My Bestfriend My Love Season 2 Episode 10


I said to him, ‘it was several weeks ago, when you and I weren’t talking. I met him a number of times and tried reaching out; I’m sure he had sensed that something was wrong. Yeah! Because, I stopped going to your end and we stopped going out together so everyone might have noticed. I spoke to him one of those times and he told me everything that happened when he gained admission and why he sent me that message. 
I understood because it was just like what happened between you and I, just that I didn’t sleep with Larry and you and I are both here. He didn’t know what to do and the girl was acting like they were dating and so he felt trapped and so guilty that he had cheated on me so, not knowing how to tell me and not wanting to pretend everything was okay, he sent me that message. I forgave him okay; I felt I had to, because I felt if I did, you would too. So, we became friends after and though in the beginning, he still had feelings and wished for us to come back together, I told him ‘no’ and he realized that I still had feelings for you so he agreed to stay friends.’
 Stanley looked at me, as though he wanted to hear more, he wasn’t convinced that that was exactly what happened and so he asked if nothing else happened and I shook my head.
Of course something happened, Jide and I had sex but I wasn’t going to tell him. I couldn’t risk him freaking out over that meaningless sex so I told him nothing else happened and asked him to be nice to him the next time he saw me but he said nothing. There was no way Stanley would ever be nice or even be friends with Jide when he was my ex and my first love; I understood so I said nothing more. I gave him the food I got for him and after eating, I asked that we go see my friends. I called Thelma and she told me they were all in Tia’s room so we went there and when we entered the room, they were all so excited to see him. They were nice to him and had a lot to talk about, Stanley liked them instantly and an hour after, we left and I went with him to his room. He had assignments to submit the next day so I kissed him and went back to Tia’s room to be with the girls. There, I told them about Jide and they asked to see him so I showed them his pictures. Jide was a very handsome guy and drooled over him. Miley asked, ‘are you sure you don’t have a thing for him?’ I shook my head and they said, ‘no, we don’t believe you. Okay but has anything happened between you two recently?’
They were something else; they had a way of making anyone tell them anything they wanted to know without leaving any part out. I told them about the affair and how I couldn’t tell Stanley about him and all. Then Tia said, ‘yeah, don’t.’ Just after she said that, I got a call from Jide. I picked up and he told me he met Stanley and Stanley asked him to stay away from me and asked if I told him about us hooking up and I said no. 
Stanley was overacting and I told Jide not to worry and that I will talk to him. When the call ended, I told the girls about it and said, ‘why did he have to confront him and ask him to stay away from me? He is supposed to trust me. God! Stanley is too jealous; what is that?’ Thelma said,
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 ‘yeah, that is just too much; you told him about Jide to make him cool with him at least and make him trust that Jide was not a guy to get jealous over so he shouldn’t have done that.’ I shook my head and looked at my phone disappointedly; I had wanted to call him and ask him why he did that but Miley asked that don’t and said,
 ‘it’s normal guys. See how good looking Jide is. Any guy will be insecure if their girlfriend was close to him and yours is even worse because he was your first boyfriend and your first love. He knew you when you were crushing on Jide those days and you talked to him a lot about him, how the hell would you expect him to be cool with him being friends with him? Please understand and don’t make things worse. Wait till tomorrow morning and talk to him calmly. I don’t even know what to say again; just talk to him or better still, talk to Jide. You should keep a distance between you two if you don’t want Stanley getting mad all the time.’ Myra added,
 ‘yeah Bola, please do that. But how will you even do that if you guys share a secret and he asked you to be friends at least. This is complicated and in the end, you might end up telling him about the affair.’
‘Oh no! I can’t do that. I will risk losing him if I do. I’m confused,’ I said. Tia just shook her head and wished me well. I left the room after with Miley, Myra and Thelma. I went to Stanley’s room and they left to theirs; when I got there, he was lying on his bed and didn’t seem to be in a good mood. So, I said ‘goodnight’ to him and went back to my room. I fell asleep when I got to my room and early the next morning, I went back to his room and told him I knew about what he did and asked why he had to do that. He just said, 
‘I’m not okay with you being friends with Jide. Just stay away from him please.’ I said, 
‘so do you expect us to be enemies or something? Stanley, Jide understands that you and I are in a relationship and our conversations are always innocent. Don’t worry, I won’t give you a reason to be jealous okay, but I can’t pretend I don’t know him when I see him. We will definitely talk so please just trust me.’ 
He didn’t sound okay with what I said, but I left after because he was getting ready for class and I didn’t want to make him late. He told me he would see me after class and I went back to my room.
I called my mom when I got there and told her Jide and I are now friends and added that Stanley wasn’t cool with that. She asked me to go see her during the weekend so that she would talk to me and said exactly what Miley said to me. It made sense and I went back to sleep after. Then I had a dream about Stanley, Jide and I. They were fist-fighting and Stanley was so angry and beat Jide up; and he left after the fight without even looking at me. The dream scared the hell out of me and I woke up panting; I cried and felt so scared and I went to Tia’s end after. I needed to get my mind off Stanley and Jide so when I got there, Miley suggested we go outside campus and have some fun.
To be continue