My Bestfriend My Love ~Episode 4


I went to my room afterwards and I got my diary and narrated everything that happened. I had to tell somebody and if it had happened with someone else, Stanley was the one I would have told, so I was left with no one but my dear diary. After writing everything, I went back to my books and studied. Days after saw us talking normally, though it wasn’t like we used to before “it” happened. I knew it was going to take time to get back to what we were before so, I didn’t worry much about it. I saw him regularly but we always met outside and anytime we went into my house, it would be because he had to help me understand something in relation to my upcoming exams. And all those times, I wished in my heart that something would happen. I wished in my heart that he would just lose guard and kiss me; but he never did. Stanley was way too strong for that. He said we should wait and so we had to wait. 
 This went on for weeks until it was time to write the exams. I was so nervous and scared; I didn’t want to fail any of the papers and so, Stanley had to be with me almost the time and helped me solve questions and kept encouraging me. The days before my first paper i saw him staying at my end until late in the night before going home and one night, something happened.
It rained and my mom asked him to stay over and leave the next day. He was asked to sleep in the guest room and when my mom went to bed, I went in to check up on him. I got to the room to meet the door open and he wasn’t in the room so I sat on the bed and waited for him. He was taking his shower and as I sat there, my mind rushed back to that day. The day we had sex and I fantasized about us doing it again. I missed him so much and wished that something would happen when he came to the room from the bathroom. My wish was fulfilled when he walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He looked so good and I just stared at him. I didn’t want to leave. I got up and went close to him and we kissed. We kissed and you know what happened next. But this time, we used a condom; I had one in my room and we used it. 
We woke up the next morning in his bed and luckily, we woke up before my mom did. So, I rushed out to my room and pretended to be asleep when my mom came around to wake me up. She left for work after and I smiled to myself. I felt so happy that it had happened again and this time, it was better than the first. It made me wonder how the next would be.
I had to study because I was supposed to write my first paper the next day. Stanley knocked on my door after fully dressed and said he had a lecture so he was going to school. I went to see him off at his end to get his books. Upon getting there, his mom was excited to see me. She said, ‘our wife, how are you doing.’ She hugged me and I told her I was good and we spoke about my upcoming exams and how I was preparing towards it. 
She told me to kill it and said she was glad her son was prepping me for it. We left some time after and I went home after Stanley picked the cab. The subsequent days saw Stanley staying at my house and we lived like a couple without my mom’s knowledge. We had sex once awhile and still I was able to study and wrote the exams successfully. 
It was a wonderful time in my life and I will never forget it. Stanley was there for me through it all, and on the day of my final paper, we went to the beach to celebrate. That was the day we finally defined our relationship. Stanley told me how much he loved me and how he had been fighting it for so long but he couldn’t anymore. I was so happy when he said that, and I cried. I told him I loved him too and we kissed. It was my best kiss ever and I loved that it was with him.
We went home that evening and delivered the news to my mom. She was happy for us and advised us on how to make it work. She told us to just love each other and trust each other and added that,things weren’t going to be good all the time. She said there would be fights and heart aches; but since we were already best friends she believed that we would overcome it all. This made me so happy and glad to have her as my mom. She hugged us and before going to bed, she said, ‘I already know that you’ve been having sex so the only advice I have for you is, don’t have too much sex. And make sure you always stay safe and don’t make your relationship just about sex.’
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 We watched a movie that night and we loved it. Then, we talked about me applying to his university when it was time to apply and we talked about me gaining admission and we both moving into the same hostel and having so much fun there. Then he brought Jide up and for the first time, talking about him didn’t hurt. I just told him how glad I was that it didn’t work out with him and that it rather brought him (Stanley) and me closer. We slept together that night, and surprisingly, we didn’t have sex.
The next morning, my mom for the first time, knocked on my door before entering. She didn’t want to see us naked like she did the first time; and when I asked her to come in she looked like she had caught us in an act and she was smiling. I told her nothing happened and she nodded and said, ‘I believe you.’ 
She left for work after and that day, Stanley asked me to go with him to school. I went to the lecture hall with him and stayed for the lecture. Stanley was a computer science student and though I didn’t understand anything that was thought, I just loved being there with him. He introduced me to a number of his course mates as his girlfriend and they were all so nice to me. 
I had a wonderful time that day and it made me want to gain admission the more. We walked around the school and we visited a couple of my mates from high school who were all so happy to see me. It had been long and they asked where I was schooling but I told them I decided to take a gap year and that I would join them soon. I made so many friends that day and when we left, to go home, I told Stanley how grateful I was to him for suggesting that and for being a part of my life.
We went to his house and met his mom who knew we were dating and said she had always known that we would date so she wasn’t surprised. She cooked our favorite meal, “banku” and “okro” stew with crabs, beef and “wele.” I was so full and felt lazy to walk back home. So, we took a walk around the neighborhood and got ice cream.
 We sat and talked about how fun the day was. I told him I was going to go with him to school every single day since I had nothing doing at home and he agreed. This went on for weeks and months until my results were out. We checked and I had passed. I made all “A’s” and my mom was so excited and proud of me. She promised to get me a car in a few months if I gained admission to the university and we both knew I was going to gain admission because of my excellent result.
 I applied to the university the next month, and enrolled in a driving school that same month. I couldn’t wait to get my car and start driving. I felt like I was living a dream.
To be continued………