad idea and so, we put them all in the store room and I thought that after my mom’s wedding, we would add more things to it and then, we would take it to one orphanage in town. 

Rabby asked about my four girlfriends and I told her they were good and added, ‘how come you are asking about them when you don’t like them and we almost stopped being friends because of them?’

And she said, ‘I realized nothing I did or said was going to make you stay away from them and when I told my mom about it, she told me the best I can do is to remain close to you until you realize all that I told you about them. And one thing is; I’ve been warned to stay away from girls like that, so you need to understand my reaction when you told me you were now friends with them.’

‘Okay I get you’ I said and smiled. I didn’t want to tell her anything about what was going on with the girls so I changed the topic of our conversation to Prince, her boyfriend. She told me they were still together and said they had a few issues but luckily, they settled it all. I was so happy for her and I felt she was lucky. 

Days after, saw us talking more and though I spent time with Jide and the girls, I spend some time with Rabby too. And we even sent her mom an invitation to my mom’s wedding. The days went by and finally, the day of the wedding arrived and it went on smoothly. Rabby came with her mom and they sat not so far from me. I sat next to Brian and Kobe and other family members. The girls came and they all looked so good. 

The person I couldn’t stop staring at, was Stanley. He came with a girl and it appeared he was dating her. I don’t know whether to call it jealousy but I couldn’t keep my eyes of her. She was short, not so skinny and had a very nice dress on. There was no denying that they looked good together and because of that, I found me going through my gallery to compare pictures of Stanley and me together with how they looked. And it hurt when I realized they made a better match than we did.