My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 7


We were going for a swim and the thought of it excited me the more. ‘But I didn’t bring along my swim suits.’ I said. Miley responded, ‘none of us did. But you have your pant and bra on so you have no worries. It’s dark so you don’t have to worry about wearing a sexy bikini. I doubt anyone will be at the pool.’ 
We got there, and Tia spoke to the receptionist and told her we came to swim and she got us chilled cocktails. The owner of the hotel was her uncle so we received VIP treatments and got new towels as well. We swam for hours and had a great time and at some point, we spotted a hot guy walking towards the pool. He was in his swim shorts; he was dark, tall and very masculine. We all drooled over him and we realized Tia couldn’t stop staring at him. She was single and that could be her chance so we urged her to go talk to him. She didn’t want to go at first because she was shy but we managed to convince her when he smiled at her and seemed to be interested too. So, she walked to him with the towel wrapped around her waist and when she got closer to him, the towel fell off. We laughed when it did, and realized how nervous she was but at least she had matching lingerie on and she didn’t look bad. 
We watched her take the towel from the floor and then they spoke for some time. They appeared to be having a good time and they walked to take a seat; to continue whatever conversations they were having. We got tired of staring so we looked away and continued swimming after.
After some time, Tia and the guy joined us in the pool and they swam together. It was nice watching them together and Miley murmured, 
‘this isn’t the first time something like this is happening. That girl always finds one reason or the other to call it off with any amazing guy she dates. I hope it doesn’t happen that way this time.’
 I nodded and hoped in my heart that for once, she would have a lasting relationship and hoped that the guy would be worth it. We left the pool, got our drinks and watched Tia and the guy swim. Then, we saw them kissing; that got us so excited and we screamed and clapped. They heard us and that made them shy so they stopped but Thelma shouted, ‘don’t stop. Don’t stop because of us.’ And they continued kissing; as they did, it occurred to me that Thelma hadn’t spoken about her so-called guy, Jude, and I asked her,
 ‘Thelma, what’s up with you and Jude? It’s been awhile since I last heard you talk about hm.’ She responded, 
‘we’ve been chatting on phone; he wasn’t in Accra yesterday so I couldn’t see him. He will be coming to take me out tonight and he said he would call me when he’s coming.’ She smiled after saying that, then Myra asked,
 ‘are you sure it’s not just a booty call?’ And Miley also said,
 ‘of course it is, he will come after 1 or 2:00am; take her to his apartment, get her alcohol and weed and when they are high, they will have sex all night and she will come home tomorrow afternoon saying she had a good time.’
Miley said that with a level of disgust and expected Thelma to say something but she kept mute. She really cared about Jude and it appeared we weren’t taking her seriously so I realized she was hurt by our reaction and I didn’t want to be a part of that so I got closer to her and told her not to mind the girls. I said, 
‘Thelma you really love him and if you believe it’s mutual, just go for it and don’t mind Miley, Tia and Myra. They don’t know what you have and are only judging based on what they think is right. So just do what your guts tell you and ignore them; have fun and prove us wrong okay. I love you.’ She smiled ancontinued
‘I love you too and thank you so much.’ Then, she hugged me. 
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We left the hotel at 11:00pm and went back to Miley’s house from there. And when we got home, we asked Tia to tell us everything that went on between her and the guy that we didn’t see and didn’t hear. She told us his name was Josh and was spending the weekend with his friends at the hotel. She said, 
‘girls, I like him; he has a British accent and said he’s single so he asked me out on a date. He said he will come for me tomorrow God willing for dinner and you saw us kiss right? God! It felt so good. I’m already in love.’
Miley shook her head after Tia said all that, and said, ‘what has come over you girls? First it was Thelma and now it’s you T. Or does it have to do with the fact that both of your names begins with a ‘t?’ You don’t just fall in love with a guy because of his accent, his hotness and his kiss. Love is deeper than that; you can like someone on first sight but love isn’t like that. Love grows so please stop deceiving yourself.’ 
Miley was right but I had a feeling Tia was really in love with him but I kept it to myself. We waited till Thelma got a call from Jude that he was almost at Miley’s apartment. We helped her dress up and when she left, we went to bed. I got a call from Stanley about thirty minutes after and we spoke for an hour and thereafter, I fell asleep.
Five hours later, we were woken by a bang on the main gate; it was Thelma. She looked like a hot mess and she was crying when we saw her. I was so saddened and I wanted to know what happened; I wanted to know what Jude did to her and when I asked, she said nothing and cried the more. The other girls looked confused and saddened too, so we walked her into the house and got her to shower. After, she said nothing to us and went to bed; 
I couldn’t go back to sleep and the others couldn’t too so we stayed behind in the hall and wondered what exactly happened to Thelma.
 ‘Did he rape her and beat her up after or something?’ I asked; Tia said, 
‘I don’t know, I thought I saw some bruises on her arm and her right cheek looked swollen.’ Miley said,
 ‘Oh God! I can’t believe this is happening; I knew from the beginning that that guy would be up to no good and when I told her, she told me she loved him and there was no way he was ever going to harm her. She was too dumb to have fallen for her. I feel so bad and it sucks that it had to happen to her.’ Then Myra said,
 ‘let’s not draw any conclusions right now. She will tell us everything when she wakes up; but until then, let’s watch a movie.’ We put on the television and connected a pen drive to it, and then, we watched a romantic comedy after.
 To be continue