My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 6


Hours later, Miley woke us all up; I still felt dizzy, thirsty and the headache wasn’t gone. I hated how it felt because I felt like doing nothing and it was such a miserable feeling that I would never wish on anyone. I realized the others were just feeling lazy and wanted to sleep all day; they weren’t feeling sick like me so I asked; ‘how come I’m the one who feels like dying right now?’ Then Miley said, ‘it was your first time partying with us and you drank way too much. You even blacked out us unlike the rest of us.’ What she said got me thinking, ‘did I really black out? Is that why I don’t remember anything that happened at the club after my last drink?’ And what happened to me? Did I mess up?’ I didn’t know what to do, so I asked, ‘but how did we get here?’ and then I held my head and screamed, ‘ouch! It hurts.’ So, Tia got up and got me a glass of water and I drank it in one gulp. Then, she got me a painkiller and took me to the bathroom for a cold shower. Thereafter, they ordered for ‘fufu’ and hot ‘light’ soup and I ate it like a hungry lion. I felt so full and better after that; and they asked if I had puked or felt like it and I said, ‘yeah, I felt nauseous but when I tried to puke, nothing came out.’ So, they just asked me to sleep and I did.
When I woke up; it was evening and the girls were nowhere in sight. My head no longer ached; I didn’t feel dizzy and I felt better than I did earlier in the day; but I couldn’t stop thinking about the night before and wondering what happened after I blacked out. They had to tell me and I was going to ask them when I saw them. So, I walked to the hall and saw them chewing chicken nuggets from KFC with five bottles of coke on the table. They seemed so happy and were laughing about something that I had no idea of, I joined them and upon seeing me, they asked how I was feeling and I told them I was feeling better thanks to them. They asked me to take some of the chicken and said the last coke was mine so I should enjoy myself. And as I chewed the chicken, I asked,
 ‘so girls, did I mess up last night?’ My question made them laugh and Myra said, 
‘you were acting all crazy and you were all over Chuck.’ They kept laughing and I asked, ‘really?’ And they said in unison, ‘yes’ and I wailed, ‘oh no! God! Did I have sex with him?’ Then Tia said,
 ‘I doubt, because I only saw you two dancing and you kept kissing his neck and his face. You looked like you wanted more.’ Myra continued, 
‘yeah I know right, but at some point you both left the club. I thought you guys took a walk or something and you came back after, looking more hyper than you did before you left.’ I asked, ‘really?’ And they said, ‘yes.’ And Miley added, 
‘you know what? Stop thinking about last night! It will do you no good; whether you slept with him or not, there is nothing you can do to bring the night back. So forget it and move on; take pills if you have to and as a girl, if anything like that happens to you, you will know.’
She was right, I had to move on and I told them how uneasy I felt down there when I woke up. That confirmed it and I wondered if I should ask Chuck what happened and they all said a big ‘no.’ Myra said, 
‘don’t make that mistake madam. Just let go, I’m sure you initiated whatever happened so just act matured about it and let it go. Life goes oncontinued
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They tried to cheer me up and I realized I didn’t need to ask him and just thought of it as a random hookup I had with a guy for fun. I tried to justify it by saying that I did it with no emotions involved so it didn’t count as cheating. I called Stanley after and he asked how I had been and mentioned that he called several times the night before but my phone was off, so he was worried and asked what I was doing then. So, I lied. I told him I was at Rabby’s end and we were so tired after studying and so I left my phone uncharged in my bag and didn’t even realize it had gone off. He believed it and told me how much he had missed me and asked if I would make it to church the next day and I said ‘no’ and added that I didn’t feel like it so I would see him on Monday. He didn’t sound okay with that but he had no other option than to be cool with it. I told him I missed him too and loved him so much and he said same before the call ended.
Rabby called me after and when I picked up, she told me she hoped I wouldn’t miss class the next week like I did the previous week. She sounded so worried and told me we had an assignment to submit the next week, I should go to her end so we do it together. I knew there was no way I would do it so I told her, I wasn’t on campus and I begged her to just do mine for me. She didn’t believe me, so she asked, 
‘are you with your new friends?’ I said, ‘yes’ and she continued, ‘then you went partying last night and might go again tonight. Bola, please be careful okay; following those girls will do you no good. I just hope you come back to your senses before it gets too late.’ What she said sounded like noise to my ears but I had to pretend I was going to think about it because I needed her, so I told her I would see her when I returned to campus and then, she ended the call. 
Thereafter, we watched a movie together and they asked whether I loved the shisha and I screamed, ‘of course’ and Miley said, 
‘how about we go out to get some. Just that! no alcohol.’ And I nodded and we dressed up and went to a bar. There, we got the shisha pots and I smoked my lungs out. It felt so great and it tasted better than it did the night before. And after, we took a walk around town and laughed at people we met that looked funny.
It was so fun hanging out with them and as we walked, Tia’s phone rang and when she answered, it was Chuck. He wanted to talk to me and I didn’t know what to do, but they asked me to just talk to him and pretend I was over whatever happened the night before. So, I did. He said, 
‘hi Bola. How are you doing?’ 
Me: I’m doing good Chuck. You?’
Chuck: ‘I’m great. I’m guessing you don’t remember what happened last night.’
Me: ‘Oh I do. I was just drunk but I remember everything and it was fun.’
Chuck: ‘Really? So will you mind us doing it again some other time?
Me: ‘Errmm I don’t know, Let me think about it. You take my number from Tia.’
Chuck: ‘It was nice meeting you.’
Me: ‘It was nice meeting you too.’
I gave the phone back to Tia and Miley said, ‘I hope you are not catching feelings here madam.’ And I said, ‘hell no! It seems like he is the one catching feelings. I have Stanley and there is no way I will catch feelings for some other guy I hooked up with when I was intoxicated.’ That made them cheer me up, 
‘go you!’ 
We went back to Tia’s car afterwards and then, she drove us straight to a 5 star hotel in town.
To be continue