My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 5


In a few months, the admission list was out and my name was part. That day is still one of the happiest days of my life because it was a dream come true. Stanley was so happy for me and my mom got me a car the next week. Weeks after saw me preparing to go to school. I got new clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics and a whole lot of things to make my stay on campus a comfortable one. All that while, Stanley was with me and we planned that the day I arrived in school I would throw a party and luckily that day was my birthday. Stanley informed all his friends and I also did same. We got rooms in the same hostel and when the D-day arrived, my mom went with me to school. She took some of my luggage and I took the rest in my car.
 I got to school early enough and with the help of my mom and Stanley, I was able to decorate my room and pack my luggage in the room nicely. It was a big room and I was the only one going to be in it, and so there was so much space to accommodate people for a party.
We had drinks; ordered for chicken, pizza and pastries. And then when it was evening, my mom left and class mates from high school came around. They helped us get ready and in thirty minutes, we were set. I didn’t know what to expect and though I had been to the school a couple of times before with Stanley, it still felt new to me.
 I had my own room and I was throwing a party that same day. I hoped in my heart that people would come and the party would be fun. Unknown to me, my party was already being discussed by members of the hostel and several other people. They were wondering who I was and Stanley said people were already talking about the car I drove to campus and how I looked and that everyone was curious to know what was going to happen at my party. I got nervous; that was supposed to get me excited but it didn’t. I went to the washroom; took a shower and wore a red crop top and jeans shorts. I combed my 24inches hair out and made my face up. I had to look good and with my acrylic nails fixed perfectly well; my fake lashes fixed and my face made up, I couldn’t help but admire myself in the mirror. I didn’t realize how long I had kept in the mirror till Stanley walked in on me and told me the party should begin already. 
I went out and saw so many guys and ladies I knew and some I didn’t know. I said, ‘hi’ to them all and I could tell most all of the guys were checking me out. It made me feel so good and the party began. People kept coming in, and there was so much to eat and drink and people were dancing. Everyone seemed to be having fun and then at some point. They lowered the volume of the music and Stanley; my “M.C” called on everybody and told them the reason why the party was organized.
As he spoke, people kept coming in and then I saw Jide’s new girlfriend come in. I was surprised and checked out her dressing. She looked just normal and I said to myself, ‘This girl is nothing compared to me.’ I was way prettier than she was, and I smiled to myself and turned to look at my man talk about me in front of everyone. 
He said, ‘it’s the birthday of someone very special to me, she is in the person of Bola Asantewaa, but i prefere to call her Pearl,  my Pearl. She’s more like a priceless gem to me and I love her so much. She just moved in and she is a very nice person.’ I blushed as he spoke and everyone was looking at me. I was standing right by him, behind my enormous birthday cake. I felt like a queen and I watched as everyone stared and admired me; it was then that I saw Jide come in. “Why was he here?” I asked myself. My mood just switched that moment but I had to stay calm and pretend everything was okay. 
Then Stanley continued talking. He said, ‘I know you guys might see her and think she’s unapproachable and pompous because of her appearance, but she isn’t. So feel free to talk to her and say HI when you see her around campus. And feel free to invite her to your parties and make sure to have no bad intentions in mind because I will always be by her side.’
The ladies found what he said so romantic and they said, “awww!” I couldn’t help but fall in love with him all over again. I wanted to just hug him and kiss him in front of everyone but I had to wait. He wasn’t done talking. He then said, ‘please help me sing a happy birthday song to her.’ And they did; they sang to me and when it was time to cut the cake, he held my hands and we cut it and then he took a slice and made me have a bite. 
Thereafter, I said, ‘thank you, thank you. I’m so grateful to you all and to you Stanley for being the best I’ve ever had. I love you.’ He hugged me after I said that and we kissed in front of everyone. They clapped, and then the party resumed. 
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The music started playing so loud and I pulled Stanley to the dance floor. We danced intimately and as we danced, I saw Jide leaning against the wall. He was staring at us. He looked jealous and confused at the same time, and I signaled Stanley to look at him. He laughed and said, ‘you don’t know what you have until you lose it.’ We looked away and kept dancing like he wasn’t there. I was over him and didn’t care about what he was thinking. His girlfriend was at the party and they were supposed to be enjoying themselves, but I saw her dancing with a girlfriend. The party went on for hours and after some time, Stanley and I stopped dancing. I had to go to the washroom and I got out and saw Jide standing at the door. 
“Where was Stanley and how did Jide manage to get there without Stanley stopping him?” I asked myself. I said “hi” and tried walking past him, but he held my arm and said, ‘Bisi, I need to talk to you.’ I looked at him and smiled.
Whatever was happening was just too funny for me. So I said, ‘really? Let’s go to my balcony.’ We got there to meet a number of people but I asked them to excuse us. Then I told him to talk, and he said I was looking good and tried to flirt with me. That almost pissed me off so I said, ‘Mr. is that what you wanted to talk about? If it is, then I’m leaving. My boyfriend should be wondering where I am now.’What I said automatically changed his mood and I knew him so well to know that he didn’t like what I said and what he was going to say wasn’t going to be pleasant. 
He said, ‘seeing your pictures and posts on facebook; does it mean you and Stanley were dating when we were still together? Oh yeah, I knew you were. I always suspected it but I said nothing.’ That got me really mad, like what the hell? I smiled and shook my head but said nothing to him. Then he said, ‘tell me the truth, you were with him when we were together right?’ I said ‘yeah, I was. And who even invited you to my party anyway? Oh! Was it your girlfriend? Fine, you should leave right now. I don’t want to see you here in five minutes. Ciao!’
To be continued…..