My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 15


Stanley was so angry and when I said nothing, he grew angrier and said, ‘Pearl, you need to stay away from those girls. Rabby is a good girl; she cares about you. You are in school to learn; you can’t let what happened when you were in high school happen here. Pearl, don’t forget you failed your final exams and I had to help you study for the nov/dec. I’m not going to watch you fail your semester examinations because of those girls and I hope you are not thinking of sleeping with your lecturers like I heard your friends do. If not, I will report you to your mom.’ I just watched him and said nothing. I kept wondering what was wrong with him and when I couldn’t take it anymore, I said, 
‘Stanley, my friends have done nothing and they are not the reasons why I’m not going for lectures. Don’t worry I will make the good grades, and you don’t need to remind me that I failed my final examinations. I’m not a kid Stan. I know I have to study and so I will; and don’t just listen to what people say and then get so angry without confirming from me to know if what you heard is true or not. Rabby and I are no longer that close because she hated the fact that I was friends with my new friends. I told her they were nice girls but she didn’t believe me; you have met them Stanley. They are not who people say they are and I’m not going to stop being friends with them. I have to leave. Let’s talk tomorrow when you calm down.
I went back to my room after and took in chilled coke. Thereafter, I called Jide and asked if he could take me to KFC to get chicken. I was mad and didn’t care about Stanley’s reaction if he found out that I was going out of campus with him. I just didn’t care. I made my face up and then, I met Jide in the parking lot. I didn’t look so good so he asked what was wrong, but I said nothing. I just connected my phone to his speaker and sang along as my favorite songs played. He sang too and it felt so good. We got there, ate there and as we ate, I saw a girl that looked familiar. She waved at me and I wondered where I had met her; she realized it and walked closer to our table. She told me she was Stanley’s friend and said she was at my party. I said ‘okay’ and when she left, I said to Jide, 
‘this girl will definitely call Stanley and tell him she saw you and I here. See her head.’ Jide looked back at her, shook his head and said, ‘you and Stanley must have quarreled. I knew it the moment I saw you. But don’t let things like this and rumors get between you and him. People will always talk.’ I wished he would tell that to Stanley.
We left the place after eating and when we got back, I fell asleep. The next morning, I heard a bang on my door and when I opened it, it was Stanley. He entered the room and just like the previous day, he said on top of his voice, ‘okay, so because I spoke about your new friends and your bad habit of not going for lectures, you got mad and went out with Jide. What is wrong with you Pearl? Or does it mean, when i told you to stop talking to him, you didn’t listen? Or are you sleeping with him too? God! What is wrong with you? I don’t even know you now Pearl. You’ve changed and I blame those girls for that.’ 
He was shouting and I told him to get out of my room. His voice was hurting my eardrum and he refused to stop talking; he wanted me to say something about what he said and I refused. I went to the door, opened it and screamed at him to leave my room but he refused. So I got closer to him and held his arm and tried walking him out. He slapped me with his other hand when I did that and told me to leave him alone. I screamed,
 ‘Stanley, you just slapped me. God! You have issues and for raising your hand at a girl, I’ve lost every respect I ever had for you. Leave my room and never come back. Never call my phone again and don’t worry I will tell my mom everything that happened.’ I cried as I said that to him and got him to leave my room because of that. I couldn’t believe what had happened and didn’t know what to do so I sat on my bed and cried. I hated him for slapping me; and I told myself I was done. I wasn’t going to date him again. I was done. I felt like talking to someone so I texted the girls and asked where they were, and the four of them said, they were getting breakfast on campus.
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So, I called Brian and asked if he was in his room. He said, ‘yes’ and I went there; I cried when he asked what was wrong with me and I told him everything. He freaked out when I told him about the slap and he wanted to go to Stanley’s room to beat the hell out of him for raising his hands on a girl. I told him not to and he said, ‘your relationship is over, Bola. You are not going back to him and give me your phone.’
 He blocked Stanley on all my accounts and blacklisted his calls. He didn’t want him to ever reach me again and thereafter he said, ‘I always felt Jide was a better guy for you. That guy is a perfect gentleman and will never do anything to hurt you.’ I smiled when he said that, I knew he didn’t like Stanley from the beginning so I wasn’t surprised. The girls called when they got to the hostel and Brian talked to them and asked them to come to his room. They got there in no time and Brian told them everything I told him. The girls reacted just like he did and asked if I had eaten. I shook my head and we ate the food they got.
 After, I asked Brian to take us to see the mansion and when we got to the parking lot, we saw Stanley but we ignored him, and drove out of the parking lot.
Thelma looked at him and realized he was staring at us; and said he kept staring till we left. I didn’t care about him and didn’t want to hear anyone mention his name. I told the girls that and they nodded. When we got to the mansion, the girls and I opened our mouths in awe. It was so huge and nice. We couldn’t wait to enter the building and when we got to the gate, we realized it was opened and we entered to see Jeff, my mom and Kobe in front of the house. I run to my mom and hugged her; and then I cried. I couldn’t help it. She asked what was wrong with me but I said nothing and I heard Jeff asking Brian what had happened. Brian told them exactly what I told him and that got Jeff so mad. Kobe was so mad as well and he asked where Stanley was; he and his dad wanted to go and teach him a lesson for laying his hands on me. My mom told them not to and said, 
‘I know Stanley; he’s a good boy but for laying his hands on my daughter, he will smell pepper. I will call him, and Bola I hope you’ve broken up with him.’ I nodded and I wiped my tears. Then she said, ‘so you came with your new friends and because of Stanley, you couldn’t introduce them to us. Come on, tell me their names.’
I smiled and introduced the girls to the three of them. Then we walked around the mansion together. I fell in love with it and couldn’t wait to move in. We told Jeff about Brian’s party and I asked him to let us use the mansion for the party. He agreed and said he was doing that because of me and wanted me to be happy. The girls loved the house and an hour after, Brian drove us back to campus.
To be continued