My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 11


We agreed to use Miley’s car and when we got continued the  parking lot, we saw Jide. He was getting out of his car so I asked him to come closer and when he did, I introduced him to the girls and they were all flirty and it was so funny. I told him we were going to the mall and then, he left. When we got into the car, Miley said, 
‘damn! The guy’s face is everything so how do you do it Bola. How do you remain just friends with that face and that body?’ Myra also said, 
‘Hmm it’s true. Stanley has every reason to be mad that you two are friends.’ Miley started driving after and on our way, Tia got a call. It was Josh and he asked to take her to dinner in the evening so she agreed. 
We got to the mall in less than an hour and when we got there, we went to get pastries and drinks and after, we decided to play a game. Everyone would be dared to do something not so crazy and whoever failed would be our driver anytime we went anywhere till the end of the semester and no one wanted that. We noticed an old man staring at Miley. We noticed him stare for some time; so Tia said, ‘Miley, I dare you to go to that man and get him to get you anything you want. He looks wealthy so make sure the cart gets so full and he has to pay for everything.’ I clapped when she said that; it was a nice dare, so we asked for her purse. We took out her atm card and left five GH¢50 notes in her purse, just in case she fails so she can pay for them herself.
She asked me if she was looking good enough and reapplied her lipstick. She got up and walked towards the man and we watched him smile as she got closer to him. They talked for some time and after sometime, they walked out of sight. We got up and went to the car to wait for her. Less than an hour after, I got a call from her; she said she was in front of the mall and asked us to meet her. We went and saw her with a cart full of drinks, biscuits, fruits, vegetables and several other things. We didn’t expect to see all that and she opened her purse and there were ten notes instead of the five she went with. Thelma said, ‘wow! How did you do it?’ Miley answered,
 ‘didn’t you dare me? I wasn’t going to fail the dare, the man really likes me and he is stupidly rich. Let’s unload the cart first and complete the game.’ We did that and after, she said, ‘Tia! It’s your turn. Let’s go to the cinema right now. I have something interesting for you.’ We got to the cinema and Miley said, ‘we want to watch a movie, but we are not buying any ticket. Get the bouncer to make us enter without the tickets. But first, let’s get popcorn and some drinks.’ That was a very interesting dare and I couldn’t wait to see what will happen.
We got the popcorn and then, we went towards one bouncer and watched Tia do her thing. She went so close to him and kissed him. That shocked the hell out of him and after, he stood there looking so confused; Tia said something to him, asked for his phone and gave him her number. And after exchanging a few words and watching the guy smile, she beckoned us to follow her. 
We got into the cinema without the tickets and it felt so great. We got to the cinema and sat in the front row. And as we watched the movie, Miley dared me to stand in front of the screen and jump, dance and scream. “How am I going to do that?’ Tia said, ‘I just kissed the bouncer please. Hurry up, we are waiting.’ I waited for a while and then I got up and started jumping and laughing and screaming. It was fun and everyone except my friends seemed confused and started shouting at me to stop. I did it for like three minutes and we ran out of the cinema after. It was so funny and I couldn’t believe myself. ‘Did I really do that?’ I asked. And Myra said, ‘if we hadn’t ran out, I’m sure someone would have pounced and beaten you up.’ We laughed and went to get ice cream; Myra and Thelma hadn’t done theirs yet so we had to think of something.
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Then I thought of something and I said, ‘Thelma, I dare you to walk around the whole mall with a big red stain on your butt as though you’ve soiled yourself. You will go shopping for pastries and clothes and you will stand in line and pay for it with the stain at your back. So first go get the pastries, and after you get three clothes.’ After I said that, Miley clapped and she said, 
‘wow! This is the best so far. All the best! Thelma.’ We burst out laughing and Tia said,
 ‘Thel it’s not by force, if you can’t do it, say it but you will have to be our driver.’ Thelma said nothing and then, she brought out her lipstick and asked that we go to the washroom so we painted her butt to create the stain. She was in white jeans, so it was the perfect dare for her.’ 
We got there and made the stain and then we walked out and made her walk ahead and to get the pastries. We watched from afar how people kept staring at her, and at some point, a lady walked to her and tried to draw her attention to the stain but Thelma snubbed her and kept walking.
She was doing exactly what I asked and wasn’t going to pay attention to the stares till she was done with the dare. She got the pastries; and as she did, a guy approached her again and she snubbed him. She snubbed three other ladies and when she got in line to pay for the pastries, the sales girl asked to talk to her and we watched her act like she didn’t care. When she walked away, the girl looked at her with disgust and murmured something under her breadth. People kept staring at her, and when she went  get the clothes too, the same thing happened. She got a jumpsuit, one dress and two crop tops and after paying for them, we met her and walked back to the washroom with her. When we got there, I asked, 
‘Thelma, how did you manage to do that? Wow! I’m impressed” She smiled and she took off her clothes and wore the dress she got. It was Myra’s turn to be dared and no one seemed to have a dare in mind so Tia suggested we go back to the hostel and think of something there. I drove us back to the hostel and on our way, we all talked about our dares and how fun it was and how embarrassing Thelma’s was. Miley mentioned that she gave her number to the old man and was looking forward to his call as she was expecting to have some fun with him. She was so adventurous so I wasn’t surprised and she added that she had a thing for older guys and the guy wasn’t bad looking so she didn’t mind seeing him some other time. Then I asked, 
‘Tia, how about our bouncer? Are you also going to go out with him or something?’ I knew what her response was going to be, she said, ‘hell no! I blocked him when we got into the cinema. The kiss wasn’t even nice; I don’t like him in any way. He’s lucky you girls dared me to do that, he should count today as his lucky day.’ We all burst out laughing and I drove with full speed towards our hostel.
To be continue