My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 2


When I got to his room, I knocked once and entered to see him in the act with Myra. ‘Oh! Sorry,’ I said and I immediately walked out and closed the door. That wasn’t what I was expecting to meet when I thought of going to see him and no one asked me to go without calling too, so I deserved it. ‘But why didn’t they lock the door?’ I wondered. I just smiled to myself and left afterwards. I thought of where to go next and decided to go to Miley’s room. I went there to meet her in a video call with Perry. She introduced me to him and right after, I left. I was so bored and wanted to see someone; I had absolutely nothing doing; no assignments and no notes to study since I had stopped going for lectures. I didn’t want to call the other girls because I felt they might also be busy doing something so I went to the parking lot and decided to drive around campus.
As I drove around campus, I stopped at the gym and I realized I hadn’t been there before so I went in and asked the gym instructor a few questions. I decided to sign up and go every evening to work on my abs as my tummy was bloated. Thereafter, I went to a restaurant outside campus and got fried rice and chicken. I ate there and when I was done, I got back to campus and slept after talking to Jide for an hour. 

Days went by and before I realized, it was a week to exams. I had spent all my time with the girls, Jide and Brian and never thought about academic. I just had fun and that day, I saw the exams timetable on the notice board and that was when it dawned on me that I had wasted my time and I wasn’t prepared. I had completely forgotten that I was in school and the fact that at the end of every semester, I was supposed to sit for the exams and they all counted towards my GPA. 

I stood in front of the notice board, so confused and not knowing what to do. And as I looked through to see my courses, Rabby called. I had been ignoring her calls for some time and had even blocked her on all my social media accounts, so she couldn’t send me messages. I hated her for so many reasons and though i hadn’t sat down to list the reasons; I just felt i have every right to not like her. I would have ignored the call, but the timetable I had seen and my confusion made me answer and when I did, she asked how I was doing and asked why I had been ignoring her calls. I told her I had no reason for doing that and she asked whether I had seen the timetable. I told her I was standing in front of the notice board and added that I wasn’t ready for the exams. I had to be honest with her and she told me she took most of the quizzes for me and signed the attendance for me anytime she went to class so I didn’t have to worry about lost marks. And added that, I could study with her as she had all the notes and understood almost every topic covered in all the six courses they were taking. 

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All that Rabby said was so much; she was something else and I wondered why she was like that. She cared too much and so I told her how grateful I was and added that I would talk to her later before ending the call. I rushed to see Miley after as I had remembered what she told me about us paying for the grades. I wanted an easy way out and I wasn’t ready to study with Rabby. I wasn’t going to go back to being friends with them, ‘no! That will never happen,’ I said to myself. Miley had an easier way out and I didn’t see why I had to study that much if there was another way for me to get good grades. When I got to her room, she was busily talking to someone on phone. I sat by her and she said after ending the call, 
‘Bola, we need to pay for the grades. You said you are taking six courses so you need to bring 8000. I already told you about it right?’ I nodded and asked her when we needed to get the money and she said before the week ended. Luckily, I had 10,000 in my savings account.

I asked about the other two courses and Miley said we would have to see the lecturers since they didn’t allow for their grades to be bought. Right then, Miley called lecturers and scheduled to meet them the next day. I felt relieved after and went back to my room feeling so excited. In the evening, I went to the gym with Thelma and when we got back, we showered and joined the other girls in Tia’s room. We ate supper there and watched a movie together and right after, I went back to my room. I tried calling Jide and couldn’t reach him. That made me worried because I hadn’t heard from him the whole day, so I decided to go to his room to see if he was there. 
When I got there, he wasn’t and his roommate told me he left for lectures in the morning and wasn’t back. 
On my back to my room, I saw Stanley but I said nothing to him. I just passed by and ignored his stares. I called Brian and asked if he had heard from him but he said “no.” So, I grew more worried and I sent him a message, ‘Jide, call me when you see this message. Where are you and I’m worried.’ Jide replied my message the next morning and said that he had to go home as there was something he had to attend to. I had a feeling there was more to it, but I had a lot on my mind so I didn’t ask what exactly he had to attend to. He called me and we spoke for some time and we agreed to meet later in the day before the call ended. Right after, I showered and got ready to meet Miley in her room.