My BestFriend, My Love Season 3 Episode 4


I felt so good. I sang along to the music playing and as I sat there, I spotted a guy from afar. He looked familiar and since I was alone, I wished I had someone to talk to so I got up and walked towards him. I was tipsy and as I walked towards him, I tried so hard to keep my grip so I wouldn’t fall. When I got closer, I realized it was Chuck; the guy I made out with when I blacked out the first time I went out with the girls. I smiled and he said, 
‘hey Bola. How long has it been?’ He was looking so good, and I couldn’t help but admire him. His lips were pink too and his eyes were so cute. He had a broad chest and looked so masculine. ‘God! I’m not okay,’ I said to myself. He walked closer to me and held my hands. 
Then he asked how I was doing, I nodded and clenched my fist with my thumb stuck out to mean I was okay. We sat down, and he asked if I cared for any drink. I was already tipsy and didn’t have to take any more drinks but then he insisted so I asked for two more shots. After taking the shots, I was wasted. I couldn’t keep my hands off him. I left my phone in my car so no one could reach me. I was turned on and knowing perfectly what I was doing, I kissed him. I hadn’t blacked out yet, but then I wasn’t in complete control of what I was doing. I kissed him and the next thing I remember was us leaving the pub and me telling him that I brought my car. I had wanted to drive back to campus, but he said, “no” and took me to his car. That is the last thing I remember.
I woke up the next morning to see him lying by me. He was asleep and I was naked. I had nothing on and when I got up to look for my clothes, he woke up and asked how I was doing, I said, ‘I’m okay. I just have a slight headache.’ 

Then he asked, ‘you don’t remember what happened last night. Do you?’

I shook my head; he said, ‘you were so energetic, and I had a great time.’

I smiled and asked, ‘where are my clothes?’

He told me they were smelling of alcohol and told me to wear one of his shirts. It was big enough; so I showered and he took me back to the pub, to my car and then he left. Thereafter, I checked my phone and I realized Jide called me several times the night before. The girls also called, they were wondering where I was and I missed a call from Rabby too. I called Jide and he asked, what happened and I told him I was feeling bored so I went to the pub to get a drink and went back home afterwards. He was cool with that, and said he would see me later. 

He didn’t get angry or anything. He was the coolest boyfriend ever, and I imagined what Stanley would have done, if it was him instead of Jide. He would freak out and think I was with some other guy in the pub. Jide didn’t even ask if I was with any guy and I smiled and thought to myself, ‘that shows that he trusts me.’

Thereafter, I called Miley and told her I went to the pub and she asked if anything interesting happened and I said, ‘yes, I’m coming to campus. I will tell you everything that happened.’ I went straight to Tia’s room after I got to campus to meet the four of them there. Seeing me in Chuck’s shirt, they screamed. Then Myra said, ‘that is definitely not Jide’s shirt. You weren’t with him last night because he came to Brian’s room and asked if we had heard from you. So tell us everything.’ 
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I joined them on the bed and told them what happened at the pub; how I got tipsy and what happened with the guy. I didn’t mention Chuck’s name; I just said it’s a guy they knew who wasn’t on campus and I asked them to guess who it was. 
Miley mentioned Larry and I said “no,” then they asked for a hint so I pointed at Tia and then Myra screamed, ‘Chuck! It has to be Chuck.’ I smiled and covered my face with my two palms. The girls screamed, clapped and said, ‘go you!’

Then Tia said, ‘and you don’t remember the sex? Would have asked how it was’

‘Yeah I blacked out. But he said I was so energetic; I’m sure it was good.’

They laughed and Miley said, ‘interesting. But what made you want to drink? Is it what happened with the lecturers?’

I nodded and Thelma said, ‘Aww! We’ve all been there. We know how it feels, but the same way you were able to sleep with Chuck for nothing, just take whatever happens with those men as nothing as far as you protect yourself okay. It’s no big deal.’

I tried convincing myself that they were right but my conscience wouldn’t let me; so I just thought about something else. Then, Miley said, ‘anyways, I have good news. The questions and marking schemes are in so you can study them now.’

‘Really? That was quick. So, I only have to read the answers and when I got to the exams hall, I will answer the questions and get my A. Thanks so much Miley.’

She asked for my mail and sent them to me. Then, she asked if my money was ready and I nodded so we all agreed to go pay for the grades the next day. It felt so good that we didn’t have to work that hard and study all the time to get grades that could be bought easily. I hated learning so it was to my advantage; I felt good as I thought about it all. I left Tia’s room an hour after and when I got to my room, I called Rabby. She asked what I went to do in the lecturer’s office and I said, ‘nothing, I just went with Miley. She had to see him for something.’ 

Then she said, ‘okay, but when will you come for the notes, and would you want us to study together?’

‘No, don’t worry about that. I will come for the notes at 6 today.’

‘Okay, I will be looking forward to seeing you then. Take care.’ 

The call ended after. I went to see her that evening for the notes. It felt so weird when we met, as if we hadn’t been best friends before. After taking the notes, I met Brian at the parking lot and he asked that we go get food together. He got a pack for Myra, himself, Jide and me.