My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 16 Final


The subsequent Stanley tried reaching out to talk to me but I didn’t give him a chance to. My mom spoke to him and asked him to stay away from me and so after sometime, he did. I ignored him anytime I saw him and as the days went by, Jide and I kept getting closer. We spent more time together and we never made out or get intimate in anyway. My friends and I went clubbing that weekend and we met Brian and Jide there. They had become so close and when Brian saw Myra, he run to her and they danced together all night. Brian really liked her and Myra was growing to like him too; though she just wanted to have fun with him. Jide and I also danced together and it was fun; he was a very good dancer and I felt like we were competing with each other that night as we danced. The other girls danced with some guys in the club. We left the club the next morning so tired and we asked them to go with us to Miley’s apartment. That was the first time they were taking students there with them but it wasn’t such a bug deal since Brian was family and Jide was also my “new” best friend. We spent the weekend there and went back to campus on Monday.
The subsequent days saw us planning for the house party. We invited all of Brian’s friends; his course mates and Jide also invited everyone he knew on campus. I invited my old school mates on campus and we got the drinks, ordered a huge cake and by Thursday, everything was ready except our gifts. So we went to the mall and got him gifts. I got him the latest apple watch; Miley got him sneakers; Tia got him cufflinks; Miley got him a perfume and Maya got him another cake and an expensive wine. The D-day came and we got the chicken, pastries and pizza we had ordered were delivered. We dressed up when it was evening and at 10:00pm people started coming in. The party came to life at 11:00pm and there were people everywhere. Everyone had something to drink and eat; and the pool was filled with people. It felt so good that I was the main organizer and when it was midnight, I called on everyone to come around. I told them how much I loved Brian and how grateful I was to God for giving him a brother like him. I saw Kobe walk in as I spoke and we helped Brian cut the cake.
After, we gave him our gifts and Myra asked him to open hers. She got us to sing for him again and she helped him cut the cake. After he did, she opened the wine, and poured into a glass for him. Then in front of everyone she told him she loved him and wanted them to be exclusive. That was exactly what he wanted and they kissed. Everyone clapped and then, the party resumed.  The girls and I were together and after some time, Tia got a call from Josh and he told her he was at the party. I invited him to the party without telling her and when she saw him, she was so excited. She thanked me so much and before I could say ‘jack,’ they were nowhere in sight. Thelma and Miley were also nowhere in sight so I was left alone. I walked into the mansion to meet Thelma with Tom; I was surprised. I went to them and asked to speak to her alone; and then I asked her what was going on. She said, ‘I didn’t want to tell you girls anything; but Tom and I have been talking for some time now. He has always liked me but I didn’t take him seriously. Tia told Brad about the party and I also told him, so they came together. Brad is upstairs with Miley.’
Then I asked, ‘so is he already your boyfriend?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know. But I like him and he likes me and don’t worry he’s not a rebound from Jude.’ I smiled and told her to have fun. I wanted to make sure all my friends were okay and before I went upstairs to check on Miley, I went back to find Tia and Josh at the bar. I asked to talk to her alone and then I asked her about Brad, ‘Tia, Brad is here with Miley. I thought you said he had gotten a girlfriend.’ She nodded and said, ‘yeah, that girl is still playing hard to get. It seems she hasn’t accepted his proposal yet so he is still having fun. Don’t worry about Miley and Brad. Those two are alike; anytime they meet they are all over each other. They make out and all but it’s always just fun to them. And why are you not with Jide? Have fun!’ I went upstairs after, and there, I met Miley and Brad in one of the bedrooms making out. They had left the door open, so I closed it and went downstairs to get a drink.
I met Jide on my way and he asked where I had been and said he had been looking for me. I was looking so good and I told him. We went to the bar and I took some tequila shots. After, I took off my clothes and asked him to swim with me. We swam together and kissed at some point. It felt so good; I thanked him for his support and we kissed again. We got out the pool after some time and danced for some time and when it was past 3:00am people started leaving. When the party was over, Jide and I went to bed in one of the bedrooms. Jide and I made out before sleeping and we woke up the next morning at before it was mid-day. We went downstairs and met the others in the living room. Miley, Myra, Brian, Tia, Thelma and Kobe were all there.
We cleaned up and by evening, the house looked like it did when we first entered. We washed up and went to meet my mom and Jeff at a restaurant for dinner. They asked about the party and we told them how fun it was. And then, we told them Myra was Brian’s girlfriend. My mom was surprised to see Jide when we went and she asked if we were back together, but I said no. And added that, he was Brian’s friend and helped us with the party. We had a wonderful time that evening and after the dinner, my mom asked me to tell her the truth about Jide so I told her we were together and she asked me to be careful and asked him to take good care of me. My mom left with Jeff and the rest of us went back to the mansion to spend the weekend there. We didn’t want to leave and wished to live there forever. It felt so good to be therewith the people who loved and cared about us. We played drinking games that night and didn’t stop till we all passed out in the living room.