My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 13


I spent the weekend at home with my mom and I found out she was seeing a man she met on her business trip with so I met him that Sunday. He was a widow and had two sons; one was in his final year in the university and the other was a banker. He was Jeff and he treated my mom with so much respect that I admired them from afar. He asked his younger son to visit me on campus and said if I needed anything I should let him know and he would get it for me. I felt glad that I was finally getting big brothers and I wished my mom had met him earlier and when I told her she told me she also wished she had met him earlier. And then, she asked what I thought about she marrying again and I asked her to go ahead. I liked Jeff and there was no denying that he was a millionaire too, so that was a plus. I would have had a problem if he was a broke man as I would have thought he would be after my mom’s money. 
Stanley came to my house later that day and met Jeff. Jeff asked him so many questions and told him to take care of me and Stanley promised he would. Stanley went back to campus that evening without me and Jeff took my mom and I to a very expensive restaurant in the city for dinner. He asked his two sons to join us there and they did, and I was so shocked when I saw they joined us. The younger son was Brian, the guy Myra hooked up with and when I saw him, I almost burst out laughing. I looked away and tried to avoid eye contact with me but my mom caught me.
And she said, ‘Bola, behave!’ and I smiled and said, ‘hi Brian.’ I knew he wasn’t expecting that and Jeff said, ‘so you two have already met.’ Then my mom said, ‘I knew it! She was acting suspicious when you two walked in. I hope he’s not the guy you had the thing with.’ She was talking about Larry, and I wondered, ‘what if I had rather been dared to hook up with Brian. How awkward it would have been!’ I shook my head and said,
 ‘no! Mom I told you he’s Larry, and why did you have to bring that up?’ She felt bad and said, 
‘Oh I’m sorry, I just wanted to be sure because of the way you were behaving.’ And I said,
 ‘he is in my hostel and I met him a couple of days ago at the parking lot in front of my hostel.’ Then I turned to him, ‘I’m glad it was no other person than you. How are you?’ And he responded that he was good. 
Jeff just watched us and then he introduced his older son to us as Kobe. Kobe said
 ‘hi Bola, it’s nice meeting you. And trust me, if I had met you somewhere in town, I would have approached you and asked to go out with you. You are so pretty and I’m glad I’m finally getting a kid sister.’ I smiled and when our food came in, we ate and left hours after. Jeff drove my mom and I home, while Brian and Kobe went home together.
I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about Brian when I got home and I texted them that I have a very big news for them and I told them I would tell them when Miley returned. Miley sent us pictures and videos of the wedding and they were so nice. She told us she would return the next day and told us she had something for each one of us so we should prepare for it. I went back to campus the next day and when I got there, I went to see Stanley first and thereafter, Brian called and asked me to come to his room so I did. When I got there, he was with two other guys and he said,
 ‘so guys, this is my sister, Bola. I wanted you to meet her.’ The guys were surprised and they both asked, ‘since when?’ They had been seeing me around with my friends and it seemed one of them had a crush on me so he was sounded so nervous when I spoke to him. Brian told them, 
‘my dad and her mom are dating and they should be getting married soon.’ I laughed and asked, 
‘has he told you they are getting married?’ And he said, 
‘of course, he has. He should propose anytime soon so she is now my sister. Can you believe this hot girl is my sister? And she had very hot friends too.’ John, the one that had a crush on me said,
 ‘the four girls? Yeah, everyone knows about them.’
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I asked Brian if I could leave and he said ‘no’ and instead, his two friends left. He was happier than I was about our parent’s relationship and he said, 
‘I think it’s about time I golet to know my sister. Tell me everything about you.’ So, I did, I told him about Stanley and Jide and my friends. And then he asked about Myra and I said,
 ‘I thought you guys were just having fun.’ And he said, ‘she said that, but I really like her. Anyways, my birthday is coming up next week Friday and I want to have a house party so you my sister will help me plan it.’ And I said, ‘wow! I love parties, so cool; leave it to my friends and I; but where will you have the party?’
Brian: ‘Of course! I know you love parties. The first day you got into this school, you threw one and that’s why I’m leaving mine in your hands’
Me: ‘Oh really? So you also heard of it. Wow!’
Brian: ‘Yeah, everyone knew about that party and the fact that you are now friends with the four girls makes it worse. People talk about you all the time and I have always been a fan of them so I’m glad my sister is also a part of them.’
Me: ‘Great! So where are we having this big house party?’
Brian: ‘My dad bought a new house at East Legon. It’s actually a mansion and we haven’t moved in yet so I want to have it there. There is a pool and it’s already furnished.’
Me: ‘Wow! Really?’
Brian: ‘I don’t know why he even bought it because our old house is already big enough. But, the house is really dope, you should see it. I will take you one of these days to go see it.’
Me: ‘Great! How about tomorrow? I will tell my friends so we go together. And I love the fact that there is a pool in it. Your dad should hurry up and propose to my mom.’
Brian: ‘Yeah right. But it should be after my party and I’ve not told him yet about it. And I need you to help me convince him to let me use the house for the party. That man can be very difficult.’
Me: ‘Fine; what’s in it for me?’
Brian: ‘Don’t worry, just know that I owe you and when you need anything, you can come to me.’
I asked to leave after, and he went with me to see my room. When we got to my floor, we met Jide and I introduced Brian to him as my brother and he was surprised. He said, ‘since when?’ And I told him about his dad and my mom and we talked for a while before he left. When we got into my room, Brian looked at me suspiciously and said, 
‘that guy obviously still has a thing for you.’ I laughed and said nothing and he walked around my room, inspecting every single thing I had. He was such an interesting person and when he was done with the inspection, he left and told me to take care. After he left, I thought to myself, ‘my life keeps getting better as the days go by.’ Then, I went down on my knees and said a thank you prayer to God.
To be continued