My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 14


After my prayer, I got a call from Tia. She told me Miley was going to be in the country in an hour time; so she asked that I meet them at the parking lot so we go pick her up.  I dressed up and went to meet them at the parking lot. Tia drove us to the airport and after thirty minutes, Miley was in. She looked she had gained weight and she was excited to see us so she screamed and hugged each one of us. That caught the attention of the people around and they stared at us. We drove back to the hostel and went to Miley’s room after. There, she filled us in on everything that happened when she went home; how annoying her sister was and how she had to keep going up and down just to give her, her dream wedding. ‘In the end, she got what she wanted and it worth it,’ she said and she added, ‘they left to Hawaii this morning for their honeymoon. She is one lucky girl and guess who came for the wedding from Russia? Perry came for the wedding and I was so happy. My mom invited him and there was no way he was going to turn down the invitation but she didn’t tell me when she called me. She told me it was a surprise and I thanked her so much for that.’ I said to her,
 ‘I’m happy for you Miley and where are our gifts?’ She laughed when I asked and said, her mom got her a suitcase full of clothes and jewelry for us.
We screamed when she said that, and immediately, Tia got up and asked, ‘which if them?’ And she said,
 ‘relax. The big one has the clothes and the jewelry and the small one contains shoes. We all got a pair of shoes.’ We opened the suitcases and took out the shoes and each one of us got one that fit perfectly. And the clothes were a lot; I got very nice dresses, shorts, tops and jewelry.’ Miley’s mom completely made our day and I even got a perfect dress for Brian’s party. The room was so noisy when we each tried on our clothes and when we were done with it all, we asked her to call her mom. She called her on imo and we told her how grateful we were for the things she got us and added that we were looking forward to meeting her soon. She asked us to take care of ourselves and study hard, and after the call, I said to them, 
‘now, it’s my turn to talk about my weekend. And before I start, I have two big brothers now and one of them wants us to help him plan a house party next week Friday for his birthday. Guess who that one is; he is a student and is in this hostel.’ Myra asked if it was Jide and I said no and then Miley said, ‘I know who it is; is it Brian?’ I nodded and they all screamed.
Myra then said, ‘so Brian is going to be your brother. When? And when did your mom and his dad start dating?’ I told them, ‘two months ago; she just introduced him to me this weekend and Brian told me he’s going to propose to her soon. And guess what? He recently bought a fully furnished house in East Legon that has a pool and Brian wants to have the house party there. He wants me to convince his dad to let us have it there. And we are the party planners.’ 
The girls couldn’t stop screaming when I said that and they asked if I had already seen the mansion and I said no and I told them we could go the next day. After I talked, Tia also said,
 ‘my weekend wasn’t as fun as yours but my brother came home with some annoying girl. He introduced her to us as his new girlfriend; can you imagine? The girl is skinny; she is so proud; she doesn’t even smile and she talks to him anyhow. God! I hate her.’ We laughed when she said that, and she added, ‘he’s so lucky our parents are out of town; I’m sure they wouldn’t have liked her.’
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I couldn’t stop laughing and I asked, ‘where did he find her?’ She answered, 
‘He claims, they are old school mates and he has always liked her and she’s always played hard to get and her annoying American accent too. God! The girl is so annoying.’ Miley said,
 ‘it’s okay. But give her time; she will definitely try to get close to you. But Tia, you know your brother is bad; he’s always being a player so he needs a girl that can control him and make him stop that. I think he’s found her and you will like her too.’ Myra and Thelma also went home that weekend but they said nothing extraordinary happened when they went home. 
We spent the rest of the day, planning for Brian’s party and when it was evening, I got a call from him. He asked if I had eaten and I said no, and asked us to join him to get pizza.
After the call, I asked Myra if she didn’t mind us going with him to get pizza and she nodded so we went to meet him in the parking lot and we went to get the pizza. Brian used that as a chance to get to know each of the girls and we ate there.
 After, we went back to the hostel and there, Myra went with him to his room. I knew exactly what was going to happen when they got there and we laughed at the thought of it. I went to my room after, and Stanley came over that evening. I told him about Brian and the house party and I asked him if he would make it but he said ‘no.’ He and his course mates were supposed to go for a field trip that week and so he wasn’t going to be around on the D-day. That meant I could invite Jide so I texted him and asked if he would make it and he sent me a big, ‘YES.’
 Jide was very outgoing unlike Stanley and I knew he wouldn’t miss the party for anything. He asked if I needed help in planning and I said, ‘yeah, don’t worry. Next week Thursday, you will have to be there with us when we are setting the place up.’ I deleted the chats immediately after that, and then, I went to the washroom.
When I got out of the washroom I didn’t meet Stanley in the room so I went to his balcony to see if he would be there. I got there and saw him on phone; he was talking and he looked angry. When he saw me, he just looked at me from head to toe, shook his head, and looked away. That got me wondering, ‘who is he talking to? And I hope the person isn’t talking about me.’ I put on the television and watched a movie while I waited for him to end the call. He got back to the room thirty minutes and told me to put off the television and said, 
‘do you know who just called me?’ I shook my head and he said, ‘that was Rabby. Pearl! she just told me that you’ve not been going to lectures for weeks now. So, what have you been doing during the day? You stopped going to class when you became friends with those girls who I just heard are bad girls and I wonder what they’ve been influencing you to do. What the hell is wrong with you Pearl?’ Stanley spoke on top of his voice and it got me scared. I said nothing and just looked at him. All I could to say to myself was, ‘God! my boyfriend is a monster.’ I just prayed in my heart that he wouldn’t hurt me and I kept staring at him.
 To be continued