My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 3


dressed up quickly and went to Miley’s room to see her wearing skinny Jeans and a crop top with her tummy exposed. Miley was tall and very curvy with butts and boobs. She looked too hot and sexy for a student going to her lecturers’ offices. She put on so much makeup and looked like she was going to seduce them for them to give her good grades. I had opted for skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I wanted to look decent as I didn’t want to attract the wrong attention, so I held my long hair up in a pony-tail and put on very little make up. She looked at me from head to toe and said, ‘you are not looking bad. Off we go!’ We got to the department at 9:00am and when we entered  the first office, I saw a pot-bellied old man seated behind his desk. I recalled seeing him one or two times when I went for lectures and when he saw Miley, he smiled and said, ‘Miley! My girl, how are you?’
He got up and walked towards us. I was confused and hoped in my heart that he wasn’t coming close to me and luckily, he went to Miley and said, ‘as usual, you look hot. Exactly what I like!’ I turned to see Miley smiling and watched as the man hugged her. The hug was so tight and he gives her a peck before turning to me. When he did, my heart sunk. The man had a ring on his finger, meaning he was married, ‘O God! Please save me’ I prayed. 
So it was true, there was no doubt Miley was sleeping with the man. No wonder she made the good grades and that was exactly what Rabby said. I didn’t know what to do, I was scared but I pretended to be in control and faked a smile. He said, ‘and who do we have here? My pretty angel.’ He smiled looked into my eyes, winked and gave me a hand shake. ‘Dirty old man!’ I said in my head. Then he licked his lips, and looked back at Miley. Miley told him my name and said I was her cousin and I was a first year student and was taking his course.  Then he went back to his seat and said, ‘and your name is, Bola? What’s your index number? And your full name?’

‘Bola Asantewaa, and my index number is 10332532.’

‘Okay, let me check the class list. Yeah your name is here. Interesting, it shows here that you’ve been coming to class.’

I smiled and nodded. Rabby didn’t lie after all; she always wrote my name on the attendance list. 
Then he said, ‘yeah, and your quiz scores are good too. So how come I’ve never seen you in any of my classes?’

I said nothing, and he continued, ‘okay, I know what you’ve been doing.’

He smiled and turned to Miley, and squeezed her hands. 

Miley then said, ‘that’s why we are here, Mr. Gyamfi.’
She smiled, got up, and went closer to him, put her arm around his neck, and bent down to kiss him. I looked away; I couldn’t stand to see that. When I looked up, she was sitting on his laps and he said, 
‘Bola, so you want an A in my paper.’ And Miley responded, ‘That’s why we are here now. And I also want an A in mine.’

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He looked at her and kissed her lips one more time and said, ‘yours is already assured. So what do I get in return for that?’

‘Huh? What does he mean by that? God! I can’t sleep with this pot-bellied man, please save me.’ I prayed in my head. 

Miley said, ‘Don’t worry about that. Give her the A, and you will have more of me. I will do dirty things to you, the next time you are ready. Just give me a call.’
She kissed him again. It was so disgusting and I couldn’t let it show on my face so I just smiled. He tickled her after and she laughed. 

Then he said, ‘You know you have to take the exams. I don’t just give an A, Miley will tell you. You get the marking scheme and you keep it to yourself. If anyone gets hold of it, the person gets an F because I will know.’

‘Thank you God.’ I said in my head. At least I didn’t have to sleep with him. I said, ‘thank you.’ And then we left the office. We walked in silence to the parking lot. I didn’t know what to say, I was still astonished and when we sat in the car, she said, 
‘Bola, I didn’t tell you the truth in the beginning. I had to sleep with that man before he gave me the marking scheme and that’s how I got my A.’
I heard what she said, but I said nothing and she continued, ‘I know it doesn’t sound right, but I have sex. I love sex, so I just see it as sex, and nothing more. And if you get to understand how important it is to pass in every semester’s examinations, you won’t mind doing anything. And as for now, you have no problem, I will get you the grades, but next time, you might have to sleep with him.’

I nodded and said nothing. I couldn’t think straight and just listened to music playing on my phone. We waited in the parking lot till it was 11:00am before heading towards the next lecturer’s office. This one was younger than Mr. Gyamfi and the same thing happened. She had to kiss him and do the same things she did with Mr. Gyamfi before we got out of the office. 

As we walked out of the office, I saw Rabby and her friends. I looked away; I was too ashamed of what Miley had done and the fact that I was a part of it to even wave at her. It didn’t feel right and my conscience kept bugging me. 
We went back to the hostel after, and there, we went our separate ways. When I got there, I couldn’t take my mind off what happened in the lecturers offices. It kept playing in my head and my conscience wouldn’t let me be. I was scared, I was ashamed of myself and I tried taking my mind of it by watching a movie but it didn’t work out. I called Jide but I couldn’t reach him. I needed someone to help take my mind of it. I thought of going to Brian, but I remembered what happened the last time I did, so I didn’t. I got up after I remembered that alcohol worked well at making anyone forget something; so I went to a pub outside campus. I got tequila shots and after taking six, I was tipsy.