My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 12


We got to the hostel in thirty minutes and when we got to the parking lot, the girls refused to get out of the car. Thelma thought of a dare for Myra; she said, 
‘Myra has never hooked up with a student before so I have a dare for her. You see that guy over there by the ash Mercedes-Benz? He is cute, go talk to him and you guys should hook up before Miley leaves.
’ Myra shook her head and said, ‘Thelma, no I can’t! I can’t hook up with a student and anytime I see him, I will remember what happened. That’s too much.’ Miley laughed loudly and said, 
‘we know, we’ve all not done that before, except Bola. But it’s a dare so are you going to do it or not. But Myra, look on the brighter side; look at his muscles, his height and his hairline. The guy is totally worth it, go and make me proud.’ Myra smiled, said nothing and got out of the car and we clapped as we watched her walk towards the guy. When she got there, she said something to him that got him smiling and they talked for a few minutes and she gave him her number and came back smiling. We met her out of the car, and we walked to Tia’s room together and there, we asked her what happened and she said, ‘the guy is actually cool; I like him already. Thanks for the dare.’ Then I asked, ‘what happened? You’ve not said anything about it.’
She said, ‘when I went there, I said. Hi, I have a crush on you. You’re cute and I like your car and he smiled. He has cute dimples too. Then, he said he likes mine too and said he’s been seeing me around with my friends and was glad I was talking to him. I told him my name and he said he’s Brian and I gave him my number and he said he will call me.’ She was smiling as she said that and I asked, 
‘how is the guy you said you are dating?’ And she said, ‘he’s good. He’s actually out of the country on a business trip so don’t worry.’ We all sat on Tia’s bed, talked about other things and I ended up falling asleep. When I woke up, it was evening and the girls were all sleeping. I got a text from Rabby and she told me they had another quiz and told me she couldn’t take it for me and said she was sorry so I told her not to worry. I woke Miley up and told her about it and asked how many courses I was taking and I said ‘six’ and she told me there was no problem with me not taking the quizzes and added,
 ‘when I return from my trip next week, we will go and see some friends of mine. We will have to pay GH¢2000 for each course for an A, but you will have to take the exams. Forget about the assignments, going to class and the quizzes; just get the notes when it’s time for exams and read through it all so that at least you will have something to write in the exams hall. And whether it goes well or not, you know your A is assured. But we have a problem; two of the male lecturers don’t allow for their grades to be bought so we will have to go see them personally.’
‘Huh? See them personally?’ I asked. I hoped in my heart that she didn’t mean we would have to see him and sleep with them for the grades, just like Rabby had heard. And Miley said, ‘no! It’s not what you are thinking. I will get you the questions, don’t worry. We will go there, and I will flirt with him and do my own thing but I won’t have sex with him so don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything; just trust me.’ I smiled and said ‘thank you Miley.’
 I left to Stanley’s room after I got a text from him saying that he was back. When I got there, he met me with a cold shoulder and I knew it was because of Jide, so I teased him and told him I was going to stop being friends with Jide, if that’s what he wanted. That made him smile and we went out to get food and ate together, and watched a movie and made out and fell asleep after.
The next morning, Myra sent a text to our group chat on Whatsapp and that she had completed her dare and asked us to meet in Tia’s room. So, I left Stanley’s room to mine and showered and after, I went to meet the girls in Tia’s room. Myra came in later and we asked her to tell us what happened and she said, 
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‘when I got to my room yesterday, he called and asked if I’d eaten and I said no. So he asked that I meet him in the parking lot so we get food outside campus.’ He drove to La Palm, and I got chips and chicken while he got rice. We ate there and he told me so many things about him, we walked by the beach after and on our way back, he kissed me in his car. We went to his room when we got to the hostel and we did it. It was fun and I slept over.’
 ‘Wow! So does it mean you just left his room?’ I asked.
And she said, ‘yeah, I came from there after showering with him. He is so romantic and wanted me to stay with him all day but I said no. I like him.’ Thelma asked, 
‘so are you going to continue seeing him?’ And she said, 
‘not really, I told him I have a boyfriend so it’s nothing serious. I’m not in love with him.’ What she said made us laugh; it reminded us of Jude and when we realized Thelma had put on a sad face, Miley teased her and said something to cheer her up. Then, I asked Tia,
 ‘how did your date go? I have a feeling something happened.’ She said, 
‘of course! We ate and the obvious happened but we did it in his car. We did it outside the restaurant and that was my first time doing it in a car, and it was his too. It felt so amazing. I felt like a virgin once again because of the setting. I wanted more but I said nothing, he brought me back to the hostel after, and he texted me that he had a great time and was looking forward to spending more time with me. Then, said okay.’ Miley asked after, 
‘so what? So does it mean he is your boyfriend now?’ Tia answered,
 ‘no! I don’t know. I will ask him the next time I see him. But I hope he says yes because he appears to like me so much and I want to get to know him better too.’
We stayed in Tia’s room the whole day and there I spoke to Jide on phone for some minutes. I couldn’t tell him we couldn’t be friends because of Stanley. I just told him that since Stanley wasn’t cool with us being friends and added that he should just pretend we are no longer cool so that he wouldn’t have a reason to confront him again. 
The subsequent days saw us doing the same things; meeting in Tia’s room during the day and leaving when it was evening. We drove Miley to the airport that Friday morning to see her off. When we got back to the hostel, I went to Stanley’s end, and we left for home together.
 To be continued