My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 8


I fell asleep in the sofa while watching the movie with the girl and woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. It was Rabby and she asked if I was back on campus. I said, ‘no’ and she told me she had wanted me to come over and help with the assignment but since I wasn’t around she would do it on her own and asked that I go to her end when I got back to campus; then, she asked me to take care of myself before ending the call. 
Rabby was a good friend and I loved her for that, but my instincts told me, our friendship might end that semester because of my new friends. ‘Yeah that’s possible! Besides, nothing lasts forever so it’s no big deal,’ I told myself. Then, I sent Stanley a text; ‘good morning sweetheart. I miss you’ and as I awaited the reply, Miley got up and walked towards the bedroom. The rest of us followed suit and when we got there, Thelma was still asleep but our entering the room woke her up and she smiled when she saw us. She looked better than she did earlier and I smiled and asked, 
‘sleepyhead, how are you doing this morning?’ And she responded, 
‘I’m doing good thanks! You girls want to know what happened last night right?’ Then Myra said,
 ‘of course, that’s why we are all here. Come on, tell us everything that happened and if there is a need to go teach Jude a lesson, trust us to do that with no hesitation.’
We joined her on the bed and listened as she talked, 
‘When he saw me, as usual, he was all over me; said I was sexy and the prettiest girl he had seen. He said my dress was nice and he asked if I had eaten and I said yes and then, he drove me to his apartment. When we got there, we got to his sitting room and I met two guys I hadn’t seen before. They were topless and they were smoking weed like he always does when I go there. They asked me to join them and I said no, but Jude managed to get me to smoke. He just knows what to do to get me to do anything and that sucks. He told me the guys’ names, I don’t even remember but we talked for a while and after sometime, Jude left to the washroom and I followed him. I kissed him there and we made out and then, we moved to his bedroom and we had sex. It felt good and the lights were out and after sometime, I saw the two guys come to the bedroom and they smoked there and Jude joined them. They left after sometime and Jude and I made out again, and there, I felt another pair of hands on me. That freaked me out, I was scared okay, so I sat up and it was one of the guys and I asked Jude what was going on and he told me to relax and I said, “no, I’m not going to do this; were you thinking I would be okay with your friends sleeping with me? I might have slept with you the first day I met you but that doesn’t mean I would do something as low as this. I’m leaving.” Then I took my phone, I wanted to call one of you to tell you to come for me, but he snatched the phone from me and I asked him to give it back but he refused and got up and tried dressing up, but he pushed me to the bed and when I struggled to get up he slapped me on both cheeks and beat me up.’
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Tears ran down her cheeks when she said that; and she went on, ‘I felt pains all over and he tied me to the bed and had sex with me; and the two others also did. They were so rough and it still hurts down there. After they were done, they left me in the bedroom and went to the sitting room. My whole body felt sore and I didn’t know what to do. My phone had gone off and I couldn’t call you guys and as I dressed up, he came to the room and told me to hurry up, can you imagine? The sweet Jude I knew; the one I fell for; the one who cared so much and acted like he was ready to bring heaven down to this earth for me wasn’t the Jude that stood in front of me. This one was violent, he looked so scary and I couldn’t look at him
 I dressed up quickly and followed him out of the house. I didn’t want to utter a word, I didn’t want him to beat me again so I sat in the back seat of the car and he drove with top speed here. When we got here he shouted at me to get out of his car and that’s when I banged the door and you girls came to open me. I should have listened to you Miley. I made a big mistake and I regret it so much. What do I do?’
I couldn’t help but cry too; I couldn’t imagine that happening to me and I felt so sad for her. I hugged her and told her everything will be okay. We all sat there on the bed, and said nothing. What could we say? Our friend went through all that and what could we do to help her? Nothing! Then Miley spoke, 
‘we have to report this to the police, but I hope they used condoms at least.’ Thelma answered, ‘yeah they did. I’m so glad they did, if not they would have given me infections if they had some.’ 
What Miley said about reporting to the police didn’t go well with us, how did she expect us to report that to the police; in the end, Thelma would get hurt the more. They will call her a whore for sleeping with someone she just met last week, the first day she met him and subsequent days after. What did we expect the world to say when it got out? 
So, we talked about it and agreed to be there for Thelma and help her get over the pain and the trauma and we promised to be smart and be there for each other next time. We made a pact that morning to always look out for the other and when out instincts warned us about anything or anyone, we would at least desist for them. It felt so good and I felt a sense of belonging when we did all that that day. I felt like there was no way something would come between us and I decided to tell Stanley about them and introduce him to them when we got back to school.
Hours after, we went to the beach and we had a wonderful time there. We made Thelma laughed throughout and that made me  feel glad. At least, we managed to take her mind off what happened and we got her to block him on all the social media. 
We went back to campus the next day and I went to Stanley’s room immediately we got there. I had missed him so much and couldn’t wait to see him but when I went there, he didn’t seem happy to see me. He was mad and I wondered what reason he had to be mad at me so I asked and he told me I lied to him again. He tried calling me the previous day when we were at the beach and wasn’t reaching me, so he called Rabby and asked if she had heard from me and she said she had and the last time she did, I told her I wasn’t on campus and was with my new friends. 
My heart raced when he said that, I was scared when Stanley got mad at me. So, I told him, not to get all worked up because of that and apologized for lying that I was with Rabby. That pissed him off the more; he asked why I couldn’t tell him I had made new friends and was with them. I managed to convince him that we were at the beach and showed him pictures on my phone that made him believe that I had nothing to hide. 
Then, I told him about them and how amazing they are and how lucky I am to have found friends like that. He in turn, told me about his weekend and how everyone asked about me when he went to church and made me promise not to ever put anyone before him again, as it appeared I did the past weekend.
To be continue